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Cable lighting is a system of lighting that allows homeowners the ability to illuminate areas which otherwise may be difficult to reach with traditional lighting systems. Cable lighting is also a popular choice amongst those who do not enjoy the appearance of wire track lighting.

Benefits of Cable Lighting

Cable lighting is an easy and affordable way to create a warm ambiance in any room, without the permanence and unsightliness of track lighting or more traditional inset ceiling lighting systems. Not only that, but cable lighting offers several other benefits:

  • Ease of Installation – Installing lights in a ceiling can be a complicated process. For example, it may be difficult – or impossible – to create holes for lighting in certain ceilings. Perhaps it is an antique, or ornate ceiling wish you don’t want to destroy. Cable lighting allows for lighting to be installed on any ceiling.
  • Versatile – Cable lighting can reach places that track lighting – or other lighting systems – cannot. Cable lighting is an excellent idea for cathedral ceilings, allowing for hanging in any location, not just the apex of the beams.
  • Adaptable to Suit Your Needs - Cable lighting can be either wall to wall mount, ceiling to wall mount, or ceiling to ceiling - cable lighting is designed to work according to your needs.

While cable lighting offers an impressive list of benefits to owners, they require occasional maintenance to ensure that they don’t begin to sag over time. Their amazing practicality, flexibility, and ease of installation, however, make cable lighting a no-brainer for any room in the house!

Create Ambiance With Cable Lighting

Getting the right ambiance using the lighting in your home can be difficult. This is especially true with traditional lighting systems, which are often inset into the ceiling, limiting their customizability. Cable lighting is an easy and affordable way to create a warm ambiance in any room, without the permanence and unsightliness of track lighting or more traditional inset ceiling lighting systems.

Cable lighting enables you to draw light to virtually any area of the room -meaning you can provide light in much more distinctive ways than ever before. Cable lighting is especially great for accent lighting and offers the option of reflector bulbs which can be adjusted to provide beautiful spotlights on features in your home, such as artwork.

While cable lighting offers excellent accent lighting, however, this doesn’t necessarily need to be its main purpose. Cable lighting is also excellent as a utilitarian source of lighting, meaning it is ideal for lighting a dining room, providing illumination is a stylish, modern kitchen, or as a light source in a living room or bedroom. In fact, the unique sense of levitation which cable lighting provides gives it an air which is equal parts utilitarian and mystical!

Popular Cable Lighting Brands and Products

At Brand Lighting. we have a wide array of the finest cable lighting fixtures and lighting kits to choose from - from the biggest brands in the industry.
Take, for example, the highly adaptable Tech Lighting Kable Lite system, featuring five highly adjustable accent heads - providing 120-degrees of tilt to ensure you get the perfect ambiance in any room! Tech Lighting has been the industry of low-voltage lighting solutions for over 23 years. Their beautifully aesthetic designs and uncompromising quality mean they have the ideal lighting system for any room in your home!

If you’re looking for something to provide a bolder statement, consider the Bruck High-Line Cable system with Marco Spot features - adding fully customizable lighting with a touch of modern elegance! With cable lighting, the only thing you need to worry about is your imagination! Bruck Lighting is at the forefront of LED-technology, with elegantly designed products to perfectly accent any space.

Stone Lighting is the only cable lighting company to offer cable simplicity, lighting pendants with a bronze finish - giving you any antique, coastal look, with all the practicality and minimalist beauty of a cable lighting system.

At Brand Lighting, we also have a huge selection of track (or monorail) systems to choose from. The sleek, low profile of track lighting systems benefit greatly by their decorative finish options, which give track lighting much more of an architectural feel than the bulkier lighting systems, which generally come in solid colors, such as black, white, or off-white. Take, for example, Wac Lighting’s Mint Solorail Quick Connect fixture. The beautiful dark bronze finish exudes the essence of industrial chic and is the ideal choice for any modern kitchen or showroom. Or perhaps consider Wac’s Wales Solorail Quick Connect fixture, whose brushed nickel finish is the perfect choice for any room in the house.

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By now we’re sure that you are head over heels in love with the versatility and beauty of cable lighting. Fortunately, Brand Lighting offers hundreds of cable light fixtures and lighting kits, as well as an unbeatable selection of styles, including cable light pendants. So, come visit the South Florida lighting experts to find the perfect cable lighting for you.

