Murray Feiss Designer Lighting

Murray Feiss Lighting has been nurtured for three generations, and it is now a pioneer with a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship, creative design, and exceptional value. Industrial, graphic, and interior designers collaborate with engineers and draftsmen, color forecasters, and quality control experts to ensure that only the finest materials are used within Murray Feiss products and that design integrity is preserved. No nuance is ignored, whether the fixture calls for solid brass or a vanity light with alabaster shades.

Their unique Murray Feiss Lighting fixtures are carefully finished and quality tested in company-owned factories, where these professional artists and technicians carry their designs to life. They keep a close eye on the costs of manufacturing these high-quality, creative designs, because quality and innovation mean little if the goods are out of reach for most consumers. They understand that our customers are quality-conscious and that they each have their own distinct style. Their goods not only satisfy certain aspects of your personal style, but they also cater to all budgets and tastes.

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Murray Feiss Lighting has extended its vast, patented range of lighting to include grand chandeliers, casual fixtures, vanity bath lights with coordinated bath hardware, outdoor lighting, lamps, torchieres, wall sconces, and home furnishings, with pride in Feiss' past and dedication to the future.

Murray Feiss Lighting provides high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures in a variety of styles, from conventional to transitional. You'll find any decorative lighting need for your home here, whether you want to simply spruce up your living room with an elegant floor lamp – or – dazzle your entryway with a beautiful chandelier.

Murray Feiss Lighting has been at the forefront of the lighting industry for over half a century, providing consumers with a diverse range of high-quality lighting items. Murray Feiss takes pride in being the industry's leading designer and maker of interior and exterior lighting, as well as home décor.

The Murray Feiss Lighting Story

Rose Feiss began sewing custom lampshades in the Bronx during WWII to keep herself occupied and her mind off the fact that her son, Murray, was away serving in the Navy. Murray returned home safely, however, and discovered a lucrative business opportunity in his mother's lampshades. Murray Feiss lighting was born when he combined porcelain bases and fittings with these lampshades.

Feiss lighting has evolved over three centuries to include a wide variety of suspensions, wall sconces, bath bars, and even some outdoor lighting fixtures.

Browse our Murray Feiss Lighting set from the comfort of your own home and get the right lights the first time. Our lighting experts are available by phone, email, or live online chat to answer all of your questions so you can shop with confidence at Brand Lighting. Brand Lighting works with designers such as Murray Feiss, Visual Comfort & Co., and many others to help you build well-lit spaces you'll be proud to call home.

Murray Feiss & Brand Lighting has extended its comprehensive range of lighting items to include grand foyer chandeliers, casual fixtures, vanity bath lights with coordinated bath hardware, outdoor lighting, lamps, torchieres, wall brackets, and decorative accessories. Feiss has an award-winning in-house design team that includes industrial, graphic, and interior designers, as well as engineers and draftsmen, color forecasters, and quality-control specialists, to ensure that only the highest-quality products are used and that design integrity is upheld.

Murray Feiss designs are brought to life in their factories around the world, where over 3,500 skilled workers create our one-of-a-kind products. Every product is carefully finished and quality tested by an independent team of engineers not once, but twice. Brand Lighting is pleased to be your Murray Feiss full-service retailer and contract supplier.

Chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, table lamps, mirrors, bath and vanity lights, flush & semi-flush mount lighting, as well as outdoor accent and landscape lighting are all available from Murray Feiss.

Murray Feiss is known for being one of the best interior and exterior lighting designers and manufacturers. Murray Feiss Enterprises, founded by Murray Feiss' mother Rose Feiss, has grown over three generations.

In addition, the company operates a state-of-the-art fulfillment center. Murray Feiss also creates vanity bath lights, coordinated bath hardware, outdoor lighting, candles, torchiers, wall brackets, and decorative accessories.

Murray Feiss' professional award-winning design team includes industrial, graphic, and interior designers, engineers, draftsmen, color forecasters, and quality management specialists who hold the Murray Feiss brand in the spotlight.

Designer's Choose Murray Feiss Lighting

Murray Feiss Lighting stands ready to provide you with the best-styled lighting and decorative accessories at the highest level of quality, with three generations behind them and a bright and exciting future ahead of them. You'll find everything you need for your home's decorative lighting needs here, whether you want to spruce up your living room with a gracious collection of table lamps or wow your arriving guests with a dazzling two-story entryway chandelier guaranteed to create a dramatic impact.

Floor lamps and torchieres for reading and accent lighting as well as.beautiful dining room lighting to illuminate a private meal are all available in the Murray Feiss LIghting collections. Vanity lighting for the bath that provides ideal illumination, as well as matching mirrors to see your beautiful face. There are sconces for your walls and fixtures for your halls that are similar to the ceiling.

For over half a century, Murray Feiss has been warming the homes of families all over the world. It is the highest compliment we may be given when you welcome us into yours.

Murray Feiss Lighting: Why We Adore It

At Brand Lighting, the Feiss Collection by Generation Lighting exudes distinction and craftsmanship. Murray Feiss Lighting offers a new take on conventional and transitional styles, bringing your home beautifully up to date.

"Pride in the past, dedication to the future," is the Feiss Lighting company motto. The former can be seen in their opulent traditional designs as well as their more contemporary transitional styles, which feature authentic period features. They demonstrate the above by increasing the use of energy efficient (Energy Star Qualified) technologies. Murray Feiss home lighting is designed in-house by a design team that includes architectural, graphic, and interior designers, ensuring the consistency of the style and the structural quality of Murray Feiss home lighting.

Murray Feiss's Fun Fact

Feiss Lighting is the sole maker of the Bob Mackie Home Lighting range, as well as the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Pure Simple Today collection, solidifying its reputation as a premium fashion lighting manufacturer. Feiss is now a sister business to Monte Carlo Fans, after combining in 2012.

Murray Feiss was a visionary.

Murray Feiss began selling small porcelain figurine lamps with shades sewn by his mother in 1955. He gained a reputation for craftsmanship and a following of discerning customers thanks to the quality and attention to detail he put into each item. Generation Lighting's Feiss Collection, which has been around for more than 60 years, continues to concentrate on the highest standards for materials and craftsmanship in lighting choices for every space in the house and every budget.

Murray Feiss Lighting for Every Room 

In our Feiss Lighting Collection, you'll find flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights in both traditional and contemporary will also find a large selection of designer chandeliers and pendant lights, wall sconces and bathroom vanity lights, outdoor lighting choices, trendy wall mirrors, and a range of lighting accessories. 

Rustic, new, traditional, and contemporary styles are available in a range of metals and woods, with antiqued to polished finishes. You'll find the ideal Feiss lighting for every room at Brand Lighting, whether it's retro-inspired outdoor lanterns from the Feiss Glenview Collection, transitional chandeliers from the Feiss Beverly Collection, or sleek farmhouse pendants from the Feiss Urban Renewal Collection.