LED Linear suspension chandeliers are generally rectangular shape and are a great way to make a room look wider or longer. Since the shape of the fixture lies along a single plane, it's easy to keep a room from becoming over-stimulated with ceiling lights. Linear suspension chandeliers are especially perfect over the top of long dining room tables, billiard (pool) tables and over the kitchen islands, complementing the shape of each area while providing ample downlighting. In addition to the flexible design options. LED suspension chandeliers help to make your space both elegant and energy efficient.

Among the most uniquely-styled chandeliers available, linear suspension chandeliers are among the most attractive chandeliers that combine the classic look of chandeliers and adjust the style with an ultra-chic suspended style that few other chandeliers provide. Want something that makes an impression and offers tremendously beautiful illumination reliably and efficiently? Look no further than a linear suspension chandelier from Brand Lighting. 

Corbett Libra 4Lt Linear - 255-54
Corbett Lighting

Corbett Libra 4Lt Linear - 255-54


Shade Material GlassWattage 12w ea.Socket Type LedPlug In NoOrganic and sprawling, Libra’s scales hold an aesthetic balance. Deliciously textured glass slides off the tops of these Antique-Silver Leaf scales, creating contrast and intrigue. All of the...

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