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Another popular led recessed light from Lotus is the 6 inch recessed regressed light for residential and commercial applications. The 6 inch regressed lighting trims are available in round or square in either black or white finishes. The large led module outputs up to 1500 lumens, making it great for larger dining rooms, living rooms, and rec rooms. The powerful led module is energy efficient and durable. The 6 inch regressed lighting module are also available as gimbal and deep regressed versions. These special regressed lights are great for an accent  or to highlight interesting architectural elements. Designers and architects love Lotus Lighting's led regressed lighting for its ease of installation, affordable price point, and consistent quality. Ask the Lotus Lights pros at Brand Lighting about finding the best regressed lighting for your next residential or commercial lighting project.

Designer Regressed Lighting from Brand Lighting

Regressed lighting trims allow you to in-set your recessed lighting helping to reduce glare and provide attractive downlighting. Lotus lighting offers several sizes of trims including the popular 4", 6" and 8" inch options which are available as a regular and deep regressed. Deep regressed lighting offers even smaller cone angle creating a more dramatic light source great for accents or over large areas to reduce overhead glare. They are available in stylish black trims, in both round and square versions. These IC rated, air tight regressed lighting modules come in warm to cool color temperature and up to 1300 lumens making them a great choice for retail locations, restaurants and building foyers. Lotus regressed lighting is an excellent choice for budget conscious designers that require top level performance. Call or chat today to see how we can help you find the right light!