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Pathway Lighting adds safety, security and ambiance to your outdoor areas. Whether you are lighting up your entrance way or garden, we have a large selection of designer path lights for residential and commercial landscapes. Pathway lights come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and configurations.

Choosing the specifications you need such as line or low voltage, color temperature, luminosity, and weather rating are critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Path lighting is perfect for increasing exterior safety on your property while also enhancing curb appeal. Path lights can be used along the walkway to your front door, beside your driveway, or on paths throughout your garden.

Used in conjunction with other landscape lighting systems, these elegant designs are an integral part of a lighting plan certain to make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood after darkness falls. Need help? The outdoor path lighting experts at Brand Lighting are here to help, call or chat with our outdoor path lighting professionals today or browse our curated selection online.

When creating an outdoor path lighting plan you will want to consider three important aspects. First decide on your style, will the light be exposed or concealed? If it is visible, what style will you prefer, ie. modern vs traditional vs decorative. Next, decide on the color temperature and brightness of your path lighting. These specifications will decide the overall look and feel that your lights create from a distance as well as the effectiveness of safely illuminating your path. Finally, determine the height at which you want your outdoor path lighting. Typically a complete system will use the same height along a pathway however, in different areas you may want varying elevations to create the effect you are after in each environment. Some typical examples include a higher series for entrances and exits while garden areas can use low or high to accent floral features.

LED Path Lights

LED path lights are on their way to replacing halogen and incandescent pathway lighting. New LED outdoor lighting technology allows you to seriously reduce energy consumption and lifetime maintenance. LED lighting also creates crisper colors and enables smart devices to change the color temperature on demand in select fixtures. If you are shopping for a new outdoor path lighting system then we highly recommend you consider an LED path light for both their aesthetic and efficiency.

Low Voltage Pathway Lighting

Low voltage pathway lighting uses a small 12V power supply to run LED lamps with enough power to light up your landscape. The low voltage systems utilize modern LED lamps to save on power consumption reducing your required input voltage from a standard 120v to low 12v. Thanks to low voltage power supplies, LED path lights will cost less to run and last longer than previous types of residential or commercial outdoor lighting.

Landscape Path lighting

The experts at Brand Lighting have been helping designers, homeowners, landscape designers, architects and contractors find the right pathway light for nearly 40 years. Let us help you reinvent your landscape with personal assistance in the selection of your landscape path lighting. From choosing the best design, to the correct specifications, our family of lighting professionals is here to help you, call or chat with us today to learn about more path lighting options from Brand Lighting.

Modern Path Lights

Modern path lights are a popular choice for remodels as well as new construction among our busiest designers. These outdoor lighting fixtures have clean lines, premium finishes and unique materials that strike a balance between form and function. Modern path lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including unique curved and striking angled designs. These unique modern designs are a popular choice in metro and urban areas where design is prominent in the outdoor curb appeal. In addition to these shapes, you will find modern geometric shapes and sleek finishes that will complement a wide range of contemporary outdoor decor. Our selection of modern path lights from world renown brands such as Tech Lighting, Hadco, Kichler and Hinkley are popular choices for their durable construction, premium finishes and extensive warranties. We have a large selection of modern path lights for commercial and residential applications online and off.

Garden Pathway Lighting

We have a great selection of garden pathway lighting for modern and traditional exterior gardens. If you are looking for a traditional garden lighting decor we have floral themed decorative path lights as well as sucer topped versions that come in a variety of styles to complement traditional landscapes. Hammered copper pathway lighting is a popular choice for gardens. Hinkley and HADCO offer some beautiful decorative copper path lights that are popular along the coast and in our area in Miami. Pagoda inspired garden pathway lighting is a nice choice for asian inspired gardens and water features. If you are along the coast we have a selection of nautical path lights from Wave Lighting and Eurofase. While for modern gardens you can use curved or arching path lights to highlight your garden features.

Copper Path Lights

Traditional copper path lights are a nice addition to coastal gardens and water features. The natural copper gradually tarnishes to produce an antique patina to complement your landscape. Hadco copper path lights are popular for both residential and commercial landscape lighting for their notable durability, superior finish and universal design. If you are looking for a copper path light, ask us by chat or email for the most popular models from Hinkley, HADCO, and Wac Lighting.

