Wave Lighting

One of the industry leaders in both residential and commercial lighting and posts Brand Lighting has produced the highest-quality in wave lighting for the better part of seven decades.

The origins of Wave Lighting trace back to the 1950s and a small company, Adjusta-Post, who specialized in manufacturing and supplying posts to the growing residential lighting market. The company soon expanded its product line to include residential lighting fixtures, and within years became a national favorite for domestically produced lighting fixtures and posts. As continuous innovators, Adjusta-Post continued to broaden its US-based manufacturing capabilities and widen its product offerings, becoming the go-to company for the finest non-corrosive outdoor lighting.

In 2009, Adjusta-Post became Wave Lighting and further increased its offerings to include both commercial posts and fixtures with an emphasis on devising long-lasting, sustainable lighting solutions. Today, Wave Lighting’s commitment to innovation, quality, and service upholds the brand's lofty traditions that began nearly 70 years ago.



Wave Lighting offers an impressive selection of residential and commercial-grade outdoor lighting fixtures. These fixtures provide beauty and elegance in a long-lasting, sustainable, and non-corrosive casing. Committed to providing affordable-yet-technologically-advanced pier and post lighting, Wave Lighting and Brand Lighting are your perfect sources for the finest outdoor residential lighting.


Wave Lighting’s excellent selection of industrial and commercial-grade outdoor lighting offers energy-efficiency, high-performance, and reliability in a strong, non-corrosive and long-lasting package. Brand Lighting is your source for the best industrial and commercial-grade Wave Lighting fixtures.


Wave Lighting continually strives to exceed customer expectations as the lowest-cost provider of residential and commercial lamp posts and outdoor lighting products. With a particular emphasis on offering cutting-edge technologies in non-corrosive, energy efficient outdoor lighting, Wave is renowned for its quality craftsmanship in outdoor lighting fixtures. Perhaps that's why it's the go-to lighting choice for designers across the country.

Wave Lighting's commitment to quality and sustainability drives them to develop new, exciting products designed not only to last but also to meet the energy consumption needs of today. Brand Lighting is your source for the best Wave Lighting fixtures for your pool, landscape, path and more. We’ve been helping everyone from designers and contractors to regular homeowners find their perfect lighting for four decades. Call our experts today at 954-456-1006 and choose your ideal Wave Lighting fixtures.


Wave Lighting proudly introduces a new line of Energy Star® Certified LED indoor fixtures. Indoor lighting adds a contemporary look to any indoor space without breaking the bank. Wave Lighting’s goal is to create a variety of indoor fixtures that reduce your carbon footprint, save you money, and increase the comfort of your home.


Wave Lighting constructs its Enduracast fixtures using only sturdy, high-quality die-cast aluminum. The Enduracast collection features powder coating for maximized protection, making it perfect for withstanding years of condensation and pollution caused by chemicals, moisture, ultraviolet light, and harsh weather conditions.


EverStone™ is a proprietary compression molded, non-metallic composite material that, when formed into Wave's stylish designs, provides a level of beauty and non-corrosive durability that is unavailable in other traditional metallic lighting fixtures. Wave Lighting's Everstone collection offers "non-corrosive lights that last."


Wave Lighting's Marlex® is a non-metallic, injection-molded polymer that offers corrosion-resistant, long-term service at a price which is affordable for every budget. Marlex is a material which is extremely UV stable and provides an outstanding alternative to all types of metallic fixtures.


Acrylic - an extremely UV resistant material - offers clarity and performance at an affordable price. Polycarbonate delivers both beauty and durability, with the ability to accommodate higher temperatures and wattages. Even better, polycarbonates are incredibly durable, providing improved impact resistant capabilities over other materials.


Wave Lighting offers a wide variety of commercial HID lighting fixtures designed to meet the exacting needs of your business. All of Wave's fixtures are constructed with only the finest metal halide or high-pressure sodium ballasts in the industry, and fully-customizable with a vast array of options from their Dark Sky reflectors, glass refactors, or decorative finials. Wave Lighting’s commercial lighting product range provides safety and security for all industrial applications including parks, pedestrian walkways, and parking areas.