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Designed to work for new construction and remodels, the 3" Thin Line LED downlights from NSL are an excellent choice for overhead illumination in small spaces or as architectural accents. The 3" recessed lights are wet rated making them a great choice for bathrooms and powder rooms. The adjustable color temperature allows you to customize your lighting scheme with 3 color temperatures to choose from. NSL downlights are cETLus and Energy Star listed for an affordable all around down light. While the IC rated enclosure eliminates the need for expensive housings and can come in direct contact with overhead insulation. Versatile and affordable, NSL downlighting is available for most commercial and residential applications. The Thin Line series is backed by a 5 year limited warranty from National Specialty Lighting.

The 3" gimbal series of LED recessed lights from NSL are an excellent architectural or accent down light.  New and improved the directional LED Gimbal Down Lights, are the perfect solution for a multitude of residential and commercial applications. The adjustable LED gimbal fixtures are 80% more efficient than incandescent luminaires and they are available in multiple trim finish options to match any style of décor. The allow you to pivot the direction of illumination for highlighting accents or pathways. Available in warm white and neutral white color temperature and are available in 2 beam angles. NSL 3" LED gimbal lights are ceETLus and IC rated for direct contact with insulation. 

NSL 4" LED downlights offer additional light output for larger common areas in homes, restaurants, offices or retail stores. The versatile and affordable thin LED recessed lights are designed for remodel and new construction with ceETLus IC rating for direct contact with insulation, removing the necessity for costly drivers and housings. Airtight and wet rated, the 4" LED downlights are suitable choice for illuminating laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Thin Line LED downlights are designed for residential and commercial applications and are rated for 50,000 hours as well as covered with a by an industry leading NSL 5 year limited warranty.

NSL 4" gimbal downlights feature the latest in directional gimbal design for a overhead lighting fixture that is 80% more efficient than its incandescent recessed lighting equivalent. Available for new construction, IC and remote installations, the directional gimbal lights from NSL are available in 3000K or 4000K color temperature and in a beam angle of 25 or 36 degrees. The larger LED module of the 4" gimbal trims produces more light output than it's smaller version allowing  you more flexibility when illuminating lobbies, hallways, elevators, restaurants, or offices. The easy to install double clip design makes installation a breeze and reduces overhead lighting maintenance when compared to CFL or incandescent. 

Medium sized 6" recessed lights are the most popular for residential new construction and remodel. The 6" LED downlights offer increased light output for many common applications such as living room lighting, dining room, pantry, banquet halls, and retail lighting. Color change 6" recessed led lights are available in 3 color temperatures and feature the latest in LED technology for a fixture that consumes just 12W. Install 6" NSL downlights in new construction or replace existing lights with the quick snap feature that makes installation a breeze. 6" and larger downlights are ideal for commercial applications requiring minimal maintenance and reliable performance. 

The 8" Gen III Thin Line Down Lights use the latest in LED driver technology to deliver an ultra compact fixture suitable for new and remodel projects.  Suitable for both new construction and renovation this product has all the features you’ll need in a value priced luminaire. Including wet location for under soffits. The Gen III series of recessed lights feature a single color temperature, high efficiency low power consumption, interchangeable trims, and are IC rated for direct contact with insulation. The operating temperature is suitable for nearly all applications at -20C to 45C. The Gen III series of thin-line led downlights are available in 3", 4",6",8" and 10". 8" NSL surface mount downlights are also available here.

NSL 10" recessed downlights are a popular choice for offices, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, and garages. The large diameter produces increased illumination for large areas or to reduce the number of fixtures a space will require. Flexible and affordable, 10" downlights lights are available in single color recessed lights or as surface mount downlighting. With driver on board technology the fixture is provided with 120V current directly which eliminates the need for costly external drivers and housings. Wet rated and cETLus listed these fixtures can be used in bathrooms, restaurants and offices where moisture is an issue. All NSL Gen III LED recessed lighting is covered by NSL's industry leading 5 year limited warranty.

Suitable for commercial and retail applications the NSL 12" downlights are available in surface mount or 2nd generation downlights. Affordable and versatile the 12" downlights provide maximum illumination for work areas, garages, warehouses and retail stores. When you need the most out of your overhead lighting 12" round and square lights can flood your room with light. Great for garages or work spaces, the easy to install downlights can be retrofitted to existing installations or in new construction. With an IC rating and integrated led driver the 12" downlights are suitable for installations that require direct contact with insulation. basked by NSL 5 year limited warranty.

National Specialty Lighting’s LED Panel Lights are designed to replace traditional fluorescent troffers while providing superior light with virtually no maintenance. These state of the art, edge lit LED panels come in three sizes and are made with premium materials assuring you of optimum performance and the best lumen maintenance in the industry. LED Panel Lights are designed for residential and commercial suspended grid ceilings in 1’x4′, 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ sizes. LED Panel Lights are used for office lighting, basement lighting, light box and sign back-lighting, gym lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, and more!

T-LED Edge Light is an innovative solution for general and accent lighting in offices, hallways and commercial applications. Its perimeter illumination offers a unique edge lit look, replacing the traditional flat panels and troffers at a fraction of the cost. The  fixtures are an innovative solution for general lighting in commercial, retail and hospitality applications. Its perimeter illumination offers a unique edge lit look without sacrificing performance for aesthetics. Ideal as a replacement for traditional flat led panel lights. Backed by NSL 5 year warranty.

Designer NSL Downlights from Brand Lighting

National Specialty Lighting offers a large selection of commercial grade down lighting. Designed to meet the requirements of US building code and withstand the rigors of daily commercial use, NSL downlights are well suited for both commercial and residential applications. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, NSL downlights offer a wide range of options for your overhead illumination. If you need help with specification of NSL downlighting please contact our seasoned lighting professionals by phone, email or live chat and we will be happy to help you find the right light. From large condo complexes to small cottages, we have helped designers and homeowners find the perfect balance of style, affordability and reliability in your lighting plan.