Table lamps are an easy and stylish way to layer the light in any space. No matter the style of the room, table lamps come in a range of materials and styles, from glass to wood to crystal, are available in several sizes from small to large, and boast a variety of shapes, such as traditional and classic to abstract and modern. Whether illuminating dark corners or providing light for reading, there is a table lamp that will work in any room of a house.

Led Desk Lamp - L811-HN
Hudson Valley Lighting

Led Desk Lamp - L811-HN


Picture lights need to bring out the best in the art they illuminate. Our Garfield’s industrial-chic perforated-metal shade is outfitted with an LED bulb which renders colors almost as well as daylight. The ideal picture light doesn’t steal the show from...

MSRP: $912.00 $608.00
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