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Lotus Lighting's popular 4 inch LED recessed light is a super thin, high quality, energy efficient LED recessed lighting unit. The 4" diameter LED trim is coupled with Lotus lighting's patent pending LED driver for a small but powerful lighting unit. 4 inch recessed lighting is a popular size for many interior residential applications. From cupboards to kitchens, 4 inch LED recessed lights are a great size for many areas of the home. Small enough to blend into the ceiling but powerful enough to light up your entire space, the 4 inch recessed lights from Lotus Lighting offer you a high quality, affordable, overhead lighting solution. The 4 inch LED recessed lights are available in round and square trims. The self locking led module allows for quick and easy installation in new and existing homes. And of course, all Lotus 4 inch recessed lights are covered by their industry leading 5 year 50,000 hour warranty.  

If you need a little more light than the 6 inch recessed light from Lotus is an excellent choice. These LED 6" recessed lights come in square or round trims. The 6 inch recessed lighting collection features air-tight enclosures, IC rated housings, wet rated and up to 1100 lumen output making them a great choice for general use around residential properties. Lotus 6 inch LED recessed lights are available in white, black, brushed nickel and brushed copper finishes. It does not matter if you are installing Lotus Lights in a new home or an old one, Lotus recessed lighting is quick and easy to install. The patent pending led modules are low profile and do not require an extra housing. 6 inch recessed lights are a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms and rec rooms where extra light is important. 

Lotus Light's 8 inch LED recessed lights are high output commercial grade lighting units featuring the industry's lowest profile led module. These super thin recessed lights output up to 4500 lumens and are wet rated for use in nearly any indoor environment. The air-tight IP rated led module is built to last and are suitable for residential and commercial applications. The 8 inch recessed lights are an effective way to add a large amount of overhead lighting. While the low profile design allows these large led lights to be placed in areas that traditional recessed lighting could never fit. The super thin design also allows you to place them in walls as accent lights or stair lighting. All Lotus LED Lights are low voltage and require minimal energy to operate. The super bright 8 inch recessed lights provide a effective illumination in large areas such as warehouses and retail stores while maintaining mich high efficiency than traditional overhead lighting.

Designer Thin Recessed from Brand Lighting

Lotus Lights ultra thin recessed led lights are an energy efficient and convenient recessed light for residential and commercial design projects. The patent pending thin recessed led lights are available in several sizes and with square and round trims. The rigorously tested led lighting unit provides industry leading performance at a fraction of the price of competitors. Lotus lights super thin recessed lights allow you to place downlighting in areas normal recessed lighting could never fit. Lotus super thin lights do not require a bulky housing and are less than 2" high, allowing you to place them along ceilings and walls with little working height. The led light module features a convenient snap for locking the unit against drywall or sheetrock nd is available for new or existing construction. Super thin recessed lighting is available 4", 6" and 8" square and round models and in black or white trims.