Black chandeliers are a great way to accent modern and traditional indoor decor. From elegant black crystal chandeliers to leisurely coastal style fixtures, our selection has a little for everyone. Each brand of lighting provides a slightly different twist on their dark and black chandelier options. Modern chandeliers feature sharp geometric lines that draw attention to the premium black finishes that highlight the fixture. While traditional and coastal style chandeliers have softer lines with more natural curves and materials. Industrial style chandeliers are often found in dark or black finishes over top of steel and wrought iron. This creates a combination of old world feel while fitting nicely into modern transitional decors. Black and dark bronze highlights many of our coastal style chandeliers which often incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood. Using black as an accent on coastal style fixtures changes the ambiance of the fixture allowing for more design flexibility. Finding the right chandelier can be a challenge, but don’t worry! Our friendly and professional lighting experts are here to help you. Online and in store, you will find a large selection of world renowned brands providing your with thousands of dark tone chandelier options. While the chandeliers below are a great start to your search, you can work with us to custom finish most of our chandeliers in a dark or black finish. If you find a fixture you like we can help you find the perfect black finish to complement your decor.

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