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Flexible Monorail 2-Circuit Lighting Systems from Tech Lighting allow twice as many lighting fixtures to be used on the same track, with the capability of each circuit being controlled by individual switch/dimmer. Monorail Lighting 2 Circuit Systems are ideal for multitasking or layers of light that require independent control, for example pendants on one circuit and heads on the other. The number of lighting pendants and heads that can be placed on a Monorail 2-Circuit System will depend on the lighting fixtures wattage and the total watts the transformer is capable of. If you need to pack in a lot of light consider LED track heads which consume less power and allow for even greater flexibility in lighting difficult areas.

The ability to utilize different types of track lighting heads makes 2-Circuit Monorail Systems a simple and effective lighting solution for dining and living rooms as well as commercial spaces. Tech Lighting Monorail Systems can be designed to fit your residential or commercial space, ask our lighting experts how we can help you find the right Tech Lighting Monorail 2-Circuit System for your home or office today!

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