Coastal pendant lights can be used in many areas throughout your beach themed home. At Brand Lighting we offer a range of beach style pendant lights from country cottage to transitional industrial. In our curated selection of coastal lighting fixtures you will find our favorite pendants from world renown brands such as Hinkley, Quoizel, Corbett, Fine Art Lamps along with many more.

Beach style lighting can incorporate many different materials but there are a few popular elements that form a common theme throughout our coastal lighting selection. Look for design elements such as seeded glass, natural wood, wrought iron, stainless steel and various forms of beach shell. Each material adds a unique style to the fixture which you can balance for a unique theme. Combining different materials and textures is a popular design pattern for many of our professional designer partners. If you are looking for a particular material, ask us about our custom lighting program and working with us to create the perfect beach lighting fixture.

When choosing a coastal themed pendant consider the placement and desired functionality. Is your pendant light going to be decorative, functional (as in task lighting) or does it need to balance both gracefully. Fixtures can offer a wide range of illumination. Additionally, determining your desired lighting intensity can help you narrow your search. While deciding whether you would like focused or diffused lighting can further narrow your options and point you to a select few fixtures.

Depending on your room decor, a long pendant support may be required for your ceiling height. Some of our beach pendant lights are adjustable length however there are many that have a maximum length the fixture can be suspended. If you are looking to place pendant lighting on high ceilings our lighting experts can help you find the right options for your application. Call or chat with one our family of lighting professionals today!

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