120v Pathway Lights

120V pathway lights are gradually being replaced by the energy efficient low voltage systems. However there are still applications where line voltage pathway lights are still required. In systems that use 120v pathway lights, the line voltage from the residence can be used without stepping down the voltage allowing larger systems and non-led lamps to be used. In line voltage systems you will mainly find halogen and incandescent lamps. Many commercial lighting projects utilize 120v line voltage systems when complementing existing path lighting systems. If you need help finding the parts, accessories or the right fixture, just ask us by chat or phone and we will be happy to help!

Hinkley Pathway Lighting

Hinkley pathway lighting is popular among homeowners for their affordable price point and manufacturer warranty. Hinkley Lighting produces a large selection of outdoor lighting including led pathway lighting for low voltage path lighting systems. They offer a diverse selection of styles including hammered copper and modern titanium. The Hardy Island and Pineapple Plantation series from Hinkley are some of the most popular residential path lighting options.

Commercial Path Lighting

At Brand Lighting we are commercial path lighting experts. For decades we have helped designers, architects, builders and contractors find the best commercial path lighting. We can help you from specification to delivery of your commercial path lighting plan. Call, email, chat or visit us to find the right light for your commercial landscape lighting project today. Our Trade Partner program extends wholesale on our commercial path lighting fixtures to qualified trade professionals, apply online or in our South Florida showrooms.

Deck lighting provides you with functional illumination for your outdoor living area. Complement your outdoor aesthetic with deck lights that safely light the way for you and your guests. At Brand Lighting we carry a large assortment of modern and traditional all weather deck lighting.

Browse our curated collection of deck and patio lighting online or contact us for even more options. Modern deck lights integrate the latest in LED technology for superior energy efficiency, light output and longevity. With contemporary deck lighting designs you can incorporate seamless illumination into your favorite outdoor areas while reducing energy consumption and light fixture maintenance.

Deck lighting color is pivotal in selecting a complementary lighting scheme with your outdoor decor. Our selection of outdoor deck lighting includes popular color temperatures ranging from a warm 2700K to a cooler 3500K however, many more colors are available upon request, including controllable smart lighting that allows you the most flexibility in outdoor ambiance control by being able to produce a wide range colors in the RGB spectrum.

Deck lighting designs come in a wide range, from contemporary louvered to traditional colonial. Our selection of deck lighting is able to complement a large range of outdoor lighting styles, if you don’t see a fixture that suits you just ask our deck lighting experts how we can help you find the right light for your outdoor living area!

All Weather Deck & Patio Lighting

Wet rated and all weather resistant, deck lights are sealed from the elements to ensure uninterrupted illumination. You will find the IP rating indicating the type of weather the enclosure is sealed against. IP66 “dust tight” fixtures are protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water while IP67 enclosures are “dust tight” and protected against continuous immersion. If you need help determining the right rating for your application ask our family of outdoor lighting experts, we have been helping light up the exteriors of fine homes and retail locations for over 40 years.

Deck Step Lights

If your deck or patio has a stairway then step lights are a great addition to your deck lighting plan. Deck step lights come in a large assortment of colors, shapes and sizes and are primarily used as indicator lights that are typically installed on stair risers or at the edge of your deck. They provide functional illumination for walkways and can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement to tape and rope lights.

Hinkley, Wave, Wac and Tech Lighting offer a large selection of modern led deck step lights. At Brand Lighting we carry thousands of name brand step lighting options, if you don’t see what you need simply chat, call or email and we will be happy to locate some additional step lighting options for your project.

Tape Lighting for your Deck Rails

Tape and rope lights are a popular choice for lighting deck and patio rails as well as stairs. Tape lighting can provide you with crisp illumination for downlighting alongs stairs and deck rails. Typically tape lights are available in up to 10 foot lengths but they can be coupled together to create up to 40 foot lengths.

Tape lighting comes from many suppliers and has different specifications with each. With some tape lights you will have to choose a color temperature while with others you can pair it with your app to dynamically set the scene for your outdoor landscape. Wac Lighting has some of the highest quality tape lights and are available in 2700K and 3000K color temperatures and in 1,5 and 10 foot segments. They are backed by the Wac limited lifetime warranty and can be safely used in all weather conditions. If you need help selecting the right tape light for your application, give our landscape lighting experts a call or chat today. We are here to help you on any size commercial or residential outdoor lighting project.

