Hubbardton Forge Lighting

In a time when mass-produced, machine-made products are the norm for Americans, Hubbardton Forge creates lighting and decor pieces where the craftsmanship and skill clearly show. Their family of designers, engineers and artits combine traditional craft knowledge with modern techniques and components to create heirloom quality lighting and décor for both residential and commercial spaces.

For nearly 50 years the Hubbardton family of artisans and designers has created heirloom quality lighting.

Made in America

The Hubbardton Forge was founded in Vermont in 1975 and is one of the oldest continuously operating blacksmith forges in America. They started out as a small forge with only five employees, mostly making hooks and other products for horse barns. Since then they have grown to over 220 people who work together to produce unique heirloom quality lighting fixtures that are sold all over the globe.
Today Hubbardton fixtures are still produced in their Vermont facility by traditionally trained artisans. Their uncomprismising commitment to quality makes Hubbardton Forge one of the most sought after American lighting manufacturers worldwide.

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Exquisite handmade metal chandeliers for home and high end hospitality dining rooms.

Balance form and function with handmade designer home accents.

Unique pendants and linear suspension fixtures of all shapes and sizes for your kitchen.

Beautiful ceiling, wall and post lighting for your outdoor entertainment area or entranceway.

Hubbardton Forge creates lighting fixtures to meet your every need for every space. Their popular statement chandeliers are some of their most ornate pieces while their simple sconces can fit in anywhere.
In addition they have a wide variety of styles of pendant lights, wall sconces and outdoor lighting. No matter what room you are looking for something for, or what sort of design style you enjoy, Hubbardton Forge is sure to have something that will fit your needs perfectly.

Hand Made Lighting

When you purchase any piece of Hubbardton Forge lighting, it is made just for you. Their family of artisans work together to create pieces that are truly heirlooms in waiting. The designs are often inspired by the natural beauty of Vermont, with special attention paid to each fixture's finish and texture. These handcrafted items are created using time-honored traditional techniques with modern improvements. Many times, they still use the same methods and tools their founders used when starting the company.

An Investment in Quality

At Hubbardton Forge, they're committed to producing high quality products that will last for years to come. They start with only the finest materials to create their fixtures, including hand blown studio glass and challenging antique finish techniques. They use traditional design elements in their modern pieces. By infusing classic designs with a modern sensibility, Hubbardton creates iconic lighting fixtures that are the staple of homes and hotels around the world.

Award Winning Design

Since their founding, Hubbardton Forge has been honored with over 300 design awards. They've been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest and Country Living. In addition, they have an extensive list of hotel, restaurant and spa chains that have chosen Hubbardton Forge lighting for their establishments.
In 2019, Hubbardton Forge received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. First, in January, Hubbardton Forge was the Winner of not just one, but two ARTS Awards. One for Green Manufacturer of the year across all Home Décor categories, and a second award as the Lighting Category Winner. Then, bookending the year, HF was honored by the design community with the coveted Interior Design 2019 Best of Year Award for their ABACUS design.

Design & Fabrication

The expert craftsmen and women of the Hubbardton family are well versed in creating a special fixture just for you. Whether you are a design professional or a homeowner we can work with you to design just the right light for your space. Each year Hubbardton produces nearly a 1000 custom designs for our customers, providing you with unlimited lighting options for your high end residential or commercial project.

Easy Custom Creations

Finding just the right light for your design project can be challenging and even overwhelming. At Brand Lighting we can assist you in creating just the right light by simple modifications of Hubbardton's favorite designs. Whether you need it in another color or need to make it a bit higher, our design team can accommodate nearly any request. And rest assured knowing that your custom design will be carefully handcrafted in their Vermont, USA facilities.

Commercial Projects

At Hubbardton Forge, their work is not limited to domestic design. They also produce many commercial lighting projects. From designing and fabricating the lighting for luxury retail stores like Barneys in New York and Bergdorf Goodman in San Francisco, to hotels around the world like the Waldorf Astoria and Ritz Carlton.
They are also proud to have contributed lighting projects for several of the United States' finest restaurants including Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York and The French Laundry in California. Hubbardton Forge has always believed that quality is paramount in creating their products, which is why they see these high end commercial design projects as one of the most rewarding parts of their business.

Integrating Innovative Technologies

Hubbardton Forge's artisans blend the latest innovative technologies with tried and true techniques to create top quality lighting fixtures. In addition, Hubbardton Forge uses computer-aided design (CAD) to help them see how their designs would look in the real world. This process is a key aspect of their design and engineering capabilities, which allows them to add detail and intricacy to their products. Hubbardton Forge's commitment to innovation ensures that what they make will continue to be relevant in the years ahead.

Cross Functional Collaborations

Creating partnerships with other producers of high-end related products is part of what they do at Hubbardton Forge. Whether it be their Vermont neighbor Simon Pearce, an award winning glass artisan, who works with his team in a 200-year-old former woolen mill where exquisite handmade pieces come to life; or AO Glass where Hubbardton designers work together with AO’s master artisans in blown glass to develop custom options; or a new high-end New Hampshire leather artisan with whom they have developed their new Derby and Belmont straps. Connections extend to famous names as well; such as developing beautiful forged wall plates for Legrand®, featuring touch-sensitive technology. These partnerships allow them to bring fast, innovative solutions to clients around the world.

