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Light breathes life into a space, and Schonbek Crystal Lighting is all about living. When families assemble for holidays, new friendships are formed, lovers are introduced, and memories are forged; Schonbek is present in every moment that enriches life. Schonbek crystal lighting designs have provoked debate and brought people together for over a century and continue to set the standard for exquisite designer crystal chandeliers, pendants and sconces.

Schonbek Iconic Collection

The Iconics Collection focuses on the essence of Schonbek's unique approach to lighting art and craft. They find designs that reference traditional ideas and themes while also pushing the bounds of innovation throughout this collection.

Designs that make a powerful statement while remaining elegant and timeless. The romantic silhouette of baroque chandeliers, the striking lines of modern pendants, and the bright brilliance of superbly made crystals combine to create a timeless sophistication.

The Iconics Collection brings together existing product lines, with each fixture showcasing Schonbek's signature workmanship and attention to detail. New product variations are integrated into the product lines throughout this collection, creating fresh viewpoints and bringing a modern twist to traditional designs. This is a collection for those looking for a home that precisely expresses their personality and way of life. It is illumination that turns the areas in which we live into places where we create lifelong memories.