In 2016 the combined forces of industry veterans Paul Eusterbrock and the Mueller family, introduced ArnsbergerLicht—better known as Arnsberg Lighting, to the US with the simple goal of providing the best modern inspired classics to you at an affordable price. Comprised of a growing selection of lighting for indoors and out, the Arnsberg Lighting collection has chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, flush mount lighting as well as battery powered lighting that is suitable for both commercial and residential design applications.

Located in Carson California, the Arnsberg company produces and imports designer lighting for the whole home. The US location allows domestic designers convenient access to modern European inspired lighting but is available to ship worldwide for residential and commercial projects. Today, Arnsberg is committed to a prudent development strategy while remaining true to one simple objective: offering the best quality lighting at reasonable costs.

Who is Arnsberg Lighting?

Producing innovative LED fixtures and technologies in the industry as well as continually striving to raise the standards of their products has established Arnsberg as a major competitor in the LED lighting industry. With collections that focus on the technology to assist aging eyes and industry recognized contributions to the study of lighting quality, the leaders of Arnsberg have made a lasting impact on the industry during their 30+ year tenure. By establishing the mission to offer the best lighting available, Arnsberg continues to develop and deliver quality lighting with the best value proposition for their customers.

Offering the best quality lighting at a reasonable price

Battery Powered LED Lighting

When you can't get to a cord, Arnsberg's novel battery powered LED lighting features fixtures for the wall, table and ceiling that are simple and portable allowing you to use it in inside or outside spaces. The battery powered designer lights would fit perfectly in a restaurant setting, living room, or even a children's room. With touch and dimmable features, this series of lamps is both functional and intuitive to use while its modern yet subdued styling allows it to complement any design environment.

Lighting for The Aging Eye

Lighting is an important part of any space, and it's especially crucial when it comes to aging eyes. Arnsberg founder, Paul Eusterbrock is a former Chair of the American Lighting Association and has spent a significant amount of time working with the University of Colorado at Boulder to research the issue of Lighting for the Aging Eye.
Both, the quality of light and the quality of the lighting fixture are important to him as indicated by the significant number of patents in the lighting industry that have been awarded to him. By leveraging previous and continuing research into how the eye deals with light as it ages, Arnsberg has incorperated modern LED technology to help alleviate eye fatigue and stress as we grow into our golden years.
Full range dimming controls allow for personal optimal light levels which will minimize the need for the eye to adjust regardless of the different light intensities in the room. The majority of the Arnsberg reading and task lamps also have moveable reflectors and infinite arm positions so that the light is utilized in the most effective manner. Ask one of our Arnsberg experts about the innovations Arnsberg has made in lighting for the aging eye today!

Modern Pendant Lights

Innovative, unique and a great way to accent your space, Arnsberg pendant lights are available in numerous designs, finishes and shade types to complement your space. Classic finishes such as copper and bronze highlight the unique designs that make these pendant lights a favorite for accenting a reading nook or dining area. With numerous linear suspension pendant lights available, Arnsberg provides ample options for illuminating your work space with attractive overhead LED lighting.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Arnsberg produces a series of IP54 rated outdoor wall lights and bollards in a variety of styles and finishes to complement your outdoor entertainment décor. These wet rated wall sconces can add beautiful modern functional lighting to your entranceway or outdoor entertainment area. Use Arnsberg outdoor wall lights along your pool or hot tub to safely and stylishly illuminate your evening. Arnsberg outdoor wall lights come in standard finishes such as charcoal and nickel to complement a variety of outdoor decor.

Arnsberg has continued to develop industry recognized solutions for led lighting. From innovative dimming technologies to highly efficient LED chips, Arnsberg integrated LED technologies help you create a beautiful and functional space. With design and functional patents awarded for many of their inventions, Arnsberg continues to integrate their novel technology to make your life as a professional designer easier.

Osram LED Chips

Osram LED chips offer highly precise LED color with color variance in a millions chips only +/-50 Kelvin. Arnsberg integrates Osram chips into their floor lamps to nearly eliminate the color shift of the LED overtime while maintaining an excellent CRI of 95+. By using premium Phospors with innovative heat sinks and novel voltage regulators, Arnsberg touchiers are sure to maintain their consistency for years to come. Special Osram-Arnsberg modules have been developed and are available in the following:
Q6 - 6 Osram / Arnsberg Chips - 2700 Lumens (Leipzig Series)
Q9 - 9 Osram / Arnsberg Chips - 4050 Lumens (Tampa Series)
Q12 - 12 Osram / Arnsberg Chips - 5400 Lumens (Dubai Series)

Quattro dimming allows you to adjust the light intensity without a regular ELV dimmer. The dimming function is integrated into the driver for convenience. This eliminates the need for a dimmer, as well as any coordination issues between the dimmer and the fixture. The Quattro dimmer works based on the number of times the switch is toggled. When you toggle the switch on, will lead to a light output of 100 %, while a second toggle will set the light output to 50% and a third toggle to 25%. A regular off toggle switches off the fixtures. Quattro dimming modules can be found on many of the wall and ceiling lights available from Arnsberg Lighting.

DWS Switching Technology

DWS combines the dimmer and switch into one control allowing the user to adjust color temperature between 300K, 4500K and 600K while also allowing the fixture to be dimmed and turned on/off. The innovative all in one adjustment switch can be found on table, floor and wall lighting.

Arnsberg is dedicated to the professional lighting design community. By building a series of partnerships with professionals across multiple disciplines, Arnsberg can offer quality products at industry leading prices for both residential and commercial clients. To find out more about how Arnsberg can simplify your project and save you money, contact us today!

Visit our showrooms in South Florida to take advantage of the 30+ years of experience that we have in bringing high end European modern LED lighting to you through our unique lines such as Arnsberg Lighting.