A nice ceiling fan in your home office can allow you to take in an open air breeze or keep your alcove cool. When choosing a fan for your home office there are a few considerations to review. First of all you will want to determine the size of the fan you will need. Will you require a small decorative fan or a large one that greatly increases airflow. When considering size, take a look at where you plan to place the fan and whether it will disturb your work area or be a distraction through either the motion or sound it will create above. 

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Designer Home Office Ceiling Fans from Brand Lighting

Another important aspect to consider in adding ceiling fans to the home office is their ambient noise level. Every fan utilizes a drive motor to turn the blades but the technology varies. Some vendor‘s focus on quiet, efficient motors while others are more aesthetic focused. Modern Forms produces a beautiful series of quiet all weather fans that are App controlled making them an ideal option for home office ceiling fans.

Also be sure to consider the classical designs of the smaller and medium sized ceiling fans from Monte Carlo and the modern inspired designs of Maxim Lighting. Although we carry a nice representation of ceiling fans in our online store, we have access to 1000s more through our showroom catalogs. Call or chat with us to learn about all your options at Brand Lighting

In our collection of ceiling fans you will find an assortment of styles from traditional to modern and plantation. No matter what your style is we have a fan for you. Stop by online and chat with our family of lighting professionals to help you find the right fan for your home office.