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NSL Chip-On-Board LED Tape lighting offers both performance and superior even illumination suitable for commercial, retail and residential applications. The Chip-On-Board series of LED tape lights features a fully dimmable (sold seperately) and long life (50,000 hours) suitable for residential and commercial applications. Available in 20' spools with 6' pre-soldered power feeds and is field cuttable in 2" increments. The COB series is covered by a 5 year limited warranty from NSL. The Chip-On-Board Light strips are idea for use in asiles, stairways, under cabinets, back lighting, retail or showcase lighting as well as for many linear decorative effects. 

The NSL Gen II LED Hard Strip is a new and improved energy efficient linkable strip light, that provides a smooth, even lighting, eliminating any hot spots. Encased in an aluminum casing, the LED’s are cool to the touch and provide 120° beam spread. The hard strip led lights are available in 4 sizes. from 4W to 16W as well as in 2 color temperatures. Light output ranges from 400 to 1150 lumens depending on the size of the Hard Strip. The mounting options include directional positioning for lighting effects using the included surface mounting bracket.   The Gen II Hard Strip features a 50,000 hour rated lifetime and is covered by a NSL 3 year limited warranty. 

NSL High Efficacy LED tape lighting is a flexible indoor lighting solution that balances reliability with affordability. The tape light features 3 Step MacAdam Ellipse, a small 3oz PCB board, ultra tough 3M Adhesive, rated 50,000 hours, field cuttable every 1.3” Available in 16’ (5m) and 100’ (30.48m) spools (custom cuts available). Backed by NSL 5 year limited warranty.

Single color high density high output and low output tape lighting. The high density tape light series requires a 24V class 2 power supply sold separately. High density tape lighting includes 72 LEDs per foot providing an output of 450-514 depending on color temperature. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 6500K. Covered by a NSL 3 year limited warranty. Ideal for application including, stair lighting, aisle lighting, back lighting, showcase lighting or as a linear decorative effect.

NSL high output and low output tape lighting features high brightness 5060 SMD LEDs. This LTP tape light series is available in 20' and 100' spools with custom cuts available. The tape light is field cuttable and includes 3M adhesive for easy installation. Light output ranges from 280-325 Lumens per foot depending on the selection of color temperature. The high and low output tape lights are available in 4 color temperatures including 2700K, 3000K, 35000K, 4000K, and 6500K. Covered by NSL 3 year limited warranty.

LED Brite Strip is a flexible light strip featuring LED efficiency and field cutability. With a bend radius of 2 1/4″ / 5.75 cm (inside or outside), can evenly illuminate the tightest of curved surfaces. Even 90 degree corners are simple to do. LED Brite Strip mounts easily with 3M® double sided tape (pre-fixed to the back of each socket) or with simple to use nail clips for added security. Molded festoon bulb sockets located at two, three and four bulbs per foot on listed 12AWG wire. Each socket accepts a 0.5 watt LED festoon bulb. Bulbs are rated at 40,000 hour life. LED Bight Strip is dimmable when powered by appropriate LED driver and dimming device.

LED eSTRIP and new High Power eStrip with twice the lumen output of our regular eSTRIP is an indoor / outdoor flexible light strip that is an economical alternative to neon. Made with ultra bright 3014 type LEDs encased in a durable PVC flexible extrusion, eSTRIP provides clean neon look at a fraction of the price and 1/10th the energy consumption. eSTRIP is field cuttable making it very simple to install. A variety of mounting accessories and power supplies further enhance ease of installation. Safe 24V DC operation and low energy consumption make eSTRIP a very practical product. Now available: RGB eSTRIP utilizing RGB LEDs allowing you to produce dramatic color change effects for building outlines, architectural features or anywhere eye catching color change display lighting is needed.

NSL's line of indoor RGBW tape lighting is an excellent choice for dynamic environments such as cinemas, retail and hospitality needing higher illumination. The RGB color system can be controlled by the WiFi control unit or the 6 Key RGB Fob allowing you to easily create dynamic environments. Use the High power series of indoor RGB tape lighting for aisles, stairways, cinema seating, alcove highlights, entrances or any other area where the ability to change the lighting color would be desired. The LED RGB tape lights are available in 20', 100' and custom cuts. Contact our showroom for custom cut requests and pricing. Controllers and power supplies sold separately. Covered by NSL 3 year limited warranty.

The look of neon in a LED highly flexible version. This non pixelated exterior rated product is suitable for many architectural applications, such as building outlines, signage, any type of structure. Available in a variety of colors and also color changing in a RGB version. Field cuttable with clear fittings to allow for continuous glow of light. Suitable for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential use. LED Neon Flex is a functional, flexible option to highlight architectural and design elements while adding color and vibrancy to building exteriors.

NSL offers outdoor and indoor tape lighting in low and high power versions. High powered outdoor lighting is rated suitably for commercial, retail, and hospitality applications where high illumination is required. For more subtle illumination of outdoor areas NSL has a complimentary line of low power outdoor tape lighting. NSL low power tape lighting generates approximately half of the illumination as the high power making it ideal for outdoor accent areas along patios, restaurant dining areas, nightclubs, and any other area where subtle illumination can add to the ambiance. Both low and high power tape lighting requires a 24V Class 2 power supply (sold seperately) and an optional dimmer with power supply (sold seperately). Covered by NSL 3 year limited warranty.

NSL high output and low output outdoor tape lighting features high brightness 5060 SMD LEDs and low brightness LED versions. This tape light series is available in 20' and 100' spools with custom cuts available. The tape light is field cuttable and includes 3M adhesive for easy installation. Light output ranges from 280-325 Lumens per foot depending on the selection of color temperature. The high and low output RGB tape lights are controllable by remote or WiFi connected App sold separately. Covered by NSL 3 year limited warranty.

LED Tape Light Series combines high light output associated with standard fixtures with unique flexibility allowing it to be concealed in the tiniest of coves, under cabinets or showcases. It is also available in an outdoor version for patios, decks, back lighting and many more applications. It delivers remarkable light output at just 2.1–4.3 watts per foot depending upon model chosen. Our extrusions are ideal for recessed or in cabinet applications. LED Tape Light is also available in RGB color change for dramatic effects! Ask us about how to order custom led tape lights at (888) 991-3610 or chat with an expert below.

Designer NSL LED TAPE & ROPE from Brand Lighting

NSL offers commercial and residential customers a complete line of architectural tape lighting for indoors and outdoors. LED Tape lighting can be used throughout your home, landscape, office or retail location to accent to complement your feature lighting. Tape light offers a flexible way to illuminate asiles, hallways, ceiling features, stairways, cabinets, and anywhere that the light strips can be concealed. Most tape lighting from NSL is available with optional dimmer control for ambiance control. The RGB line of tape lights allows you to control a huge selection of colors and brightness for your space. With the optional WiFi control unit, select NSL tape lights can easily be controlled via the mobile app or key fob controller. Below you will find a large array of options for your tape lighting needs. If you need help finding the right tape light, ask the experts at Brand Lighting! Our seasoned lighting professionals are here to help you no matter the size of your lighting project via chat, phone or email.