Exterior wall lights and sconces make it easy to brighten and beautify your property with little effort. Installed on your patio, front porch, and entryway, or in any other high-traffic outdoors area, these wall lighting fixtures are an essential part of your exterior lighting scheme. The added evening illumination allows you to enjoy your property after dark while helping keep it safe and secure. From handsome bronze sconces to galvanized metal barn light designs and more, a brand-new display can increase your home's curb appeal and value with our selection of premium outdoor wall lighting.

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Designer Exterior Wall Lights & Sconces from Brand Lighting

Aside from adding an active deterrence against would-be burglars or other unsavory characters, the right exterior wall lights set-up can sync up with the rest of your lighting infrastructure to initiate timed sequences that give you greater control over your lighting set-up. Brand Lighting offers exterior wall lights that not only offer unparalleled beauty, but most importantly, feature superior dependability and reliability, ensuring you can always count on your exterior wall lights set-up to illuminate beautifully and effectively. 

If you’re looking to bring the function of a wall light that’s more fitting for the inside of your home, explore our wide selection of sconces. Sconces serve as wall lights that simultaneously add a splash of light which enhance the overall look of your home’s interior. As with our expansive array of wall lights, our sconces are priced competitively for any look or style, ensuring you can find the right look and light for your home—regardless of budget or need.