Outdoor accent lighting allows you to control the ambiance of your outdoor living area with directional landscape lighting. With landscape accent lights you can bring attention to your most prominent landscape features, allowing you to create a unique and beautiful night time scene. At Brand Lighting we are your outdoor accent lighting experts, ask us how we can help you find the right light from over a dozen of our landscape lighting brands. When illuminating your landscape you have tons of options for creating the ambiance you are after. One of the most popular types of landscape lighting is our outdoor accent lights. These small, all-weather resistant lamps are designed to create a variety of effects from solhouetting to shadowing.


LED 120V Flood Light - 5022
Wac Lighting

LED 120V Flood Light - 5022


Simplicity meets function and durability with this ground breaking patented WAC Landscape Lighting Flood Light, available in 12V LED or 120V LED and 2700K Warm White or 3000K Soft White color temperature options. This Flood Light features continuous...

MSRP: $410.85 - $458.85 $245.95 - $274.95
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Designer Outdoor Accent Lighting from Brand Lighting

Outdoor accent lights are available in numerous colors and light output levels allowing you to create with the effect you are looking for. Outdoor landscape lighting not only increases the curb appeal of your home but also adds an additional level of safety and security to your property.

Landscape Accent Lighting Features

All our outdoor accent lights are designed to be resistant to nearly any weather conditions but the exact type of weather proofing will depend on the vendor. Look for IP ratings to determine the type of enclosure to safely use on your property. In addition to being dirt and water resistant, outdoor accent lighting typically features a range of available color temperature, a narrow range of beam spreads, popular finish options, and a pivoting head to adjust the vertical direction of illumination. While many of our vendors offer a range of products with these options, there are also several fixtures that allow for the adjustment of beam spread, light output and color for the ultimate control and convenience over your outdoor landscape lighting.

Types of Effects you can Achieve with Outdoor Accent Lights

With accent lighting you can create drastic or subtle effects depending on the placement and specification of lamp being used. Some of the most popular uses include shadowing and silhouetting. To create a silhouette effect, simply add an accent light behind your landscape feature, be it a shrub, tree or an artform. The back lighting creates a dramatic effect that can highlight interesting features of your landscape. To create a shadowing effect, use the opposite from silhouetting by placing the accent light in front of the landscape feature and casting the light towards a wall. Many homeowners also use accent lighting to create a spot light effect for house numbers, mailboxes, garages and artistic features of the home itself.

Choosing a Color Temperature for Landscape Accent Lighting

Finding the right color temperature is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Our selection of outdoor accent lighting is available in popular color temperatures ranging from a warm 2500K to a cool 4000K. Some of our brands have adjustable color temperature accent lights for the most control over your outdoor lighting. With smart accent lighting you can create the mood you want by choosing a color range that compliments you outdoor decor or season. Ask us about smart accent lighting systems that can be controlled via app or web.

Brand Lighting Color Temperature Illustration

Low Voltage LED outdoor Accent Lights

LED outdoor accent lighting is powered by a low voltage power supply that typically converts your home’s standard 120V to a low 12V. Low voltage accent lights utilize the latest in energy saving LED technology that allows you to create large landscape lighting plans without worrying about excessive energy consumption. LED landscape accent lights also have a much longer rated lifespan meaning that you will significantly decrease the lifetime maintenance required and overall cost of ownership.

Line Voltage Landscape Accent Lighting

Line voltage landscape accent lighting typically includes a halogen or incandescent lamp and is powered through your homes standard 120V line. Although still a popular choice to replace and maintain current systems, the line voltage type of accent lighting is quickly being replaced by the low voltage LED series. If you are installing a new accent lighting system we strongly recommend you choose a low voltage option. If you have trouble deciding just ask our landscape lighting experts at Brand Lighting, we are here to help you find the right light!

Commercial Outdoor Accent Lighting

At Brand Lighting we are commercial landscape lighting experts. For decades we have helped designers, architects, builders and contractors find the best commercial outdoor accent lighting. We can help you from specification to delivery of your commercial landscape system. Call, email, chat or visit us to find the right light for your commercial landscape lighting project. Our Trade Partner program extends wholesale pricing to qualified trade professionals, apply online or in our South Florida showrooms.

Brand Lighting Recommended Outdoor Accent Lighting

Brand Lighting is south Florida’s premier source for designer landscape lighting from world renown brands such as Hadco, Eurofase, Hinkley, Wac, Tech Lighting and many more. After decades of successful landscape lighting installations we have several popular brands that we recommend including Hinkley, Wac and Hadco.

Hinkley LumaCore Landscape Lighting

The Hinkley LumaCore series of outdoor landscape lighting is engineered for thermal management. Its LED Core and metal-on-metal design out-perform LED bulbs, which produce heat and prematurely burn out in enclosed fixtures. LumaCore™ is the solution for expertly sealed fixtures that defy outside elements while maintaining a thermally stable internal Core.

Hinkley Hardy Island Accent Lights

A designer favorite for it’s rugged and classic design, the Hardy Island Collection, named for the ruggedly beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia, defies the harshest environments in style with landscape lighting that features fully enclosed lamps and a rich weathered brass finish that will mature naturally over time.

WAC Illumenight Landscape Lights

Smart lighting offers the maximum in outdoor lighting flexibility. WAC Landscape Lighting ilumenight Color Changing suite of Accent, Flood, and Well Lights. ilumenight™ Bluetooth enabled – Through the free IOS ilumenight app, you can control the color and brightness of your landscape all with the touch of a finger on your smartphone or tablet device. All ilumenight color changing products are factory sealed, water tight, and IP rated for protection against high-pressure water jets and outdoor elements.

Hadco Outdoor Accent Lights

The Hadco Lighting series of outdoor accent lights is popular among our largest designers and architects. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and patented technology, Hadco Lighting offers robust options of outdoor landscape lighting for commercial and residential lighting projects. We are you Hadco Lighting experts, ask us how we can help you find the right landscape light today.