Getting the right ambiance using the lighting in your home can be difficult. This is especially true with traditional lighting systems, which are often inset into the ceiling, limiting their customizability. Fortunately, cable lighting offers consumers a winning combination of versatility and access to hard to reach areas. You can also change the settings to suit your mood. Here’s how to create ambiance with cable lighting.


Cable lighting is a system of lighting which allows homeowners the ability to illuminate areas which otherwise may be difficult to reach with traditional lighting systems. Cable lighting is also a popular choice amongst those who do not enjoy the appearance of track lighting. Take, for example, the Tech Lighting Cable Kit (pictured left), which offers subdued beauty in a much more compact space than traditional lighting.


Cable lighting involves the stringing of lights across a ceiling, providing an attractive and customizable lighting source for any room. Like track lighting, cable lighting offers a number of benefits to homeowners. These include:

  • Ease of Installation – Installing lights in a ceiling can be a complicated process. For example, it may be difficult – or impossible – to create holes for lighting in certain ceilings. Perhaps it is an antique, or ornate ceiling wish you don’t want to destroy. Cable lighting allows for lighting to be installed on any ceiling.
  • Versatile – Cable lighting can reach places that track lighting – or other lighting systems – cannot. Cable lighting is an excellent idea for cathedral ceilings, allowing for hanging in any location, not just the apex of the beams.


Cable lighting is an easy and affordable way to create a warm ambiance in any room, without the permanence and unsightliness of track lighting or more traditional inset ceiling lighting systems.

Cable lighting is great for accent lighting and offers the option of reflector bulbs which can be adjusted to provide beautiful spotlights on features in your home, such as artwork. Take, for example, the highly adaptable Tech Lighting Kable Lite system, featuring five highly adjustable accent heads - providing 120-degrees of tilt to ensure you get the perfect ambiance in any room!

If you’re looking for something to provide a bolder statement, consider the Bruck High-Line Cable system (pictured to the right) with Marco Spot features - adding fully customizable lighting with a touch of modern elegance! With cable lighting, the only thing you need to worry about is your imagination!


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