Ambient Wall Lighting for your Deck or Patio

Ambient lighting effects are often achieved with outdoor wall lighting in or around your deck or patio. Outdoor wall sconces can add a decorative accent to your outdoor living area. For large areas, wall lighting can complement your step and deck lights to provide a cohesive outdoor decor.

As is with all accent lighting, you will find a huge selection of styles and specifications for wall lights. Choose a style that works with your decor then find the specifications you need, if you can find it give us a call! From modern wall lights to traditional outdoor sconces, use outdoor wall lighting to complete your patio or deck decor. With some lighting brands you have additional options for custom finishes and even custom designs. If you are interested in custom outdoor wall lighting, Fine Art Lamps offers a gorgeous selection of handmade lighting that can be customized per request. Contact us to learn more about our custom outdoor lighting capabilities.

Our Favorite Brands

WAC LED deck and patio lighting offers the integration of the latest in LED technology in a modern form factor. With WAC Lighting you will find sleek aluminium enclosures that easily wire into 12V landscaping systems.

The Hinkley deck lighting collection features a mixture of traditional and transitional lighting fixtures. The louvered deck lights are a popular choice among our clients. Simple yet utilitarian, the louvered front panel provides ambient downward illumination perfect for accenting outdoor patio entrances, exits and sitting areas. Use louvered wall lighting in place of or in complement to in ground recessed lighting for a more dramatic effect.

Hadco deck lighting offers options for residential and commercial projects. The Philips Hadco patio lighting line is a popular choice for commercial builders requiring a product backed by an industry leading warranty and superior craftsmanship. The Hadco exterior lights are well known for their durable construction, making them an ideal choice for high traffic locations that require little maintenance.

From Maxim we have a curated selection of their popular traditional deck post top lights, perfect for complementing downward step and rail lighting. The VX versions are made from Vivex, a superior weather resistance material with twice the strength of resin. The Vivex finish is for the harshest of outdoor lighting locations as it is non-corrosive, UV resistant and backed by a 5 year limited warranty. This makes maxim Vivex deck lighting particularly attractive in seaside residences.

Eurofase lighting offers a selection of recessed deck lights to complement their outdoor lighting collections. These recessed lights are perfect as an accent illumination or for patios, pathways and entrances.

Commercial Deck Lighting Discounts

At Brand Lighting we specialize in commercial exterior lighting. Whether you need to light up a restaurant patio or deck our knowledgeable family of lighting experts is here to help. Commercial deck lighting is suitable for many applications including bar & restaurant patios, hotel decks, nightclub patios, and much more. Through our Trade Program we extend industry members wholesale pricing for commercial lighting projects. Ask us how we can help you specify the right light for your next commercial lighting project by chat, email or phone.

Bollard lights are a form of path lighting typically used for walkway lighting, sidewalk lighting, parking lots, and boardwalks around locations such as residences, universities, medical campuses, communities, and other places where path lighting needs to be attractive, durable and consistent.

Bollards are a great way for homeowners to add clear property markers along driveways and guest areas. In commercial applications, you can use commercial grade bollard lights from Bega Lighting, Tech Lighting, Wac Lighting, Philips Hadco, and Access that are designed to handle the weather the additional requirements. For decades the experts at Brand Lighting have been helping clients find the right bollard path lighting for their projects. Call or chat to learn more about how we can help you find the best bollard lights.

Bollards come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your installation location. Finding the right combination of size, shape, and specifications is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Bollards are available in modern and traditional styles as well as in a limited selection of outdoor all weather finishes and materials.

Line vs Low Voltage Bollard Lights

When selecting bollard lights you will find line voltage bollard lights as well as modern low voltage bollards available. For new bollard lighting installations we strongly recommend selecting a fixture that uses integrated LED technology which reduces energy consumption as well as provides more precise color and a much longer lifetime. Many LED bollard lights are rated to 70% intensity after 50,000+ hours making them ideal for commercial as well as residential applications.

Line voltage systems, which can be installed directly to a 120VAC line, are typically found for halogen and incandescent bollard lights. Line voltage bollard light fixtures must have a ballast or driver that works with the line voltage at the point of installation. If you require assistance locating lamps or parts for low voltage systems be sure to ask us by chat or phone, we can help you find many bollard path lighting parts and accessories.

