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Crown Moulding & Cove Lighting

Brite Strip in Cove Reflector
View from Above and Below

National Specialty Lighting Cove Reflector

NSL Cove Reflector

Cove Reflector 
BLCOVE-4-GW 4' length 

(Brite Strip, LED Brite Strip, LED eStrip or Light Rope sold separately.)

One-step solution to mounting cove molding and lighting.

Ships without double-sided tape as screws or drywall anchors will work better with this reflector. Once you have mounted reflector, just attach Brite Strip, LED eStrip or Light Rope in the center of pre-engineered reflector section.


  • Cove lighting


  • An aluminum extrusion in the shape of a standard cove molding, with a white gloss mounting area for the illumination system.
  • Pre-engineered with appropriate bulb side clearances.
  • Pre-primed in white for ease of wall match painting and interior reflective qualities.
  • Cove reflector can be used with Brite Strip or LED Brite Strip for the brightest illumination, LED eStrip or Light Rope for a more subtle illumination.
  • Sold in 4 foot lengths only. Custom cutting for pieces less than 4 feet available.

Light Rope Cove Reflector

Sold only in 4' lengths. Custom cutting available at no charge.
Does not include any Brite Strip, LED eStrip or Light Rope accessories.

Focal Point Lighted Dome receives 2008 ADEX Award for Design EXcellence


Focal Point Lighted Dome receives ADEX Award for Design EXcellence

Focal Point has received the ADEX Award (Award for Design EXcellence) from Design Journal Magazine. The coveted Platinum Award was presented to Focal Point for the Light Cove Dome. Focal Point offers two designs of Light Cove Domes #98521 Bow & Swag Light Cove Dome and #98550 Timeless Light Cove Dome.

The annual ADEX Awards is the largest and most prestigious awards program for home, office, hospitality furnishings and building materials marketed to the design trade. ADEX entries are judged on five criteria: innovation, technological advancement, quality, aesthetics and value.

An anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross section of the design industry votes for the ADEX awards. Each category has potential for three award levels of platinum, gold or silver.

Focal Point Lighted Dome

Designed exclusively for Focal Point, this dome was developed specifically for the creation of providing indirect illumination. The Installation: of this dome will give a romantic, candlelight ambience to any Interior.

This one piece unit will provide trouble-free Installation: with the support of a practical Installation: kit which is included. The Dome with Light Cove is made of a fiberglass composite that uniquely integrates the light cove with the dome. Flexible, UL listed, rope lighting (not included) may be used (approx. 19 ft.) and overlapped to increase illumination, dependent upon the lighting manufacturer's specifications.

Founded in 1970, Focal Point Architectural Products, Inc., has been providing decorative polyurethane mouldings, medallions, niches, domes, corbels and other elements to the architectural industry for more than 35 years.

NEW Focal Point 98521 Bow & Swag Light Cove Dome

98521 Bow and Swag Light Cove - 6.5 ft

78-inch Outside Diameter
Depth Interior: 15 1/2"
Width: 78"
Inside Width: 71"
Rough Opening: 75 1/2"
Rough Opening Depth: 15 1/2"

NEW Focal Point 98550 Timeless Light Cove Dome

98550  Timeless Light Cove Dome - 6.5 ft

78-inch Outside Diameter
Depth Interior: 15 1/2"
Width: 78"
Inside Width: 71"
Rough Opening: 75 1/2"
Rough Opening Depth: 15 1/2"

Dome requires approximately 19' of U.L. approved rope lighting, (not included). Lighting is not provided by Focal Point. The rope lighting can be overlapped or doubled up for increased illumination dependent upon manufactures specifications. Clear rope will give a candle light colored glow to the dome. For best effect use a rheostat (dimmer) on the wall switch.

Supplied Materials 1- Dome, 4- Z-bars, 12- 1/4" nuts, 8- Washers for 1/4" threaded rods, 8- Panhead Phillips wood screws, 4- 6"x 1/4" threaded bolts

About Focal Point

Focal Point architectural products are manufactured using a closed cell polymer, with the density and workability of white pine. These products can be used for interior or exterior application with no special preparation because they are factory-primedium Not only are the products ready to install, but they are virtually maintenance-free.

For over 30 years Focal Point has been skillfully blending old world craftsmanship with 21st Century technology to achieve the highest level of detail and quality. This process allows us to offer you crown mouldings that not only enhance the elegance of any room, but offer a piece of history.

Focal Point Acropolis Crown Moulding 23125

23125  Acropolis Crown - 4 1/8"

Face: 4-1/8" x Height: 3 1/8"
Length: 8'
Projection: 2 1/2"
Repeat: 2"

Focal Point Athenian Leaves Crown Moulding 23145

23145  Athenian Leaves Crown - 4 1/8"

Face: 4-1/8" x Height: 2 5/8"
Length: 8'
Projection: 2 5/8"
Repeat: 2-5/16"

Focal Point D`Evereux Crown Moulding 13070

13070  D`Evereux Cornice

Face: 6" x Height: 4 3/4"
Length: 12'
Projection: 4"
Repeat: 2 1/2"

Focal Point D'Evereux Medallion 83741 from the Historic Natchez Collection

83741  D`Evereux

Canopy 8 3/4"
Width 41 1/2"
Hole 4"

The Historic Natchez Foundation represents the largest Collection of pre-Civil War houses in America. Reflecting the opulent life of the country's planting society during the first two-thirds of the 19th Century, products reflected the changing architectural styles and building methods of the times.

