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NSL Xenon Task Light

NSL Xenon Task Light

 Plug-InHard Wire






*Price shown for white, 
slightly higher in other finishes.

Self-contained, complete Xenon surface mount 120VAC under-cabinet light uses 18 watt wedge base Xenon bulbs in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 light fixtures. Fixture with numerous knockouts and frosted glass lens with low-profile release hinged to aluminum frame; easy to install hardwire or with optional power cord.

12V transformer is built into each fixture. Hardwire can be parallel wired ("daisy chained") up to 1188 watts (66 bulbs).

Frosted glass lens
White, Bronze, Black or Aluminum finish

ETL Listed for damp locations. 
Hi/Lo switch, Dimmable!

Also available in LED . NSL LED Task Star Lighting >


NSL Xenon Task Light

Self-contained Task Light fixture, six great designer colors and five sizes. Completely self-contained under counter light fixture with 10,000 hour average bulb life Xenon bulbs included. 120VAC in and out up to 66 bulbs. Numerous contractor preferred 1/2" knockouts in each fixture. Offered in five sizes and six fixture finishes. UL Listed Damp Location.

Cooler than Halogen. Brighter than Fluorescent. 
Easier to install than a "puck." The perfect detail light fixture. 
"Captive Screw" mounting design for ease of installation.


  • Under-cabinet task light
  • Work stations
  • Over-cabinet accent light
  • Laboratories
  • Display cases and exhibits
  • Merchandising
  • Indirect accent light
  • Wall units and bars


  • Xenon bulbs give 10,000-hour bulb life
  • Four times the bulb life of Halogen
  • Burns significantly cooler than Halogen
  • No harmful UV rays
  • Safer, low pressure bulbs
  • Replacement lamps half the cost of 120V Halogen
  • Dimmable
  • Power Cord Option
  • White reflectors in all 6 color options
  • Captive mounting screws
  • Integral hi-lo dimmer switch
  • Integral 12V electronic transformer in each fisture
  • 120VAC input/output allows fixtures to be daisy chained up to 66 bulbs per 15A tap.
  • Push-in connectors included for ease of power input.
  • Lightweight extruded aluminum frame for consistent finish
  • Available in 6 colors and 5 fixture lengths.
  • Numerous 1/2" knockouts on sides and back make it easy to install 120V hard wire.
  • Power cord option.
  • Xenon Task Light with 5' power cord installed;
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5-bulb units.
  • Suitable for damp locations.


  • In kitchens, offices, laboratories, display cases and entertainment centers, Xenon Task Lights provide a bright task light source with a pleasing color temperature for detail work and vision needs.
  • Xenon technology allows the XTL to have half the heat output and four times the bulb life of similar Halogen fixtures.
  • UL listed for damp locations.
  • 110V input allows fixtures to be interconnected with standard Romex® wire up to 66 total bulbs per tap.

Xenon Advantages

  • Less relamping. Four times the bulb life of Halogen. 10, 000-hour average bulb life of Xenon vs. 2, 500-hour average bulb life for Halogen or Incandescent
  • Replacement lamps half the cost of 110V Halogen
  • Does not emit harmful UV rays
  • Produces less heat. Burns significantly cooler than Halogen
  • Considerably safer due to less pressure in bulb vessel
  • Dimmable
  • Handling or dimming bulb does not affect bulb life as in Halogen


Hard Wire Version

XTL-1-HW/WH           1-Light           White 1-Bulb Unit 9"

XTL-1-HW/(color)     1-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 1-Bulb Unit 9"

XTL-2-HW/WH           2-Light           White 2-Bulb Unit 17.5"

XTL-2-HW/(color)     2-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 2-Bulb Unit 17.5"

XTL-3-HW/WH           3-Light           White 3-Bulb Unit 26"

XTL-3-HW/(color)     3-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 3-Bulb Unit 26"

XTL-4-HW/WH           4-Light           White 4-Bulb Unit 34.5"

XTL-4-HW/(color)     4-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 4-Bulb Unit 34.5"

XTL-5-HW/WH           5-Light           White 5-Bulb Unit 38.5"

XTL-5-HW/(color)     5-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 5-Bulb Unit 38.5"

Power Cord Version

XTL-1-PC/WH           -Light           White 1-Bulb Unit 9"

XTL-1-PC/(color)     1-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 1-Bulb Unit 9"

XTL-2-PC/WH           2-Light           White 2-Bulb Unit 17.5"

XTL-2-PC/(color)     2-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 2-Bulb Unit 17.5"

XTL-3-PC/WH           3-Light           White 3-Bulb Unit 26"

XTL-3-PC/(color)     3-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 3-Bulb Unit 26"

XTL-4-PC/WH         4-Light           White 4-Bulb Unit 34.5"

XTL-4-PC/(color)     4-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 4-Bulb Unit 34.5"

XTL-5-PC/WH           5-Light           White 5-Bulb Unit 38.5"

XTL-5-PC/(color)     5-Light           White, Bronze, Black or                                                                                               Aluminum finish 5-Bulb Unit 38.5"

Replacement Bulb


 12 volt, 18 watt Clear Xenon Replacement Bulb

Replacement Lens

XTL-1-LENS      One-Bulb Frosted Replacement Lens      XTL-2-LENS     Two-Bulb Frosted Replacement Lens 

XTL-3-LENS Three-Bulb Frosted Replacement Lens

XTL-4-LENS Four-Bulb Frosted Replacement Lens

 XTL-5-LENS Four-Bulb Frosted Replacement Lens

Above: Bronze blends with all wood finishes.
Below: 4-bulb fixture, White powder coating finish.

Above: Xenon Task Light in a 5-bulb fixture
Below: Aluminum matches chrome and stainless steel fixtures and appliances.

Black disapears against black shelving and furniture.

Installation and Operational Features

Easy-to-use hinged lens design

Push-in connector

Push-in connector



Bulbs        L          W              D

1                 9"     4.625"     1.25"

2               17.5"   4.625"     1.25"

3               26"     4.625"     1.25"

4               34.5"   4.625"     1.25"

5               38.5"   4.625"   1.25"

Hardwire (HW)
110V Romex® wiring from wall direct to Xenon task light.
Romex® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.

Power Cord (PC)
Xenon task light has 60" of lamp cord. Plugs into a 110V receptacle.

Wiring Options for Xenon Task Light




Voltage120VAC input to fixture via hardwire or power cord. Integral 12V transformer per fixture

Bulb Specifications18W wedge base Xenon (1-,2-, 3-, 4- or 5-bulb fixtures)

Average Bulb Life10,000 hours

Color Temperature2800K +/-200K

Fixture FinishWhite or black powder coating; Bronze or natural aluminum

ConstructionAluminum extruded frame with injection molded sides for weight efficiency and consistency of finish

LensFrosted glass. Hinged to aluminum frame.

Wiring OptionsHardwire or power cord options. Hardwire option can be parallel wired ("daisy chained") up to 1188 watts (66 bulbs). One wire between each fixture completes chain. No custom cord required. Check local code and NEC.

DimmingHi/Lo switch per fixture, or dims with standard electronic low voltage dimmer on primary.

Agency ApprovalUL listed and labeled. Damp Location

WarrantyOne year. See warranty page for details.

Photometrics 3-bulb Xenon Task Light

Xenon Task Light (Model no. XTL-3-HW/WH)
Lumens = 308 | Watts = 54

Cabinet Photometrics           Height=18"

Grid Location:                           A     A1     B     B1     C     C1     D       D1

Illuminance in Footcandles:21.3 15.6 35.5 25.1 43.0 30.5 36.5 26.9