Selecting Color Temperature for Bollards

The color of light that the bollard outputs falls within a range of approximately 2500K (warm color) to 4500K (Cool blue color) where K is Kelvin and is a measurement of the warmth of a light source. Lower color temperatures (lower Kelvins) create a warm, comfortable atmosphere, while higher color temperatures (higher Kelvins) are traditionally associated with corporate and industrial settings.

Depending on your application you may need to consult your local code for guidance on color, brightness and spacing for bollard lights. The aesthetic and certainly the curb appeal of your lighting will greatly depend on your selection of color temperature. Find a color temperature that will complement your landscape while providing sufficient illumination to safely navigate your pathways. The most popular color temperatures include 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. If you need help finding the right specifications for your project simply call or chat with our bollard experts.

Selecting Finish & Material for Bollard Lights

Bollards come in materials and finishes strong enough to endure consistent exposure to the weather. Within our bollard lighting selection you will find marine grade materials including stainless, composite, concrete, and aluminium. If you are lighting pathways for a commercial property refer to your city ordinance for compliance requirements. If you are choosing bollard lights for your home, first determine the type of weather conditions your property is exposed to. If you are located by the sea you should consider marine grade rated bollards. If you are along a city path, you can choose from a larger range of materials and aesthetics such as aluminium and concrete. The selection of standard colors and finishes can be customized by many manufacturers upon request. If you are looking for a colored bollard light or colored finish ask our showroom representatives about color and finish options.

Selecting Light Output and CRI for Bollard Lights

Another important specification to consider for your path lighting is the luminosity (the light output) and the CRI (color refractive index). The luminosity of your lighting will be described in lumens with the higher the rating the greater the light output. Delivered lumens and measured lumens may differ so be sure to pay attention to the correct specification.

The CRI or color refractive index is essentially a measure of color reproducibility versus that of natural sunlight. The higher the CRI the more accurate colors in that light will be represented to the human eye. Bollards will typically have an 85 or greater CRI rating which can affect the look and feel of your property. For a more natural color in your landscape lighting a higher CRI is recommended.

Bega Bollards

Bega bollards represent the top tier in commercial bollard lights. The extensive line of configurable bollards is installed in well known public locations around the globe. Simple modern designs are complemented by cutting edge technology to create one of the industry’s most respected outdoor bollard lighting fixtures.

Bega bollards collection includes pathway lighting for commercial and high end residential landscapes. With products such as the System bollard tube, you can install stylish drive through protection while providing path illumination in your restaurant, hotel, or condominium.

All BEGA standard finishes are matte, textured powder coat with minimum 3 mil thickness. BEGA Unidure® finish, a fluoropolymer technology, provides superior fade protection in Black, Bronze, and Silver. BEGA standard White, as well as optionally available RAL and custom colors, are a polyester powder. Complement your outdoor decor with custom finishes, ask our lighting experts about the options available for your selection.

LED Bollard Lights

Modern LED bollard lights are energy efficient and significantly reduce the lifetime operating costs of your path lighting system compared to conventional halogen or incandescent lighting. The advantages of led bollard lights include reduced cost of operation, more consistent color and brightness output and less required maintenance. When selecting a new bollard lighting system we highly recommended you consider low voltage led bollard lights. Most major brands have replaced many of their traditional lamps with LED and you should too!

Commercial Lighting Bollards

The most common application of bollard lights is along pathways and entrances to commercial properties. Bollards are used extensively along walkways in commercial properties such as schools and universities, medical campuses, retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping plazas. At Brand Lighting we have been working with industry professionals to find the right commercial bollard lighting for over 40 years. Whether you are just beginning your search or looking for product options to meet your specifications, our team of lighting professionals is here to help you from specification to delivery. Call, chat or email us today.

Outdoor accent lighting allows you to control the ambiance of your outdoor living area with directional landscape lighting. With landscape accent lights you can bring attention to your most prominent landscape features, allowing you to create a unique and beautiful night time scene.

At Brand Lighting we are your outdoor accent lighting experts, ask us how we can help you find the right light from over a dozen of our landscape lighting brands. When illuminating your landscape you have tons of options for creating the ambiance you are after. One of the most popular types of landscape lighting is our outdoor accent lights. These small, all-weather resistant lamps are designed to create a variety of effects from solhouetting to shadowing.

