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Nora Lighting

Since 1989, our commitment to our clients, and our desire to strive for excellence have been the base of Nora’s culture. We support and champion the technological development of luminaires that meet or exceed the highest international standards of design, craftsmanship, quality, performance, and energy efficiency.

Over the past 29 years, Nora Lighting has worked diligently to live up to these goals while offering a product line that
continues to set benchmarks for innovation, quality, and performance. Our vast array of LED products presented in this LED catalog are a testament to this. Since the development of our first LED downlight in 2011, our team of engineers have continued to produce LED luminaires that achieve new milestones in energy efficiency, lighting quality and design.

Commercial Lighting

Proper lighting in commercial environments - from workplaces and conference rooms, to auditoriums and multipurpose rooms - helps to increase productivity and creating the proper ambiance. Our wide array of LED lighting products can light every corner of your commercial space. Achieve general illumination with our LED Edge-Lit Panel, Center Basket Troffer and Recessed, highlight small spaces with our LED undercabinet solutions, create spot lighting with small aperture Iolite downlights, LED Rail or Track, and illuminate exit paths with our LED exit signs. Whatever the task is, Nora can be used to illuminate it.

Residential Lighting

Lighting is a subtle tool with the power to transform any home. While it serves a functional purpose, it also is used to create the mood and atmosphere in every room of the home. Given its importance, lighting is also a significant portion of a homeowners energy cost and maintenance time. LED luminaries reduce both the cost and maintenance required to keep the home warm and well-lit. Whether you are illuminating artwork, decorative coves, kitchen counters, bathrooms, or bedrooms, our family of LED products can make any home shine.

Healthcare & Education

Light has an incredible effect on people – both biologically and emotionally. Used effectively in healthcare and educational facilities, it can enhance a student, patient, or physicians experience and play a key role in promoting well-being, focus, and learning. Lighting optimizes the healing and learning experience. This said, lighting is also a major expense for these institutions where budgets are extremely tight. This makes LED lighting an ideal source of light for healthcare and educational facilities.

Hospitality & Dining

Regardless of the space - restaurant, bar, hotel, theater, or casino - lighting is what brings warmth, excitement, and comfort, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for patrons. Every space has different lighting challenges and the flexibility of LED lighting solutions makes it an ideal light source. Whether it be general lighting, spot lighting, accent lighting, or task lighting, Nora offers the versatility required to meet different design needs.

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Nora REVO remote lighting
Nora REVO remote lighting

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