Outdoor step lights allow you to place illumination along walkways, entrances, gardens, pools, decks and anywhere else you would like indicator lighting for safety or ambiance. Step and stair lights are typically found as either in ground recessed lights or recessed with a trim. Outdoor step lighting must be thoroughly sealed against the weather and elements. At Brand Lighting you will find a curated selection of landscape step lights for your home, commercial, retail locations. Ask our outdoor landscape lighting experts about all the options of step lighting that we offer by chat or phone.


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Designer Outdoor Step Lights from Brand Lighting

Outdoor step lights can help you craft the outdoor ambiance you desire. With a large range of shapes, sizes, and colors, finding the right landscape step lighting can be a challenge. In our online collections we have selected some of our most popular outdoor stair and step lighting. In our online catalog you will find designer favorites from name brands such as Wac, Kuzco, Eurofase and Hinkley. Browse our collections online or contact for assistance in finding the right light for your exterior.

Outdoor Stair Lighting

Like the look of your outdoor stair lighting? Continue with your outdoor decor inside and utilize the same step lights throughout your home for a continuous decor inside and out. Outdoor stair lights can be installed along walkways, hallways and staircases. LED stair lights will not only reduce the cost of ownership but also reduce the frequency at which replacement is required. Using outdoor stair lighting can be both a pretty and practical solution to your lighting plans.

Led Outdoor Step Lights

Low voltage step lighting has grown in popularity due to its reduced energy consumption and cost of ownership. With LED outdoor step lights you will need to wire in a step down power supply that will convert your home’s 120VAC line to a low 12V. LED outdoor step lighting requires less maintenance thanks to the extended life LED lighting modules that are typically rated to 70% life after 30-50k hours. When selecting outdoor stair lighting power supplies be sure to select compatible manufacturers, it is always a good idea to stay within the same brand!

Recessed Step Lighting

Landscape and patio recessed step lighting can refer to units inset such as well lights or those with trims which provide a means for directional illumination. Flush recessed step lighting is a great look for modern home decors and louvered is popular among traditional and cottage style homes. Learn more about recessed step lights and other applications for this type of all weather exterior lighting at https://brandlighting.com/outdoor_recessed/



Selecting a Color Temperature

Finding the right color temperature is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Our selection of outdoor step lights is available in popular color temperatures ranging from a warm 2500K to a cool 4000K. Some of our brands have adjustable color temperature step lights for the most control over your outdoor stair lighting. With smart step lighting you can create the mood you want by choosing a color range that compliments you outdoor decor or season. Ask us about smart accent lighting systems that can be controlled via app or web. Ask us about options for smart outdoor step lighting by chat, email or phone for the latest information.

Low Vs Line Voltage Step Lights

When selecting a new step lighting system you will have the option between line and low voltage systems. Traditional line voltage system will use your home’s 120V main electrical line while the modern low voltage systems will need a step down transformer to convert the line voltage into a low 12V. The advantages in low voltage systems are numerous and include a large reduction in operating and maintenance expenses. Low voltage systems will use modern LED technology to produce a vivid array of color temperatures. In addition to a wider color range, LED step lights offer a higher CRI for better color reproducibility vs their incandescent equivalents. Modern LED stair lighting systems dramatically reduce the interval at which replacement is necessary, often rated to 70% illumination after 50,000 hours or more.

Hadco Step Lights

For commercial and residential applications, Hadco Lighting offers a selection of deck and stair lighting built to their most demanding standards. Hadco Lighting is a favorite among our designers and architects for their durable construction and extensive warranty. If you are looking for commercial step lighting ask us how we can help from specification to delivery. At Brand Lighting we carry the complete line of standard and custom Philips Hadco Landscape Lighting. Ask us today about exclusive discounts and promotions for outdoor step lights from Philips Hadco.

Wac Lighting Step lights

Wac Lighting is renowned for their superior design and build quality. A favorite among designers and homeowners alike, Wac Landscape lighting includes an extensive selection of options for outdoor step lighting. Modern design inspiration is coupled with the latest in LED technology to create a series of attractive and efficient stair lights that can be used inside or outside your home or office. Wac Lighting is great for commercial applications such as retail stores, bar, restaurants, hotels and resorts. Ask us about pricing and specification assistance with Wac outdoor step lighting for your next commercial lighting project.