Outdoor accent lights are available in numerous colors and light output levels allowing you to create with the effect you are looking for. Outdoor landscape lighting not only increases the curb appeal of your home but also adds an additional level of safety and security to your property.

Landscape Accent Lighting Features

All our outdoor accent lights are designed to be resistant to nearly any weather conditions but the exact type of weather proofing will depend on the vendor. Look for IP ratings to determine the type of enclosure to safely use on your property. In addition to being dirt and water resistant, outdoor accent lighting typically features a range of available color temperature, a narrow range of beam spreads, popular finish options, and a pivoting head to adjust the vertical direction of illumination. While many of our vendors offer a range of products with these options, there are also several fixtures that allow for the adjustment of beam spread, light output and color for the ultimate control and convenience over your outdoor landscape lighting.

Types of Effects you can Achieve with Outdoor Accent Lights

With accent lighting you can create drastic or subtle effects depending on the placement and specification of lamp being used. Some of the most popular uses include shadowing and silhouetting. To create a silhouette effect, simply add an accent light behind your landscape feature, be it a shrub, tree or an artform. The back lighting creates a dramatic effect that can highlight interesting features of your landscape. To create a shadowing effect, use the opposite from silhouetting by placing the accent light in front of the landscape feature and casting the light towards a wall. Many homeowners also use accent lighting to create a spot light effect for house numbers, mailboxes, garages and artistic features of the home itself.

Choosing a Color Temperature for Landscape Accent Lighting

Finding the right color temperature is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Our selection of outdoor accent lighting is available in popular color temperatures ranging from a warm 2500K to a cool 4000K. Some of our brands have adjustable color temperature accent lights for the most control over your outdoor lighting. With smart accent lighting you can create the mood you want by choosing a color range that compliments you outdoor decor or season. Ask us about smart accent lighting systems that can be controlled via app or web.

Brand Lighting Color Temperature Illustration

Low Voltage LED outdoor Accent Lights

LED outdoor accent lighting is powered by a low voltage power supply that typically converts your home’s standard 120V to a low 12V. Low voltage accent lights utilize the latest in energy saving LED technology that allows you to create large landscape lighting plans without worrying about excessive energy consumption. LED landscape accent lights also have a much longer rated lifespan meaning that you will significantly decrease the lifetime maintenance required and overall cost of ownership.

Line Voltage Landscape Accent Lighting

Line voltage landscape accent lighting typically includes a halogen or incandescent lamp and is powered through your homes standard 120V line. Although still a popular choice to replace and maintain current systems, the line voltage type of accent lighting is quickly being replaced by the low voltage LED series. If you are installing a new accent lighting system we strongly recommend you choose a low voltage option. If you have trouble deciding just ask our landscape lighting experts at Brand Lighting, we are here to help you find the right light!

Commercial Outdoor Accent Lighting

At Brand Lighting we are commercial landscape lighting experts. For decades we have helped designers, architects, builders and contractors find the best commercial outdoor accent lighting. We can help you from specification to delivery of your commercial landscape system. Call, email, chat or visit us to find the right light for your commercial landscape lighting project. Our Trade Partner program extends wholesale pricing to qualified trade professionals, apply online or in our South Florida showrooms.

Brand Lighting Recommended Outdoor Accent Lighting

Brand Lighting is south Florida’s premier source for designer landscape lighting from world renown brands such as Hadco, Eurofase, Hinkley, Wac, Tech Lighting and many more. After decades of successful landscape lighting installations we have several popular brands that we recommend including Hinkley, Wac and Hadco.

Hinkley LumaCore Landscape Lighting

The Hinkley LumaCore series of outdoor landscape lighting is engineered for thermal management. Its LED Core and metal-on-metal design out-perform LED bulbs, which produce heat and prematurely burn out in enclosed fixtures. LumaCore™ is the solution for expertly sealed fixtures that defy outside elements while maintaining a thermally stable internal Core.

Hinkley Hardy Island Accent Lights

A designer favorite for it’s rugged and classic design, the Hardy Island Collection, named for the ruggedly beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia, defies the harshest environments in style with landscape lighting that features fully enclosed lamps and a rich weathered brass finish that will mature naturally over time.

