Quickly setup a Tech Lighting Monorail Lighting system with their easy to order monorail lighting kits. Everything you need to set up your rail lighting system, excluding the heads and pendants, can be found in the Tech Lighting remote monorail kits with the option of 150W or 300W power transformers. The kit includes an 8’ hand bendable monorail, end caps, a power transformer and 2 rigid standoffs. Simply select up to (6) 50 watt heads or pendants to complete your monorail lighting system. You may also choose to select up to (8) 35 watt fixtures providing you with an incredibly large selection of decorative and task lighting for your home or office. 

Whether you are illuminating a home office or a kitchen island, Tech Lighting monorail kits allow you to quickly create light where you need it. The hand bendable rail makes wrapping around ceiling features and architectural elements possible with little effort. Create accent lighting over wall art or task lighting towards office or kitchen tables with a wide range of adjustable rail heads. Or add Freejack Pendants lights to create a beautiful accent or provide useful illumination over work areas. No matter your application, the Tech Lighting monorail system will bring you years of reliable lighting and is easily extendable by adding additional components. If you need help selecting the best monorail lighting for your home or office, call the pros at Brand Lighting!


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