While they are usually associated with dining rooms or grand staircases and entryways, chandeliers are perfect for any room in the house. Regardless of where they are placed, chandeliers add a touch of dramatic flair to the room. But, how can you go about picking the perfect chandelier for each room in your home? Here is how to pick your dream chandelier - they’re not just for the dining room.



Is there anything worse than installing a stunning chandelier, only to discover that the glare from it makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the space? Or choosing a stylish design, only to find out the bulbs are exposed and unsightly once you’ve installed it? Always pay attention to the lighting output and focus when selecting a chandelier.


One of the first things you need to consider when picking out your dream chandelier is the size of the room in which it will live. Different rooms have different sizes, and as such require a chandelier that makes sense in those spaces. For larger rooms, such as living rooms, or bedrooms, a larger chandelier may be the correct choice. If, however, you have a smaller sized room or low ceilings, you should choose your lighting accordingly.

When considering which size chandelier would work best for your room, make sure to calculate the length and width of the room. When you combine these numbers, you can figure out the perfect diameter for a chandelier in that space.


The most important consideration when it comes to buying your dream chandelier is the style. After all, if a chandelier isn’t truly stunning, what’s the point?

If you are looking for a stunning chandelier for a hallway or other space with an elongated shape, why not consider a linear suspension chandelier such as Hinkley Lighting’s Latitude Chandelier? Featuring a contemporary and sleek design, the Latitude’s beauty lies in its minimalist style.

For a more elegant look, Crystorama’s Duval 6 Light Chandelier in antique gold is perfect for a dramatic effect in dining rooms, bedrooms, and grand living rooms. Featuring a stunning open metal cage and covered in an antique gold finish, this fixture boasts frosted round glass beads cascading in strands to where the fixture hands.

Maybe you want something understated? The Allison Paladino Pendant, designed by acclaimed interior designer Allison Paladino, incorporates an exclusive rough-cut sculpted glass design and hidden LED lighting, producing a subtle, yet spectacular, dual-colored reflective shimmer.

No matter what your style or the room, Brand Lighting has the ideal chandelier for your next project.


The options for beautiful chandelier lighting are vast. With so many choices available, make sure you call the lighting experts at Brand Lighting. We help homeowners, designers, and contractors find the right chandelier for any room. Brand Lighting also offers the highest quality light fixtures and lighting systems at competitive prices. Call our lighting experts today at 954-456-1006 and get started now!