A floor lamp is a lighting fixture in its most basic and applicable form. Floor lamps are comprised of a base, a column, light fixture, and occasionally a lampshade.

Cursive  Floor Lamps Black - FL95360-BK

Cursive Floor Lamps Black - FL95360-BK


"The Cursive fixture features an elegant acrylic form dancing around a center rod supported by a minimal base Available in a black metal finish this dimensional floorpiecefloor piece offers soft ambient light diffused by a frosted lens "

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The base is commonly circular is the heaviest component of the lamp to provide stability. However, such as in the case of tripod lamps, some floor lamps will have several legs to keep it balanced. Columns connect the base or legs to the light fixture and come in several main forms: either vertical, set at a slight angle, in the form of an arc categorized as arc floor lamps, or are equipped with adjustable options so that you can set the height or angle of the fixture yourself.