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Take control of your smart home with Alexa integrated recessed lighting from Juno. The Juno AI downlight is a revolutionary recessed LED light that integrates a premium JBL speaker with Alexa personal assistant to control your connected home devices. Now from anywhere in your home you can now control your lights, stereo, shades, and more simply with your voice! Ask us about how to order and setup the Juno AI Downlight Speaker (888) 991-3610

Homeowners can program their lighting to wake them, set the mood, dim the lights, or tune the lighting color temperature from warm to cool. Play music from the downlight speaker with a simple voice command. Control privacy by muting or just turn it off completely with the flick of a switch. The standard 6" downlight can fits most home requirements. While the simple installation eliminates any special technical or IT requirements allowing you to quickly setup a new or existing smart home.

Play your favorite playlist through your ceiling with JBL integrated sound. the concealed premium speaker allows you to interact with Alexa and wirelessly stream your favorite music or tv audio. The active LED ring conveniently indicates when the speaker is in use. Smart speakers for your whole smart home. With Juno AI recessed smart lights you no longer have to worry about clutter and line of sight of your smart home devices.