Tech lighting modern designer indoor and outdoor lighting

Tech Lighting has a light for every room in your entire home, inside and out! You will find Tech Lighting in homes with the most beautiful and innovative kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, dining rooms, family rooms and bedrooms, as well as in well-appointed restaurants, hotels, boutiques, offices and retail stores in the USA and around the world.

Tech Lighting delivers iconic and timeless indoor and outdoor luminaires. By collaborating closely with lighting and designers to understand their needs and to solve their toughest challenges, the company has developed a reputation for excellence in contemporary functional lighting designs and low voltage lighting systems.

Professional designers choose Tech Lighting, a Visual Comfort brand, for their meticuous attention to design, their industry leading craftmanship as well and their commitment to their Chicago USA based operations. Nearly every fixture is designed and assembled in their flagship facility outside Chicago allowing the company to maintain rigorous quality control over their large range of indoor and outdoor functional lighting fixtures. Rooted in innovative, original design and uncompromising quality across a myriad of lighting solutions, Tech Lighting is an excellent choice for those looking for high end modern lighting for your home, office, retail or hospitality applications.

Trade professionals can ask our Tech Lighting experts about the options available for custom fixture specifications and contract solutions from Tech Lighting. We offer flexible custom design options to trade professionals for commercial, hospitality and retail applications. Our lighting professionals can help you find the specifications that your project requires or allow us to help you design just the right lighting system.



Take a tour of the Tech lighting Virtual Showroom with their interactive floorplan. Explore new products, visualize a selection in 3D and take in all that Tech Lighting has to offer the residential and commercial design communities. See something you like? Ask our experts for pricing and specs online!


At Brand Lighting we can help you put together the best Tech Lighting Monorail System for your application but first you need to see if monorail lighting will work in your space. When deciding if monorail lighting is a good fit for your space consider the installation location and the desired lighting effect you are after. Monorail lighting works well as ambient lighting in dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. While in kitchens and work areas, such as the home office, monorail lighting can provide functional task illumination as well as a decorative accent.

Tech Lighting specializes in creating low voltage lighting systems such as their popular MonoRail pendant lights & heads for their MonoRail and Kable Lite systems. These systems are some of the most popular product lines from Tech Lighting due to their ability to illuminate a large variety of spaces. The flexibility of the track combined with an enormous selection of pendants and track heads makes the monorail system a go to for residential and commercial interior designers.

Monorail Lighting Mounting

Tech Lighting monorail systems are similar to traditional track lighting from other vendors and offer functional lighting for the whole home. The monorail systems are comprised of bendable rails that are easily manipulated to architectural features like decorative or functional beams. The availability of pre-bent components and connectors allows for easier installation than many of its competitors.

Monorail systems are also available to mount on the wall as standalone decorative lighting or it can be used to highlight wall art or pictures. Additionally, the track lights can be used to create a wall wash effect to highlight architectural elements or artwork. Take advantage of dimmer controls (sold separately) to modulate the light intensity and get the most out of your monorail lighting system.

The type of lighting effect and aesthetic achieved will depend on the type of pendant or track head you select. Pivoting track heads are a great way to cast warm light across the room in different directions in order to highlight room accents or sitting areas. Pendant track lights are also an excellent way to provide beautiful task lighting in rooms such as the kitchen or home office. Tech Lighting offers thousands of choices in track heads and pendants for their monorail lighting systems to create a unique look for any space. If you need help finding the right light, ask our Tech Lighting experts by chat, email, form or phone today!


Tech Lighting has become leading brand for producing superior cable lighting systems that work well in various residential and commercial spaces. Their Kable Lite (cable lighting) systems are designed to complement the Tech Lighting fixtures including Element and Entra recessed lights, decorative led ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, and semi-flush mounts.

The Kable Lite collection is made specifically for today’s modern interiors. Featuring an impressive selection of fixtures ranging from halogen and LED pendant lights to small, medium or large adjustable track heads that pivot, Tech Lighting cable-compatible options are available to complement your space. For added versatility, Kable Lite Heads come in 5-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch sizes, ensuring they work well in spaces of any square footage.

TECH Cable Lighting SystemS

The cable system compatible pendant lights add a sophisticated modern look to your décor. The cuttable suspension cable allows for additional customization. To choose the right fixtures and accessories first select the cable type. For the heavier Kable Lite Pendants and track heads, Kable Lite insulated cable is suggested. The tin-plated/copper cable is with a Kevlar core and is suitable for use in spaces with an increased risk of exposure to corrosive airborne particles.

Other optional Kable Lite hardware options include turnbuckles in chrome or satin nickel finishes, which are used to secure cables and provide adequate tension for a flawless installation, FreeJack connectors used to adapt FreeJack systems to Kable Lite systems, as well as single-feed power feeds designed to be used at any point along the installation run.

Available in halogen or LED, the Kable Lite pendant lights are ETL listed and suitable for a variety of track lighting installations in residential, retail and office locations making them one of Tech's most functional lighting options.

Architectural Lighting

Tech Lighting is the leading brand for modern decorative and specification grade architectural lighting. High performance specification grade architectural lighting from Tech Lighting is the light that surrounds you. From high precision Essence lighting to the Merge linear lighting system, you can create sophisticated high performance lighting for your next commercial design project or high end residential spaces. Featuring unmatched color quality and consistency, Tech architectural lighting can be used in the most demanding retail and hospitality environments.


