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NSL offers commercial and residential customers a complete line of architectural tape lighting for indoors and outdoors. LED Tape lighting can be used throughout your home, landscape, office or retail location to accent to complement your feature lighting. Tape light offers a flexible way to illuminate asiles, hallways, ceiling features, stairways, cabinets, and anywhere that the light strips can be concealed. Most tape lighting from NSL is available with optional dimmer control for ambiance control. The RGB line of tape lights allows you to control a huge selection of colors and brightness for your space. With the optional WiFi control unit, select NSL tape lights can easily be controlled via the mobile app or key fob controller. Below you will find a large array of options for your tape lighting needs. If you need help finding the right tape light, ask the experts at Brand Lighting! Our seasoned lighting professionals are here to help you no matter the size of your lighting project via chat, phone or email.


WAC pixels LED light sheets are ultra thin high efficiency led sheets that can be used to create creative illumination in commercial and residential spaces. This flexible professional light sheet creates a uniform and linear illumination. The LED sheets can be cut vertically or horizontally and in unique shapes. They can easily be powered in succession by daisy chaining with integral push in connectors or use the included soldering points. The sheets are backed with 3M industrial adhesive for an easy, permanent and flexible installation. Suitable for a wide range of conditions with an operating temperature of -4F to 104F. power supply, dimmer and remote sold separately.



Commercial and residential WAC LED Tape Lighting integrates efficient and state-of-the-art technology in a professional grade low profile lighting solution that illuminates fine wood cabinets, granite countertops, and crown moldings in luxury residential and commercial spaces. Wac tape lights offer dimmable, energy efficient LED tape lighting solutions for design professionals and consumers. The diodes along this light strip are uniformly spaced in the middle to maintain a full-bodied glow that's perfect for filling storage spaces, closets, under cabinet lighting and much more.

WAC Lighting creates lighting solutions for the most difficult lighting problems, using innovative materials, manufacturing techniques, and LED technology. From contemporary pendants to LED undercabinet lighting to outdoor landscape systems, their lighting catalog covers a broad variety of decorative and functional fixtures. WAC Lighting, a family-owned American enterprise for over 30 years, is also committed to sustainability, opting for zero-waste manufacturing methods to help improve our future. 

In modern kitchens and workshops, WAC LED tape lighting is the epitome of mission oriented lighting. Lighting produced under the cabinets provides direct illumination for the job at hand, whether you're in your workshop putting together a project or in the kitchen chopping vegetables. 

WAC Lighting recognizes the importance of proper lighting, especially for precision work and food preparation. Light bars and tape lighting from WAC are built to fit perfectly underneath your cabinets and also use energy-efficient LEDs to create a beautiful glow. With generous light falling upon your counters or work area, WAC LED tape lighting makes it easy to increase your efficiency while also elevating your mood. 

With generous light falling upon your counters or workbench, WAC LED tape lighting makes it simple to improve your efficiency while also elevating your mood. With WAC tape lighting you can provide lighting that is both functional and beautiful. For example, light bars from WAC provide just the right amount of light for your tasks while being discreetly tucked under and out of the way. If you find you need to generate more light or fill a large space with light, you can install multiple fixtures together to create the perfect glow in your kitchen. 

WAC's LED tape lighting not only saves the atmosphere but also saves you money on your energy bill. Energy efficient LED technology along with proprietary apps and power technology means that your new fixtures will function efficiently for years to come. 

WAC LED tape lighting's convenient and flexible functions make it easy to fall in love with this brand and all of its possibilities. Consider using WAC's other lighting styles to brighten up other areas of your home while highlighting or complementing your decor. WAC recessed lighting is versatile enough to be used in a variety of rooms in your house, including kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. The array of indoor and outdoor wall lights and sconces can also appeal to you. WAC's track lighting, monorail lighting, and other ceiling lights all allow you to highlight your home's assets with modern and practical light fixtures. 

At Brand Lighting we carry the entire WAC Lighting catalog. We can help you find the right WAC light for your project no matter the size or complexity. Our family of lighting professionals has been helping design professionals specify and deliver exceptional lighting solutions. Call, chat, email, Zoom with visit our South Florida Lighting Showrooms for more options and information on Wac LED Tape Lighting.

Designer LED Tape Light & Rope Light from Brand Lighting

From accent and task lighting to party and event lighting, tape & rope lights are an easy and cost-effective solution to create a beautiful atmosphere. Incandescent or LED, line voltage or low voltage, clear or colored, 100's of variations in style and color, we have just the rope light you need. Reel kits and retail packs come with useful accessories such as end caps, power cords, and clips to help you complete your lighting project. Questions about your lighting project? Call the pros! (888) 991-3610

Commercial rope lighting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Commercial rope lighting is a simple and cost-effective solution for accent and safety lighting, as well as group and event lighting. We have the rope light you need, whether it's incandescent or LED, line voltage or low voltage, transparent or illuminated, in over 100 different styles and colors. 

Many of our commercial rope lighting is UL classified for use in wet and damp environments. Rope lights are often used outdoors as part of Christmas light shows, and they can be left in bushes without fear of snow, rain, or sprinklers. Use a shrink wrap water-proof connector and shield the power source from direct contact with moisture if splicing the spool to change colors. 

Residential & Commercial Rope Tape Lighting

Commercial rope light kits are available in a variety of lengths and include waterproof connectors and end caps, allowing you to quickly customize a length of rope light without cutting or splicing. Despite the fact that LED rope lights are UL listed for wet areas, LED rope lights are NOT submersible and should not be used in environments such as fish tanks and ponds.

In terms of color, input voltage, and type of rope light, you have several choices in commercial rope lighting. This short guide will show you how to distinguish between the various shades of white rope light.

Warm white bulbs have a color that is close to that of regular incandescent bulbs. For cove and accent lighting, this is usually a reasonable color temperature.

The color pearl white is a light white. This rope light emits a light that is warm white and yellow in color.

Cool white is a bright white (almost blue). The light is around 4000 Kelvin and recommended for under cabinet lighting and other task-oriented installations.

Chasing rope light is paired with a chasing controller (sold separately) to make the lights flash or chase. Standard rope light is constant-on and does not blink or chase.

Rope Light Kits are all-in-one kits designed for easy installation by including installation hardware and a molded power cord. These kits are extendable when interconnected together up to a maximum run. No splicing or extra tools required. 

Need help finding the right commercial rope lighting for your project? Ask the experts at Brand Lighting! For over 4 decades we have been helping design professionals specify and install the highest quality commercial rope lighting. Whether you are designing the newest hot restaurant or condo complex, our lighting experts have you covered with a wide range of commercial tape lighting. Call, email, chat, zoom or visit us in person in our South Florida Showrooms to learn more about our commercial lighting options.