Our family-owned company has been helping Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach residents find their ideal lighting for over 35 years. We’ve grown from one store in 1983 to service retail and trade consumers around the world. With projects ranging from Miami to Dubai, our seasoned team of industry professionals can help you find the right lighting fixture for your project.

At Brand Lighting, our family has a passion for light, and it shines through! We continually scour the globe for high-quality designs and materials to bring you a unique collection of premium lighting products. We offer the highest quality light fixtures and lighting systems at competitive prices (as well as an exclusive trade-professional discount). We have lighting from some of the biggest names in the industry: Bruck Lighting, Tech Lighting, and WAC - just to name a few. Call our lighting experts today at 888-991-3610.

Checkout Some Our Favorite Cable Lights

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Accent Cable Kit 5 Head kit includes a 100 Watt surface transformer mounts to a standard 4" square junction box with round plaster ring (provided by electrician).

Turnbuckles and anchors can be mounted to the walls or ceiling. When ceiling mounting kit, cables will drop 2" below ceiling. Includes five highly Adjustable Accent heads (20 Watts max each) that tilt between the cables and rotate 120° within their rings. The kit may be dimmed with a standard Incandescent dimmer.

Use of a maximum of 12 volts, 20 watts, and MR16 halogen bulbs are required with this kit. A sleek matte nickel finish provides a lasting contemporary appearance.

Installation Options

What's in the box?

(1) 100 Watt surface transformer
(2) turnbuckles (can be mounted to the walls or ceiling)
(2) pieces of cable
(2) mounting posts
(5) Accent Head fixtures
(5) 20 watt MR16 bulbs
(5) snap rings
mounting hardware

High-line with Macros Spot fixtures Uni-plug design allows fixture to be mounted on any lighting system or ceiling canopy through the use of an appropriate adapter, not included.

High-line with Butterfly Down fixtures

Bruck High-Line Cable System

For more Bruck Lighting options visit our Bruck Lighting homepage or call our experts at (888) 991-3610 today.

Select your Fixtures by selecting the appropriate:

  • Cable Length: Multiply the length of the run by two and add an extra foot. Runs longer than 15ft require the use of kevlar core cable for added strength.
  • Re-Routers: Angles and redirection of the cable run requires a re-router.
  • Supports: For ceiling mounted runs determine number of ceiling supports. You should allow one intermediate (150516) support for runs over 30' on straight track runs to prevent sag.
    Does the run have to overcome major differences in height? If so please specify cable suspensions.
  • Connectors: High-Line is a 300W single circuit system; an isolating connector is required
    to electrically isolate your cable run into multiple 300W sections.
  • Power Supply: Determine the drop from the ceiling to the system. And whether you will be using a Power feed or Canopy feed.
  • Power Feed: Supplies the system from an external transformer used in conjunction with feeder cable.
  • Canopy Feed: Supply the system from an external transformer in the suspended ceiling. Determine the number of canopy feeds needed by total wattage.
  • Power Supply Cable: For every Power Feed add 15 ft. of cable.

Have questions about putting together a Bruck High-Line Cable System for your home or office? Contact the experts at Brand Lighting who can help you specify the right light for your next project. Call (888) 991-3610 to speak with one of our seasoned professionals.

Start with a Simple Kable Kit
Then add any lights or pendants (not included)

Further customize your design with additional cable, Standoffs and Supports from walls or ceiling to create longer runs or change directions.

Tech Lighting Kable Kits

For more Tech Lighting options visit our Tech Lighting homepage or call our experts at (888) 991-3610 today.

Simplify your design by starting with a Tech Lighting Kable Kit. Cables can be separated from 2" to 36". Choose any lights or pendants (sold separately) to complete you custom Kable Lite.

You can further customize your design with additional cable, Standoffs and Supports from walls or ceiling to create longer runs or change directions.

All Kable Kits include:

45' of Bare Cable
Enough for a twenty foot wall-to-wall run.
#10 gauge, tinplated copper cable with a kevlar core. Rated for 300 watts at 12 volts, 600 watts at 24 volts. Load: 300 watt maximum at 12 volts to 30' before voltage drop occurs; 600 watt maximum at 24 volts to 60' before voltage drop occurs.

Two Pairs of Slimline Turnbuckles
Turnbuckles tighten and secure the cables and provide the necessary tension for a clean look. For short, straight runs (runs under 20'). Mount to wall or ceiling. When ceiling mounted, cables drop 1" from ceiling.