NSL offers commercial and residential customers a complete line of architectural tape lighting for indoors and outdoors. LED Tape lighting can be used throughout your home, landscape, office or retail location to accent to complement your feature lighting. Tape light offers a flexible way to illuminate asiles, hallways, ceiling features, stairways, cabinets, and anywhere that the light strips can be concealed. Most tape lighting from NSL is available with optional dimmer control for ambiance control. The RGB line of tape lights allows you to control a huge selection of colors and brightness for your space. With the optional WiFi control unit, select NSL tape lights can easily be controlled via the mobile app or key fob controller. Below you will find a large array of options for your tape lighting needs. If you need help finding the right tape light, ask the experts at Brand Lighting! Our seasoned lighting professionals are here to help you no matter the size of your lighting project via chat, phone or email.

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