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BeachLightingisSouthFlorida’sleading distributor for recessed lighting and LED lamps. We are a local company with over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry. Since our founding in 2000, we have mastered the art of producing cutting–edge lighting fixtures and we are always looking to evolve beyond the curve of the ever-expanding world of lighting!

We specialize in 3” and 4” Low voltage, Line Voltage and LED recessed lighting, and have designed every product with affordability and functionality in mind. We here at Beach Lighting believe it is crucial to stay at the peak of new lighting innovation and are constantly working to improve the quality of our product line. We strive to maintain excellent customer service and recognize the importance of efficiency, giving our customers exactly what they need to brighten up their day!

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Premium Kitchen and Under Cabinet Lighting


This new design of LED light source provides a cutting edge solution for commercial and architectural lighting. The 1 inch fixture delivers powerful lighting from a small aperture.

The Micro Spot Light series provides a solution, using cutting edge technology, to achieve an architectural design breakthrough in lighting by using a 1 inch (25mm) light-emitting surface delivering a discreet and powerful source of illumination.


  • Micro Spot Light series with an optional square or round light emission effect.
  • Using high quality COB light sources with high luminous efficiency
    (140lm/w) and long service life (35000 hours).
  • Professional light distribution, no glare, perfect control of light, and even illumination.
  • Ultra thin design, the height of the whole lamp is less than 1 inch (23mm) .
  • Ultra small light emitting surface, only 1 inch (25mm).
  • All-in-one die casting lamp body with unique appearance.
  • Wide voltage input 120-277VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0-lOV dimming, constant voltage and constant current mode.
  • The power supply is UL listed, can be applied to a variety of applications.

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Beach Lighting Residential Multiple Downlight features a patent-pending mini LED spot. The high-end but economical design makes it affordable to any residential application, offers a sleek design. Available in lxl, lx2, lx3 configurations.

Mini LED Multiple Spots for both remodeling and new construction applications are sold as separate housing and trim units. Available as a individually adjustable led head with 30-degree visual cutoff.

Mounting can be accomplished utilizing the 4 way hanger which is adjustable to accommodate various joist construction and grid sizes. Hanger bars also include a captive mounting "screw-nail" for easy installation. Available in both trimmed and trimless.

Residential Multiples offer these advantages over traditional multiple lighting.

  • Economical reasonable price
  • Mini size to save space
  • 1/2/3 lights, trim/trimless, face/open trim, providing more options for your home
  • High-end sleek look, better to decorate your home
  • Different light sources for your choice
  • Adjustable design to create more illuminating effect
  • Can replace the bulbs without removing the trim

All Beach Lighting Multiples are offered with 3-Year limited warranty. A robust sleek design, state-of-the-art engineering and a rigorous testing regimen are all factors that make our products so reliable. All the recessed multiples are cETLus listed.

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Designer Trims

Beach Lighting Designer Trims are offered in 3" and 4" versions. These stylish recessed lighting trims are a unique way to bring an additional layer of creativity to your project.

Round adjustable Alzak trim -R3-421CCL
Beach Lighting

Round adjustable Alzak trim -R3-421CCL


While Supplies last.  Limited Stock Available.*  3" Round adjustable Alzak trim.Trim *  Will adjust 15 from vertical position. *  Line and low voltage applications. *  Accommodates a MR-16 or GU-10 lamp.

MSRP: $18.00
SALE: $10.00
0.4444444444444444Off Retail (You save $8.00) For Sale item restrictions click here. Please call for details.
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