Suspend a cluster of mini pendants from a multi-port canopy to create a modern multiport chandelier, hanging the pendants at staggered heights for maximum effect. This makes an impressive foyer or entryway light. Install a rectangular canopy above a kitchen island, pairing freejack adjustable heads with low-voltage pendants for the right mix of functional task lighting and decorative accents. Use single port canopies to hang individual freejack pendants wherever you choose, or attach an adjustable head to that monopoint canopy for targeted accent or art lighting.

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Designer Multiport Chandeliers from Brand Lighting

A unique take on a classic option, the multiport chandelier is a lighting fixture that could catch the eye of even the most cynical illuminatory apaths. Show them and your guests that making a bold statement with your lighting is still possible, and the right multiport chandeliers options enable you to do just that. Our multiport chandeliers can accommodate any style or taste, enabling you to deliver a look that captivates and impresses.