In collaboration with Legrand, a well respected name in lighting home accents and accessories, they have created a popular line of wall plates for traditional and smart light switches and outlets found within the Legrand Adorne product line. Complement your favorite lighting fixture with these decorative wall plates available online or checkout the samples in our store!

In today's crazy world, finding a reliable production partner is harder than ever. At Hubbardton Forge and Brand Lighting they pride themselves on traversing the ever evolving supply chain to bring you a reliable source of high end lighting for your next design project. From their Vermont facility, Hubbardton produces all their stock and custom designs from locally sourced materials. This allows their production team to deliver on time and within specifications each and every time.

a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Quality is the hallmark of iconic Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures and they show their belief in their craftsmanship through a limited lifetime warranty on craftmanship and select finishes. Whether you are decorating the walkway into a gorgeous new boutique hotel or the hallway in your home, Hubbardton fixtures will stand the test of time - Guaranteed!

Professional designers love Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Lighting. Their hardened outdoor finishes can stand the most difficult coastal conditions, making them ideal for seaside patios, porches, decks and outdoor living areas. They offer a large selection of outdoor post lights that complement the collections of outdoor wall sconces and outdoor ceiling lights.

At Hubbardton Lighting you can find a fabulous fixture for any room in your home, hotel or office. Dozens of high quality, carefully developed finishes are avilable to grace any indoor fixture, and if you can't find the right look they can color match to nearly any shade. Complement your outdoor decorative lighting the matching indoor collection to seamlessly carry your decor indoors and out. With exquisite Hubbardton fixtures lighting up your hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room you simply can't go wrong!

It is more than likely you have walked past or under some of Hubbardton's most iconic designs at the world's most recognizable landmarks. Whether it is the Ritz Carlton, Strabucks, Aloft Hotels or Au Bon Pain, you can find Hubbardton chandeliers adorning entrances and gracing lobby ceilings. Easily modify size, shape or finish to design your perfect statement chandelier.

mPendant lighting is a designer favorite for its ability to balance form and function. With Hubbardton pendant lights you can find exactly what you are looking for. From classic traditional designs to modern metal inspirations, designer pendant lights come in a huge amount of options in style, shape, color and size. Find the perfect pendant light for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or hospitality space online or in our South Florida showrooms.!

From the hallway to the bathroom wall, Hubbardton designer wall sconces can add a decorative accent to your space while providing ample illumination. With a new series of bathroom vanity lighting, you can find Hubbardton wall sconces that perfectly match the rest of your lighting. Designer wall lights are available for indoors and out. Just remember, you can easily use an outdoor fixture with indoors!

Floor and table lamps can add just the right finishing touch to your design. From hotel lobby desks to your favorite reading nook, Hubbardton Forge floor and table lamps are a great way to add a touch of gentle elegance to your location. Shop a large selection online or define your own specifications to make a unique lamp for your favorite space.

Hubbardton Forge's commitment to quality and affordability is matched only by its dedication to creating sustainable products. The company uses clean energy sources like solar power, LED lighting, and recyclable packaging whenever possible.
All of Hubbardton Forge's commercial projects are done with sustainability in mind, and the company makes it a priority to use sustainable products that are energy efficient. Their long-term success is rooted in their commitment to quality and sustainability, which is underscored by their placement in Architectural Digest's Green Design Guide.
While Hubbardton Forge draws much of its inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding it, they also look to the artistic achievements of past generations. They continue to use many tools, techniques and designs found in historic lighting catalogs dating back decades.
Their self-described "traditional modern designs" are a throwback to the early 1900s, when handmade brass fixtures were once common in homes across America. In their creations, Hubbardton Forge strives to give a nod to both past and present artists while creating new works of art for generations to come.


Hubbardton's lights are very earth-friendly and carefully designed to be sustainable. The company was one of the first manufacturers of powder coating and aqueous metal cleaning to reduce harmful fumes, and is among the first and only American manufacturers and the first in the world to beta-test a phosphate-free bioremediation cleaner for their wash solution. In this closed cycle technology microbes eat the soil and oil in a wash solution before powder coating and produce less biodegradable phosphateless wastes. They have received six Vermont Governors awards for environmental excellence in recent years.
Quality of the Hubbard Forge fixtures is immediately visible. These elegant designs feature beautiful, sweeping curves and exquisite lines. Their products are manufactured under one roof in Castleton, Vermont, creating the camaraderie among metal artists. It certainly provides a feeling of familiarity and historical authenticity to a finished product.
Hubbardton Forge focuses on doing things right. Glowing red iron forges paired with traditional blacksmithing techniques make these heirlooms last for generations of use. The tight-knit Castleton company combines top-of-their-class design talent with an eye toward the environment. In partnership with local producers from glassblowing to LED technologies, they have continued to develop their skill set in the context of modern American blacksmiths.
Drawing on knowledge from various disciplines, Hubbardton Forge specialists are able to create lighting fixtures that are both beautiful and functional. Their products are made using hand-forged steel with intricate detailing done by skilled artisans.

The men and women who work for Hubbardton Forge will often wear many hats throughout the process. Their expertise spans from welding to painting and finishing, thus ensuring that every piece leaving their doors is one of a kind.

Their skilled employees have been with the company for many years, creating a tight-knit team powered by family spirit. In addition to working together in Hubbardton Forge's main office, they often join forces with students from Vermont Technical College to collaborate on special projects