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2 inch gimbal recessed lighting makes a great overhead accent or artwork light. Lotus Lighting's gimbal recessed lights are a great option to finish off your overhead lighting plan. The 2 inch gimbal light trim and module allows you to pivot the led module 360 degrees in order to create unique lighting effects. Use the directional adjustments to direct light towards interesting architectural elements, wall art or indoor landscape artifacts. The 2 inch recessed gimbal light is small enough to fit in tight spaces or use over shelving units or kitchen islands. 2 inch gimbal lights are available with square or round trims as well as in a regressed version. If you need help finding the best gimbal lighting, call or chat with the recessed lighting professionals at Brand Lighting today!

Help to reduce glare and create a unique overhead lighting experience with these small ceiling fixtures. The in-set LED lighting module pivots 360 degrees allowing you to direct light towards interesting wall art and architectural elements. LED gimbal lighting is a great way to add directional lighting to your overhead lighting plan. The pivoting led modules make it easy to adjust your lighting as your decor changes. The regressed trim further reduces glare while focusing more light in the desired direction. These fixtures can be used for residential and commercial applications. The air tight ultra low profile LED lighting module allows Lotus gimbal lighting to fit into areas that other lighting simply can't. Backed by Lotus Lights 5 year commercial, 10 year residential warranty. When you are looking for high quality recessed lighting at affordable prices, Lotus Lights delivers! Call the pros  who know at Brand Lighting for more options on downlighting.

Lotus Light's 3 inch gimbal light is a low voltage eyeball gimbal fixture. These dimmable recessed gimbal lights are a great choice for lighting artwork, architectural elements or interior furnishing and antiques. The 3" pivoting led module allows you to point the light in 360 degrees.  The LED module of all Lotus Lighting gimbal trims are made to be low power, high efficiency LED lights that are backed by Lotus's industry leading 5 year commercial , 10 year residential warranty. 3 inch led gimbal lighting is air tight and IC rated for direct contact with ceiling installation. The extra low profile of Lotus LED Gimbal lights makes them a great choice for difficult areas where other lighting simply can not fit. 

3 inch regressed led gimbal lights are an available option if you are looking to reduce glare. The in-set led module diffusess less light while the pivoting head allows you to direct illumination towards objects or areas of interest. Lotus Lights' 3 inch recessed gimbal lights output up to 680 lumens of illumination and are IC and IP rated for use in contact with ceiling insulation and in wet indoor locations. The small diameter and moderately low output make these gimbal eyeball lights a great option for decorative lighting accents. Ask the pros at Brand Lighting about more options for 3 inch regressed eyeball lighting from Lotus Lights and more.

4 inch led eyeball lighting is a powerful decorative overhead lighting option. Each fixture is energy star rated and includes a powerful patent pending led module that outputs up to 1000 lumens of illumination. The led gimbal lights are IP and IC rated making them a great choice for new and existing construction projects. Powerful and affordable, Lotus 4 inch gimbal lights are a great designer lighting option for kitchens, bedrooms, and hallways. The large led fixture is energy efficient and air-tight for optimal heat dissipation. These LED lights offer you a great way to add interest to your ceiling lighting plan. Ask the ceiling lighting experts art Brand Lighting how we can help you find the right recessed light today!

The large 4 inch fixture provides extra illumination while maintaining control over the direction of illumination. The large LED module outputs up to 1050 lumens of dimmable illumination. Regressed gimbal lights can be used to create targeted downlighting or reduce glare over large areas. The Lotus Lights 4 inch lights are covered by the Lotus 5 year warranty and 10 year for commercial and residential applications. Ask a Lotus Lighting expert about the downlighting options available from Brand Lighting!

The extra large 6 inch LED fixtures is powerful enough for commercial applications but stylish enough to fit in at home. Lotus lighting offers an extensive collection of 6" regressed lighting. The 6" gimbal regressed light is a great choice to highlight interior walls or furniture. The large diameter and in set module create a unique overhead lighting element that can be used to direct illumination. Call or chat today and ask the pros at Brand Lighting how we can help you find the right light!

Designer Gimbal Lights from Brand Lighting

Lotus LED lights are a great option for accent and artwork lighting. Gimbal trims are LED recessed lights which have a pivoting head that allows you to rotate the direction of the light in order to illuminate architectural elements and wall art. These lights range from small 2" versions to large 6" regressed versions. All Lotus Lights features best in class LED module which can be pivoted to any direction. The patent pending led module and driver is low profile allowing you to place fixtures in areas with little clearance. These lights come in 2", 3", 4" and as regular and regressed versions. They make great accent lighting for retail and restaurants where decor changes and lighting needs to be adjusted regularly. Ask the experts at Brand Lighting about all the options for recessed lighting in our showroom and online!