Pathway Lighting adds safety, security and ambiance to your outdoor areas. Whether you are lighting up your entrance way or garden, we have a large selection of designer path lights for residential and commercial landscapes. Pathway lights come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. Choosing the specifications you need such as line or low voltage, color temperature, luminosity, and weather rating are critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Path lighting is perfect for increasing exterior safety on your property while also enhancing curb appeal. Path lights can be used along the walkway to your front door, beside your driveway, or on paths throughout your garden. Used in conjunction with other landscape lighting systems, these elegant designs are an integral part of a lighting plan certain to make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood after darkness falls. Need help? The outdoor path lighting experts at Brand Lighting are here to help, call or chat with our outdoor path lighting professionals today or browse our curated selection online.

LED Landscape Mini Tiki Path Light 12V - 6042-30BK

LED Landscape Mini Tiki Path Light 12V - 6042-30BK

6042-30BK | Black on Aluminum

"The Mini Tiki Path Light provides a wide sweep of light in a minimalist design that will blend into any landscape. Both the dome-shaped shade and stem are made out of a durable die-cast aluminum. Integrated LED's provide a powerful long lasting energy...

MSRP: $250.50 $149.95
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Designer Pathway Lighting from Brand Lighting

When creating an outdoor path lighting plan you will want to consider three important aspects. First decide on your style, will the light be exposed or concealed? If it is visible, what style will you prefer, ie. modern vs traditional vs decorative. Next, decide on the color temperature and brightness of your path lighting. These specifications will decide the overall look and feel that your lights create from a distance as well as the effectiveness of safely illuminating your path. Finally, determine the height at which you want your outdoor path lighting. Typically a complete system will use the same height along a pathway however, in different areas you may want varying elevations to create the effect you are after in each environment. Some typical examples include a higher series for entrances and exits while garden areas can use low or high to accent floral features.

LED Path Lights

LED path lights are on their way to replacing halogen and incandescent pathway lighting. New LED outdoor lighting technology allows you to seriously reduce energy consumption and lifetime maintenance. LED lighting also creates crisper colors and enables smart devices to change the color temperature on demand in select fixtures. If you are shopping for a new outdoor path lighting system then we highly recommend you consider an LED path light for both their aesthetic and efficiency.

Low Voltage Pathway Lighting

Low voltage pathway lighting uses a small 12V power supply to run LED lamps with enough power to light up your landscape. The low voltage systems utilize modern LED lamps to save on power consumption reducing your required input voltage from a standard 120v to low 12v. Thanks to low voltage power supplies, LED path lights will cost less to run and last longer than previous types of residential or commercial outdoor lighting.

Landscape Path lighting

The experts at Brand Lighting have been helping designers, homeowners, landscape designers, architects and contractors find the right pathway light for nearly 40 years. Let us help you reinvent your landscape with personal assistance in the selection of your landscape path lighting. From choosing the best design, to the correct specifications, our family of lighting professionals is here to help you, call or chat with us today to learn about more path lighting options from Brand Lighting.

Modern Path Lights

Modern path lights are a popular choice for remodels as well as new construction among our busiest designers. These outdoor lighting fixtures have clean lines, premium finishes and unique materials that strike a balance between form and function. Modern path lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including unique curved and striking angled designs. These unique modern designs are a popular choice in metro and urban areas where design is prominent in the outdoor curb appeal. In addition to these shapes, you will find modern geometric shapes and sleek finishes that will complement a wide range of contemporary outdoor decor. Our selection of modern path lights from world renown brands such as Tech Lighting, Hadco, Kichler and Hinkley are popular choices for their durable construction, premium finishes and extensive warranties. We have a large selection of modern path lights for commercial and residential applications online and off.

Garden Pathway Lighting

We have a great selection of garden pathway lighting for modern and traditional exterior gardens. If you are looking for a traditional garden lighting decor we have floral themed decorative path lights as well as sucer topped versions that come in a variety of styles to complement traditional landscapes. Hammered copper pathway lighting is a popular choice for gardens. Hinkley and HADCO offer some beautiful decorative copper path lights that are popular along the coast and in our area in Miami. Pagoda inspired garden pathway lighting is a nice choice for asian inspired gardens and water features. If you are along the coast we have a selection of nautical path lights from Wave Lighting and Eurofase. While for modern gardens you can use curved or arching path lights to highlight your garden features.

Copper Path Lights

Traditional copper path lights are a nice addition to coastal gardens and water features. The natural copper gradually tarnishes to produce an antique patina to complement your landscape. Hadco copper path lights are popular for both residential and commercial landscape lighting for their notable durability, superior finish and universal design. If you are looking for a copper path light, ask us by chat or email for the most popular models from Hinkley, HADCO, and Wac Lighting.

120v Pathway Lights

120V pathway lights are gradually being replaced by the energy efficient low voltage systems. However there are still applications where line voltage pathway lights are still required. In systems that use 120v pathway lights, the line voltage from the residence can be used without stepping down the voltage allowing larger systems and non-led lamps to be used. In line voltage systems you will mainly find halogen and incandescent lamps. Many commercial lighting projects utilize 120v line voltage systems when complementing existing path lighting systems. If you need help finding the parts, accessories or the right fixture, just ask us by chat or phone and we will be happy to help!

Hinkley Pathway Lighting

Hinkley pathway lighting is popular among homeowners for their affordable price point and manufacturer warranty. Hinkley Lighting produces a large selection of outdoor lighting including led pathway lighting for low voltage path lighting systems. They offer a diverse selection of styles including hammered copper and modern titanium. The Hardy Island and Pineapple Plantation series from Hinkley are some of the most popular residential path lighting options.

Commercial Path Lighting

At Brand Lighting we are commercial path lighting experts. For decades we have helped designers, architects, builders and contractors find the best commercial path lighting. We can help you from specification to delivery of your commercial path lighting plan. Call, email, chat or visit us to find the right light for your commercial landscape lighting project today. Our Trade Partner program extends wholesale on our commercial path lighting fixtures to qualified trade professionals, apply online or in our South Florida showrooms.