The Best Designer Lighting Brands


Shop our online and offline selection of high end designer lighting from over 100 renown lighting manufacturers. From led tape light to modern chandeliers, our extensive catalog of lighting brands means you can find the right light at Brand Lighting. Use the filters to identify the best lighting brands for your next home or office decor project.

Narrow down the list of high end lighting brands by using our feature finder to quickly find manufacturers that have the type of light you need. Whether you are looking for your home or office, patio or den, at Brand Lighting we have been helping the design community find the right light for over 35 years.

Narrow down the list by getting to know why you need lighting and how different lighting solutions work. For example, consider the size of your room. Chandeliers are intended to be suspended from the ceiling near the center of a room to cast a wide glow and are a good start, especially for large rooms, but often pendant lighting is useful when you need focused task light for work, reading, or games. If you need help finding the right brand simple call, email or chat with our family of experienced lighting professional.

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