Tech Lighting produces several complete lighting solutions for the ultimate in design flexibility. The Brox system is a modular linear lighting system composed of light bars, blanks and connectors that can be snapped together for unique personalized designs that enhance the architecture of your space with contemporary linear lighting. With Brox there is an endless combination of shapes and sizes you can achieve. The system allows multi-dimensionality for suspending unique geometric shapes in ways previously difficult or impossible to achieve. It is the ultimate in modern functional lighting systems for high end residential and hospitality/retail. Read the brochure for more about the Brox lighting system.

Consult the Brox Brochure PDF for complete system specifications and ordering instructions. When you are ready to place your order or if you need ordering assistance, contact our sales representatives by phone.


In the pendant collection you will find a carefully designed selection of timeless indoor finishes and materials that bring to life the organic and geometric shapes that define today’s modern decor. Incorporating the latest in energy efficient LED technology allows you to adapt not only the latest in contemporary decor but in modern functionality as well.

Tech Lighting continues to create timeless modern designs that will resonate with your visitors for years to come through a combination of premium materials including artisan glass, stainless steel, chrome, brass, wood, and acrylic along with a carefully designed selection of custom created finishes . The sleek contemporary form factors are highlighted by the unique use of finishes and materials throughout the Tech Lighting family of products.

Low Voltage Pendants

Tech Lighting offers an industry leading selection of low voltage modern LED pendant lights. Modern pendant lights can be mounted along track and monorail track systems available from Tech Lighting in a large combination of shapes and sizes. The availability of Monopoint and Freejack configurations means that many of the pendant lights in this series can be used as independent accent or as task lighting.

Tech’s series of track and rail pendant lights are industry leading collections perfect for the most demanding residential and commercial projects. Each Tech pendant light undergoes a rigorous quality control process prior to arriving at your home or office, helping to ensure years of optimal performance. Ask our experts about all the LED pendant options available from Tech Lighting.


Exquisite modern chandeliers require a keen attention to detail in both their design and fabrication. Designers at Tech Lighting spare no expense when they focus their attention on the smallest details of each fixture in their curated selection of decorative modern LED ceiling lights. Each chandelier is carefully crafted to leverage best in modern technology and materials in order to create a stark yet timeless series of contemporary LED chandeliers.

Modern LED technology allows more design flexibility while taking advantages of the latest in energy efficient LED illumination. Many Tech Lighting LED fixtures are compatible with ELV dimmers, ask our showroom representatives about compatible dimmers. Tech Lighting's patented LED technology is supported by their industry leading 5 year limited lifetime warranty on most fixtures. Individual warranty details may vary so please consult our showroom for assistance. Our Tech Lighting experts can help you find the right dimming and color control compatible units for your fixture as well as provide detailed specifications for your residential or commercial design project.

Modern Chandeliers & Finishes

Tech Lighting chandeliers incorporate carefully designed finishes such as aged brass and stark nightshade black to create the unique signature that defines Tech’s modern design interpretation. To complement their custom designed finishes, Tech designers look to innovative uses of materials to guide light. Such as in their series of light panel chandeliers that utilize LED Light Guide technology to provide ample illumination from beautiful thin panels of clear or opaque acrylic. By focusing an enormous effort on design, materials, finishes and fabrication, Tech Lighting produces modern chandeliers that can be enjoyed for years to come in residential and commercial applications.

The curated collection of modern chandeliers from Tech Lighting is designed to complement their large selection of modern wall sconces, recessed, track as well as floor and table lamps. From foyer to fine dining, the collection of modern chandeliers delivers a unique balance of contemporary aesthetic and cutting edge technology to create an element larger than light for the focal point of your space. The larger family of products can be used to quickly create a striking lighting plan for your entire home or office. Ask our Tech experts about discounts on modern chandelier options for your project through our designer trade program.


LED Landscape Lighting

In addition to a wide selection of modern indoor lighting, they also offers an exceptional selection of outdoor light fixtures for residential and commercial projects. Tech Lighting’s ultra-modern outdoor lighting collections are perfect for designers looking for unique, contemporary fixtures that are engineered to withstand the elements.

Tech Lighting offers a modern collection of landscape lighting including accents lights, pathway lights, ceiling lights, and wall sconces. The landscape lighting collection features a marine-grade powder coat finish and UV stabilized lenses that ensure continued operation even under harsh weather conditions. A standard 5 year warranty covers most products (see product for showroom for warranty details) in the outdoor lighting collection illustrating the faith that Tech Lighting has in the quality of its outdoor fixtures.

LED Path Lights

Distinctively modern, Tech Lighting’s selection of LED path lights are an excellent choice for safely illuminating walkways and entrances. The modern geometric designs are complemented by a selection of all weather finishes designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Tech Lighting pathway lights are available in several different heights allowing you to complement your landscape lighting or focus light to safely illuminate exits and entrances. Bollards can be used as pathway lighting or to illuminate entrances and exits. The Turbo series includes a wide range of heights including the 12 foot LED commercial bollard that is great along campus walkways and areas that require additional aesthetic and safety illumination.

Tech landscape and outdoor lighting is used around hotels, resorts, urban condominiums, restaurants, shopping malls as well as around many community and city centers. Their functional and attractive designs along with superb quality ensure continuous hassle free operation for years to come. Ask our experts about commercial outdoor landscape lighting options from Tech Lighting to find out more.