Adorne Under Cabinet Lighting System

Make room for what really matters. With the Adorne modular under-cabinet lighting system, you’re not just elevating your lighting, outlets, smartphone, and more. You’re elevating the way you live.

The Legrand under cabinet lighting system is composed of simple modular elements that allow you flexible design of your kitchen task lighting and power supply. The modern LED technology is energy efficient and emit negligible heat. Add additional power outlets and junction boxes to extend the utility of your under cabinet led lighting, or add accessories for your phone and tablets to finish off your kitchen lighting design.

Need help starting your under-cabinet system? Our family of under cabinet lighting experts is here to help you find the right lighting system for your kitchen or client project. Our Trade Program offers design professionals access to our professional under cabinet lighting systems at additional savings. Contact our lighting experts at (888) 991-3610 to learn more about the Adorne under cabinet lighting and power system.


How To Buy Adorne Undercabinet Lighting

Beautiful modular lighting is perfect for kitchens, hobby rooms, workroom and offices. Simply combine track and control source along with your preference of accessories to complete your under cabinet lighting system. Use Wi-Fi switches, dimmers and outlets to further control your room lighting. If you would like more information or allow our lighting professionals to design a system for you call our experts at (888) 991-3610, we will be happy to help you find the right configuration for your home or office outlets.

Legrand adorne under cabinet lighting track control system from Brand Lighting
Legrand Modular Track available at Brand Lighting
Legrand adorne accessories for under cabinet lighting

Adorne Control Boxes

A control box to power your under-cabinet system that can be customized with your choice of device(s).

A control box to power your under-cabinet system that comes with a Paddle Dimmer Switch.

A control box to power your under-cabinet system equipped with a Paddle Dimmer Switch and GFCI outlet.

A control box alternative that fits seamlessly into the modular track and is powered directly from in-wall wiring

Adorne Modular Track

An under-cabinet track that clears countertop clutter with one outlet and one blank module. Comes in multiple lengths.

A track extender that allows you to fit your system to your kitchen and can be cut to any length.

A component that connects two tracks across a right-angle corner for total kitchen customization

An under-cabinet track designed to fit smaller cabinet sections.

Adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting Videos


The Legrand under cabinet lighting system adds seamless convenience to your kitchen preparation area. With pop-out outlets and wave switches, the modular track system can be extended to a configuration that is perfect for your kitchen. Selecting an under cabinet system from Legrand simply requires selecting a control box, track outlets & switches and track lighting. If you need help finding the right combination of under cabinet lighting components simply call or chat with one of our Legrand experts today!


With Legrand modular track lighting you can illuminate difficult areas below your kitchen cabinets and around twists and turns. With under cabinet strip lights you can easily add a controllable source of illumination. By extending the track segments with power and control boxes, your can add a powerful combination of functional lighting and grounded power supply. Whether you are a seasoned chef or casual kitchen goer, Adorne under cabinet strip lights can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


The best part of the Adorne lighting system is the ability to mix and match your under cabinet lights with outlets. Legrand offers a wide selection of outlets including pop-out, multi-gang, and Wifi connected versions for maximum design flexibility. By combining under cabinet lights with outlets you supercharge your kitchen with the latest in lighting technology and provide a safe and enjoyable area to prepare your next fabulous meal! Browse the selection of under cabinet outlets and switches in our south Florida Showrooms or browse online.

Adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting

Legrand adorne collection led dimmable driver available at brand lighting
adorne legrand Slimline light for under cabinet track lighting

An under-counter lighting option to illuminate countertops without taking up space.

An extender that allows LED Linear Lights to be mounted farther from the backsplash to give your LED cabinet lighting more reach.

A driver that powers up to 10 feet of adorne expandable strip lights.

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A cable that can be used to place space between two lights or paired with another cable for an even longer space between two lights.

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A cable that allows you to split the power from a driver into two different directions.

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An under-counter lighting option to illuminate countertops without taking up space.

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Adorne Under-Cabinet Devices

An under-cabinet module that clears countertops with two standard outlets.

A module that conveniently adds two USB outlets to your under-cabinet space.

An under-cabinet module that conveniently cradles smartphone devices off of countertops.

An under-cabinet module that conveniently cradles tablet devices off of countertops.

A two-speaker system that can be mounted off countertops for clutter-free, high-performance sound.

The Pro Kit includes the main components you need to kick-off your kitchen update. Including: the adorne control box with the paddle dimmer, 18" Track, 12" Track, an additional tamper-resistant outlet, and a tablet cradle.

MSRP: $335.99

Switch Accessories

Subtle light to help locate your switch in the dark or illuminate your space.

Adorne Under-Cabinet Gallery

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Legrand adorne under cabinet lighting system example gallery lifestyle table cradle lighting control
Legrand adorne lighting control example under cabinet track lighting
Legrand under cabinet lighting control system example lifestyle
Legrand modern modular under cabinet track system
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