Artistry AC11114 Chandelier - AC11114
Artcraft Lighting

Artistry AC11114 Chandelier - AC11114


Stunning in design, this two tone multiple square chandelier from the "Artistry" collection is an instant classic. The interior has a satin brass frame, while the exterior frame is a matte black...

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Distinctive Designer Lighting

Albert Cohen and Samuel Bernstein formed Artcraft LIghting in 1955 in Montreal, Quebec, with the aim of maintaining integrity and quality in all aspects of their company. Artcraft focuses on residential lighting and provides styles that vary from traditional to casual, whether it's in the form of well-designed chandeliers, pendants, and wall lights, or outdoor lighting fixtures. Artcraft Lighting is committed to creating the most chic and practical lighting, but the manufacturing process must be performed flawlessly so that their fixtures can stand the tests of time.

Albert and Samuel founded Artcraft with the belief that residential lighting could provide both style and functionality to any room. Artcraft Lighting's company is built on specializing in the production of high-quality designs and craftsmanship at the best possible price. They are now a preferred option for designers all over the world, with collaborations with renowned designers including Steven Sabados (S&C), Cobistyle (Cobi Ladner), Lighting Pulse Design, and Jo Alcorn.

Brand Lighting's Artcraft Lighting catalog has a wide range of choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces. For over 60 years, Artcraft has been designing beautiful lighting solutions with an eye for design and style. The brand continues to strike a balance between a sense of pride in the past and a sense of anticipation for the future, offering one-of-a-kind designs that capture your attention.

Choose just the finest with Artcraft Lighting brand products when it comes to lighting such as desk or floor lamps, outdoor lights, track or vanity lighting, sconce lighting, or installed lights and chandeliers. The company has been manufacturing a variety of lighting types for over 60 years, including new, transitional, commercial, traditional, and glass outdoor lighting. Albert Cohen and Samuel Bernstein, two ambitious men, formed the company. They believed that a company should be managed ethically and that employees should be proud of their jobs. They believed it was important to be creative while still respecting themselves, their friends, and their culture. In order to create their lighting solutions, the company often adheres to using the most up-to-date technologies available. In addition, they only use the highest-quality materials and are constantly committed to paying close attention to the specifics that make their lamps and other lighting options both practical and stylish. Choose Artcraft Lighting at Brand Lighting if you need a tall floor lamp for reading, a desk lamp for your office, or track or vanity lights for your bathroom.

Diverse Artcraft Lighting Product Line

The brand is proud of its diverse categories and over 50 stunning collections, each exclusive and captivating in its own way. The Veranda series exemplifies the brand's inventiveness and enjoyment of mixing types. This line includes a pendant, wall sconce, and chandelier with a traditional base style accented by modern bulbs and a burnished bronze finish. These fixtures are graceful, fascinating, elegant, and will add a contemporary twist to your hallways, staircases, and walls. Many of the collections feature a lovely industrial-style line of chrome mini pendants that are perfect for reading rooms, kitchens, or any other space in need of a warm glow. Wall sconces, vanity lights, island lights, and track/rail lights are among the Artcraft's other lighting choices.

The Aesthetic of Artcraft Lighting

The origins of the company's name can be traced back to Albert Cohen and Samuel Bernstein's vision. The two have always been dedicated to bringing artistry to practical lighting that is both classic and timeless in nature. Their items were created specifically for those who value the fine qualities of lighting fixtures as well as the stunning appearance of their exteriors, as well as the balanced light and its complementary charm. Though the founders are no longer with us, their vision lives on and is flourishing more than ever as the organization celebrates its 60th anniversary of success and contributions.

Incorporating Artcraft Lighting into Your Home

Consider a more positive way of living, both mentally and metaphorically. You can imagine yourself energised, joyful, and content, all because of the environment in your home. It's always that simple; the tiniest detail can make all the difference. A chandelier from Artcraft Lighting, or any other fixture, will make a big difference in the atmosphere and energy of your home. There is no obligation; the Artcraft family will take care of it. They know how to properly care for your home additions and have the finest customer service available anywhere. This brand knows how to combine the perfect amount of stunning elegance and quality.

Other Artcraft Lighting Options for Indoors

Other lighting choices in this set pay homage to both traditional and contemporary designs. Find a beautiful range of island lighting that focus on a task area while also adding a finishing touch to your new look. Discreet silver and frosted glass options, as well as sleek satin black fixtures and opulent crystal selections, are available in Artcraft wall sconces, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and bathroom vanity lighting. From the futuristic simplicity of the Cortina Collection to the marriage of LED technology and traditional lines in the Reflections Collection, Artcraft lamps and mirrors represent designer sensibilities.

Chandeliers and pendants by Artcraft Lighting

This series of chandeliers and pendants strikes the ideal blend of the past, future, and fanciful imagination. Artcraft chandeliers offer brilliance and unexpected whimsy in a range of finishes and fabrics to compliment your interior décor, whether you prefer traditional designs or modern geometric forms.

This brand's pendant lights are similarly enthralling. From matte black and copper blends to high-polished chrome, there's something for everyone. The design options are equally enticing, ranging from single-bulb simplicity to several curled gold and chrome ribbons for a dramatic centerpiece.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions by Artcraft

This set contains exterior lighting solutions that will enhance the appearance of your home's exterior. Outdoor chandeliers and outdoor pendant lights carry your design theme into the patio, veranda, or deck, while outdoor overhead ceiling lights, wall lights, and post lights help you create a well-lit oasis for al fresco entertaining.

Why Do We Appreciate Artcraft Lighting?

The power of the designers with whom Artcraft collaborates is the company's cornerstone. Artcraft's lighting lines have a personal touch thanks to collaborations with top designers including Steven & Chris, Cobistyle, and Jo Alcorn. . Artcraft's lighting collection is designed to work in a variety of settings. Chandeliers in the dining room or kitchen, sturdy pendants in the entryway, sconces in the house, and a portable floor or table lamp complete the look of your living room. Artcraft has a solution for any room.

Artcraft Lighting: Interesting Facts

Because of their celebrity status, the Steven & Chris (S & C) collections are a welcome addition to Artcraft. This charismatic duo brings widespread exposure to the Artcraft brand thanks to their appearances on hit television shows such as Designer Guys and their own talk show, Steven and Chris.

Artcraft S & C has produced a variety of lighting collections for Artcraft, ranging from organic to industrial designs. Their passion and knowledge in interior design is evident in the variety of lines they have designed for Artcraft, whether it's using designer accents like antique reproduction bulbs on the Menlo Park Chandelier or adding a chrome edge to a room with the Broadview Pendant. Customers who prefer more traditional elements will enjoy browsing all of Artcraft's light fixtures, whereas modern adorers of lighting will appreciate the offering of stylish options.

Smart Technology by EZ-Link

With the latest EZ-Link Smart Adapter, we are excited to introduce Smart Technology to some of our lighting items. This incredible addon allows you to adjust your lighting from your mobile device. [Apple iOS, Google Android, Amazon Alexa, and other platforms are supported].

Artcraft Lighting has been in business for over 60 years, guided by a few basic guiding principles: conduct business honestly and with honesty, take pride in your work, show respect for everyone you deal with, be imaginative with your thoughts and actions, give back to your community, and family comes first.