WAC Illumenight Landscape Lights

Smart lighting offers the maximum in outdoor lighting flexibility. WAC Landscape Lighting ilumenight Color Changing suite of Accent, Flood, and Well Lights. ilumenight™ Bluetooth enabled – Through the free IOS ilumenight app, you can control the color and brightness of your landscape all with the touch of a finger on your smartphone or tablet device. All ilumenight color changing products are factory sealed, water tight, and IP rated for protection against high-pressure water jets and outdoor elements.

Hadco Outdoor Accent Lights

The Hadco Lighting series of outdoor accent lights is popular among our largest designers and architects. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and patented technology, Hadco Lighting offers robust options of outdoor landscape lighting for commercial and residential lighting projects. We are you Hadco Lighting experts, ask us how we can help you find the right landscape light today.

Outdoor step lights allow you to place illumination along walkways, entrances, gardens, pools, decks and anywhere else you would like indicator lighting for safety or ambiance. Step and stair lights are typically found as either in ground recessed lights or recessed with a trim.

Outdoor step lighting must be thoroughly sealed against the weather and elements. At Brand Lighting you will find a curated selection of landscape step lights for your home, commercial, retail locations. Ask our outdoor landscape lighting experts about all the options of step lighting that we offer by chat or phone.

Outdoor step lights can help you craft the outdoor ambiance you desire. With a large range of shapes, sizes, and colors, finding the right landscape step lighting can be a challenge. In our online collections we have selected some of our most popular outdoor stair and step lighting. In our online catalog you will find designer favorites from name brands such as Wac, Kuzco, Eurofase and Hinkley. Browse our collections online or contact for assistance in finding the right light for your exterior.

Outdoor Stair Lighting

Like the look of your outdoor stair lighting? Continue with your outdoor decor inside and utilize the same step lights throughout your home for a continuous decor inside and out. Outdoor stair lights can be installed along walkways, hallways and staircases. LED stair lights will not only reduce the cost of ownership but also reduce the frequency at which replacement is required. Using outdoor stair lighting can be both a pretty and practical solution to your lighting plans.

Led Outdoor Step Lights

Low voltage step lighting has grown in popularity due to its reduced energy consumption and cost of ownership. With LED outdoor step lights you will need to wire in a step down power supply that will convert your home’s 120VAC line to a low 12V. LED outdoor step lighting requires less maintenance thanks to the extended life LED lighting modules that are typically rated to 70% life after 30-50k hours. When selecting outdoor stair lighting power supplies be sure to select compatible manufacturers, it is always a good idea to stay within the same brand!

Recessed Step Lighting

Landscape and patio recessed step lighting can refer to units inset such as well lights or those with trims which provide a means for directional illumination. Flush recessed step lighting is a great look for modern home decors and louvered is popular among traditional and cottage style homes. Learn more about recessed step lights and other applications for this type of all weather exterior lighting at



Selecting a Color Temperature

Finding the right color temperature is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Our selection of outdoor step lights is available in popular color temperatures ranging from a warm 2500K to a cool 4000K. Some of our brands have adjustable color temperature step lights for the most control over your outdoor stair lighting. With smart step lighting you can create the mood you want by choosing a color range that compliments you outdoor decor or season. Ask us about smart accent lighting systems that can be controlled via app or web. Ask us about options for smart outdoor step lighting by chat, email or phone for the latest information.

Low Vs Line Voltage Step Lights

When selecting a new step lighting system you will have the option between line and low voltage systems. Traditional line voltage system will use your home’s 120V main electrical line while the modern low voltage systems will need a step down transformer to convert the line voltage into a low 12V. The advantages in low voltage systems are numerous and include a large reduction in operating and maintenance expenses. Low voltage systems will use modern LED technology to produce a vivid array of color temperatures. In addition to a wider color range, LED step lights offer a higher CRI for better color reproducibility vs their incandescent equivalents. Modern LED stair lighting systems dramatically reduce the interval at which replacement is necessary, often rated to 70% illumination after 50,000 hours or more.

Hadco Step Lights

For commercial and residential applications, Hadco Lighting offers a selection of deck and stair lighting built to their most demanding standards. Hadco Lighting is a favorite among our designers and architects for their durable construction and extensive warranty. If you are looking for commercial step lighting ask us how we can help from specification to delivery. At Brand Lighting we carry the complete line of standard and custom Philips Hadco Landscape Lighting. Ask us today about exclusive discounts and promotions for outdoor step lights from Philips Hadco.