A Century and a half ago, Natchez was capital to America's Cotton Kingdom and home to the world's wealthiest planters. There they built impressive villas with great white columns and an abundance of classical detail. Their legacy, miraculously preserved, is today one of the richest concentrations of early nineteenth century architecture in America, ranging in style from the delicate Federal Neoclassical, through the massive Greek Revival, and up to the elaborate Italianate.

Focal Point offers designs from D'Evereux, Stanton Hall, Glenburnie and several other historical properties unique to Historic Natchez.

Focal Point D'Evereux center Medallion 83715 from the Historic Natchez Collection

83715 D`Evereux Ctr.

Width 14 3/4"
Hole 1"

Focal Point Rotunda D'Evereux Rim - 4 Pieces 83700

83700  D`Evereux Rim 4 pc set

Width 62 1/16"
Inside Width 43"
Projection 1 3/4"

Focal Point Egg & Dart Crown Moulding


                                                                Face        Height       Length        Projection          Repeat    

Egg & Dart Crown          10530       6-7/8     4 15/16"       6 1/2'             4 3/4"               1-5/8"

Egg & Dart 2                    11120        5 3/4"         5"               12'               2' 7/8"                 1' 7/16"

Egg & Dart Crown           11160        4'1/8"       3 1/4"           12'                 2'9/16"               1' 1/2"

Egg & Dart 1                     11310         8-3/8"       6 1/2"         12'                 5 3/8"               2-3/4"

Focal Point Egg and Dart Medallion

12" Medallion
83312  Egg & Dart

18" Medallion
83318  Egg & Dart

24" Medallion
83324  Egg & Dart

31" Medallion
83331  Egg & Dart

41" Medallion
83341  Egg & Dart

Egg & Dart               Canopy               Width                     Hole


83312                            2 3/8"                 12 1/2"                     4"

83318                            3 1/2"                 18 5/8"                     4"

83324                            5 1/2"                   24 7/16"                   4"

83331                            5 1/2"                   31 7/16"                   4"

83341      5 1/2"     40 3/4"   4"



Focal Point Versailles Crown Molding 10750

10750-14  Versailles Crown-14 ft
10750-8  Versailles Crown

Face: 9" x Height: 6 7/8"
Length: 6 1/2'
Projection: 7"

Focal Point Versailles Crown Center Piece 10760

10760-8  Versailles Crown Center Pc.

Face: 9" x Height: 6 7/8"
Length: 6 1/2'
Projection: 7"
Repeat: 6' 6"

Focal Point Versailles Inside Corners 10770

10770-8  Versailles Inside Corners (1 set makes 4 corners)

Face: 9" x Height: 6 7/8"
Length: 2 pcs - 6' 6" ea. Projection: 7"
Repeat: 3' 3"

Focal Point Versailles Frieze 25230

25230  Versailles Frieze

Height: 4 7/8"
Length: 8'
Projection: 5/8"
Repeat: 11 1/4"

Focal Point Versailles Ceiling Medallion 81033

81033  Versailles

Canopy: 3 1/4"
Width: 32 1/2

Hole: 4"

Focal Point Dauphine Crown Molding 10580

10580-8  Dauphine Crown

Face: 3- 1/4" x Height: 3"
Length: 6 1/2'
Projection: 1 3/8"
Repeat: 12-15/16"

Focal Point Dauphine-R16 Medallion 85019

85019  Dauphine

Canopy 1 3/4"
Width 18 7/8"

Focal Point Adefix

Adhesive for covings, framings and ceiling centers

One tube per 60 ft. of moulding.
Adhesive3 is specially formulated to help eliminate shrinking and cracking of joints and seams.
Available single or as a case of 24 tubes.

33324                 Adhesive3                Case of 24 tubes

33333                 Adhesive3                Single Tube

Basic Moulding Installation: Instructions

Please Read And Follow All Installation: Instructions provided with your moulding Carefully. These instructions are not to replace provided instructions. Provided instructions will include details specific to each moulding ordered.


  • Use only Focal Point AD3 Adhesive #33333.
  • Focal Point mouldings have the same density and workability as white pine.
  • Mouldings that have been stored in hot conditions should be allowed to cool down to normal temperatures before Installation.
  • Focal Point mouldings are factory primedium
  • 1. Cutting

  • Mark Projection and Depth on walls and ceilings. These dimensions can be found in the chart on the back of this sheet.

  • Cut 45° compound miters for inside and outside corners (do not cope inside corners). Apply Focal Point Adhesive #33333 and fasten with trim screws or finish nails.

  • Cut butt joints for all straight joints, apply AD3 Adhesive to both edges. (do not use scarf or lap joints).

  • For large profiles (8" face or larger) apply 1/4" bead of AD3 Adhesive #33333 to the top and bottom bedding edges on the back side of moulding (see figure 1) or apply AD3 Adhesive #33333 to inside wall and ceiling marks.

  • Cut mouldings 1/4" longer and spring into place. If necessary, screw a wooden block to the wall and spring moulding against the block. Screw or nail moulding into place then remove the block (see Figure 2).

  • Screw or nail moulding every 16".

  • Remove excess wet adhesive with mineral spirits.

2. Finishing

  • Caulk mouldings to wall and ceiling using a paintable latex caulk.

  • Fill screw or nail holes with vinyl spackle.

  • Cover joints with vinyl spackle and lightly sand with fine grit paper.

  • If factory primer is sanded off, apply vinyl spackle to area, lightly sand, and prime.

  • Use a high-quality latex or oil-based paint.

  • Do NOT use lacquer paints.

Please read and follow all instructions that come with your moulding carefully

Note: All Table and blade angle degrees are based on the use of a power miter saw. Mouldings should be cut face up unless otherwise noted. These angles are assuming 90° corners are available when installing.

Some Moulding is to be cut face down. Follow the instructions that are provided with your order.