Henry Outdoor Pendant Medium - 363008
Hubbardton Forge Lighting
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Adjustable height one light outdoor pendant with a metal shade. Not slope adaptable. Damp rated; suitable for installation outdoors under covered surfaces.
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Modern American Blacksmiths. In an age of mass-produced, machine-made products, many companies have abandoned the right way of doing things in favor of maximizing profits. Hubbardton Forge believes doing things the right way is the only way to do business. They make products where the craftsmanship and skill clearly shows. As their Design Director, David Kitts, notes, “We make heirlooms, not landfill.” Any piece leaving the forge is touched by multiple hands throughout the process of its creation. When you look at a Hubbardton Forge lighting fixture, you’re seeing the artistic achievements of a team dedicated to design. The family of artisans combines traditional craft knowledge with modern techniques and one-of-a-kind tools we’ve created to give you a piece of Vermont history that holds enduring value. Always handmade in the USA.

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