Wac Lighting Step lights

Wac Lighting is renowned for their superior design and build quality. A favorite among designers and homeowners alike, Wac Landscape lighting includes an extensive selection of options for outdoor step lighting. Modern design inspiration is coupled with the latest in LED technology to create a series of attractive and efficient stair lights that can be used inside or outside your home or office. Wac Lighting is great for commercial applications such as retail stores, bar, restaurants, hotels and resorts. Ask us about pricing and specification assistance with Wac outdoor step lighting for your next commercial lighting project.

Outdoor pier lighting, sometimes called pier-mounted lighting, are a great way to provide beautiful and impactful outdoor lighting.

These lights feature eye-catching housings which can either be installed on a lamp post or set upon a wall, stone, entrance way or any other similar structure. The results are a charming and inviting effect that perfectly complements your unique décor style. Brand Lighting has a large selection of outdoor pier lights, with options including craftsman-mission, Asian, Williamsburg, nautical, column light fixtures, traditional, rustic and much more.

Designer Landscape Lighting from Brand Lighting

Landscape lighting helps to add outdoor ambiance as well as safety and security to your home or office. Well-placed outdoor spotlights and washes can create intriguing shadows and highlight the best plants, water features with underwater lights as well as other intriguing aspects of your outdoor decor. Landscape lighting also allows you to illuminate pathways, walkways and driveways with indicator and path lighting that safely guides visitors along your property. Whether you are lighting up your backyard or a commercial exterior, the landscape lighting experts at Brand Lighting are here to help you!

Most outdoor landscape lighting is meant to be concealed and discretely illuminate aspects of your yard. Fixtures such as accent lights and well lights are designed to be hidden within brushes or rock formations while path lights and bollards are designed to be both pretty and practical. For accent lighting and outdoor recessed lights you will find color options meant to blend in with your landscape. While with exposed fixtures such as path lights you will find fixtures come in a variety of styles from modern to traditional.

When considering landscape lighting options be sure to compare your requirements with specifications such as Voltage, CRI, Color Temperature, IP Rating and UL Rating. Outdoor lighting typically is available in traditional line voltage and modern low voltage landscape lighting systems. For new installations low voltage LED landscape lighting provides reduced cost of operation as well as dramatically increases the operating lifetime of the lamp. Outdoor lighting is UL and IP rated. Refer to the IP rating chart for the type of moisture and dust resistance the fixture is designed for. For UL and IP requirements you may have to refer to your local code for guidance in the type of fixtures you should install.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in a variety of different shapes and configurations. While some are meant to be seen, many are meant to be discreetly hidden in your landscape. Bollards and path lights offer walkway lighting in attractive designs that can both add ambiance and security to your walkways. Deck lighting and outdoor recessed lighting is great for illuminating stairs, and pillars along your outdoor patio or deck. Deck and outdoor recessed lighting is also a great choice for commercial properties looking to add subtle illumination while adding to your location's curb appeal. Accent lighting lets you highlight landscape features such as shrubs and rock formations with a low and concealed source of powerful illumination. Combine the different types of landscape lighting fixtures to create the outdoor aesthetic you are after.

Low voltage Landscape Lights

Low voltage landscape lighting is replacing the traditional line voltage systems due to the reduced cost of ownership and increased lifespan. Low voltage systems will convert your household 120VAC line to a low 12V for use with LED powered fixtures. Most new landscape lights are low voltage systems. The most common types of low voltage landscape fixtures you will find are path lights, well lights, recessed, bollards and step lights. While the line voltage versions are still available for replacement in existing systems, we highly recommend you go with modern low voltage landscape lighting for convenience and cost savings.

Kichler Landscape Lighting

Kichler landscape lighting is an affordable, diverse range of outdoor lighting for your home. Designers and architects love Kichler outdoor lighting for their balance of form, function and affordability. They offer an extensive collection of landscape lights including; accent lights, path lights, deck lights, water lights, Hardscape step lighting, line voltage and low voltage systems.

