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Tech Lighting Monorail Systems are comprised of flexible rails that can be shaped around decorative and architectural features of your home's design. They provide you with a flexible solution for lighting difficult areas. Tech Lighting Monorail pendants and heads are a favorite among architects and designers for their design and functional flexibility. Monorail systems can function as standalone decorative lighting, accent wall art or create a washed out effect to add a bit of drama to your living area.

Choosing the right monorail lighting system for your home depends on what type of lighting effect you wish to accomplish. For instance, for ambient lighting around dining and living rooms, pivoting monorail track heads provide the ability to create directional lighting focused on walls, trim, ceilings, etc. While for kitchens we often recommend monorail system pendants for their convergent design and functional task lighting. Tech Lighting Monorail lighting systems can illuminate a lot of hard to light areas in your home making them an excellent choice for your next remodel. 

If you need help finding the right Tech Lighting Monorail System for your home call the Tech Lighting experts at Brand Lighting today! For over 35 years we have been helping designers and homeowners find just the right Monorail Lighting Systems. Call or chat with one of our family of lighting experts at (888) 991-3610