Adorne Switches

Modernize your space with advanced lighting control. Do more than adjust the lights with dimmer switches that come in innovative Touch, sofTap and Wi-Fi-ready options. Find yours, and then complete the look with a wall plate that matches your style.

How To Buy Adorne Switches & Dimmers

Legrand switches and dimmers are the cornerstone of the Adorne collection. Combine different sizes and colors to create the utility and style you need for your home. The PDF catalog offers a intuitive layout and ordering instructions. You can search our catalog by sku to find the items you need or contact our lighting experts to specify the parts for you. The standard Adorne wall unit consists of two parts: 1. The switch or dimmer and 2. The wall plate, simply combine the right switch with your favorite wall plate design and you have a modern lighting control system for your home. Some switches and dimmers work in conjunction with other products such as Wi-Fi control. Find more information below or by calling us at (888) 991-3610

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Adorne Standard Switches

A classic switch featuring a simple up-and-down motion.

An innovative cross between a traditional toggle and a paddle switch.

A switch that responds to the lightest tap of your finger.

A stylish switch that turns on and off like a touchscreen device.

A timeless switch that responds to push-button motion.

A classic switch featuring a simple up-and-down motion.

Adorne Motion Sensor & Timer Technology Switches

Adorne Half Size Switches

Pair the half-size switch or blank with other half-size devices, like the adorne USB Outlet, in a 1-gang wall plate.

Adorne Wi Fi Ready Switches

Discover just how smart your lights can be with three distinct switch styles that can be adjusted with your smartphone device and paired with additional remote switches for even more control.

Switch Accessories

Subtle light to help locate your switch in the dark or illuminate your space.

Adorne Switch & Dimmer Gallery

Legrand adorne entry foyer example of switches and dimmers
Legrand adorne master switch example gallery
Legrand adorne bedroom lighting control system
Legrand adorne foyer lighting control system dimmers and switches
Legrand adorne dimmers and switchs at brand lighting
Legrand adorne commercial power outlets and lighting control system