Kichler pathway lighting consists of a large selection of styles and finishes allowing you to complement everything from traditional cottage to cool contemporary exteriors. The LED powered path lights are easy to install, efficient, stylish and affordable. The pathway lights are available in a limited selection of all weather finishes which includes black, bronze, nickel, copper and stone. Bronze and Brass path lights are popular choices among our top design clients for their timeless appeal.

Kichler landscape accent lights incorporate cutting edge technology for the ultimate in landscape lighting control. The VLO series contains an integrated LED lamp with Variable Lumen Output (VLO) technology that allows you to easily switch between 3 brightness outputs without mechanical adjustment. The magnetic adjustment switch allows you to easily choose among three brightness levels (lumens), giving you the ability to create customized lighting effects. This is especially helpful as foliage grows or your lighting needs change with the seasons. The Kichler VLO accent lights utilize custom optics to deliver center-to-edge uniformity for clean and clear light definition at each brightness level. This means there will be no scalloping or halos which ensures you deliver precise and uniform light. 6,000-volt surge protection guards against power irregularities that can be a hazard to LED landscape lighting. 9-15 volt operating range to assure consistent light output throughout a run. The fixtures include integrated, fully sealed and encapsulated LED fixtures to keep all critical components protected against the elements. This protection extends to the all-important magnetic switch, which is kept safe from moisture.

LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting is replacing line voltage outdoor lighting which typically uses halogen or incandescent bulbs. Modern LED landscape lights are energy efficient and longer lasting, leading to lower total cost of ownership as well as reduced maintenance overhead. Landscape LED lighting also provides more precise color light and a more consistent output. LED landscape lighting is an ideal for commercial properties looking to reduce the cost of their outdoor lighting systems. At Brand Lighting we have been helping trade professionals, designers and architects specify the right LED landscape lighting. Call or chat with us today to learn more about how we can help you with specification to delivery on your next residential or commercial landscape lighting project.

Landscape Path Lighting

One of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting is landscape path lighting. Path lighting allows you to add functional and stylish lighting to your outdoor area through a series of connected lighting fixtures that illuminate your walkways. Path lights typically stand out among your landscape lighting so you will find a range of styles and materials for you to choose from.

At Brand Lighting you will find a large selection of path lighting for both commercial and residential applications. With so many styles and specifications to choose from, making the right choice can be challenging. Let the outdoor lighting experts at Brand Lighting help you find the right product and specifications for your landscape.

Wac Outdoor Lighting

Wac Lighting offers a popular selection of high end outdoor landscape lighting. They offer a selection of lighting from garage door security lights and motion sensors to path lights. Wac offers an outdoor lighting line that is popular among high end home builders and architects. The architectural design elements and superior electrical components are backed up by an industry leading manufacturer warranty.

Many Wac landscape lights are available with latest in color management by utilizing Wac color changing modules. These fixtures allow you to change the color temperature of your in ground, well, accent, recessed and step lighting to any color you desire. A great choice for outdoor entertainment areas as well as restaurants and nightclubs with outdoor seating areas. Generate the ambiance you are after with the ilumenlight color changing app that controls your accent lights, well and flood lights. Ask our lighting experts how you can create a smart outdoor lighting system with Wac landscape lighting.

Wac landscape lighting is ideal for retail, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, and commercial buildings. With Wac commercial lighting you can rest assured your project is using the best in lighting technology. Contact us to learn more about all the options available from Wac outdoor lighting for commercial projects.

Hadco Outdoor Lighting

Hadco offers a popular selection of durable outdoor landscape lighting. Popular for commercial applications due to their superior durability, the Hadco outdoor lights are available as accent, deck, bollard, path, inground, underwater, flood and recessed lights.

Hadco pathway lighting is a popular choice among homeowners and commercial property designers. The line includes durable LED powered path lights that are available in a selection of all weather finishes including the popular hammered copper which produces a beautiful natural patina over time. The simple timeless designs of path lights can be incorporated into many types of outdoor decor. Custom finishes are available by request on commercial projects. If you are looking for the best in reliable outdoor lighting, consider Hadco landscape lighting for your home, office or retail location.

Hadco landscape lighting is also available for urban lighting through their commercial lighting division. From community lighting posts to street and curb lighting, Hadco offers large builders the capacity and reliability that large civil projects require. Ask us about urban lighting from Hadco and how we can help specify and deliver the best landscape lighting for civil projects.