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Designed for the outdoors, this durable and professional grade white tape light delivers superior color consistency and brightness throughout the strip. An IP65 Outdoor Wet Location rating, and unique silicon tube protection guards against the elements while offering 3 CCT choices to illuminate hardscaping, landscaping and architectural features. WAC invisiled outdoor tape lighting comes in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K with delivered lumens up to 9680lm. Invisiled can be mounted on the ceiling or wall in all orientations and is available in 1', 5',10',20', 40' and 80' lengths that can be cut every 4 inches. The invisiled series is available in 90CRI and rated for 50,000 hours of working time making them suitable for residential and commercial applications.

LED eSTRIP (eSTRIP) and new High Power eStrip with twice the lumen output of NSL's regular eSTRIP is an indoor / outdoor flexible light strip that is an economical alternative to neon tape lighting. Made with ultra bright 3014 type LEDs encased in a durable PVC flexible extrusion, eSTRIP provides clean neon look at a fraction of the price and 1/10th the energy consumption. eSTRIP is field cuttable making it very simple to install. A variety of mounting accessories and power supplies further enhance ease of installation. Safe 24V DC operation and low energy consumption make eSTRIP a very practical product. Now available: RGB eSTRIP utilizing RGB LEDs allowing you to produce dramatic color change effects for building outlines, architectural features or anywhere eye catching color change display lighting is needed. Ask our NSL Lighting experts about the LED eStrip for more information.

LED Globe Light strings utilizes super bright LEDs to provide the ultimate in decorative string lighting for a multitude of commercial and residential applications. They can be supplied pre-assembled 12″ (30.4cm) spacing or with loose lamp assemblies for custom spacing. Operating on safe 24V class 2 power supplies LED Globe Light is energy efficient and high in lumen output assuring you of an extremely effective decorative lighting project. The strips are field cuttable and available in multiple lamp spacings. NSL globe lights are covered by NSL's 2 year limited warranty.

LED Wedge Light utilizes a 3 chip LED wedge base lamp mounted on outdoor rated SPT2 wire. It’s high brightness, low power consumption and long life make it the perfect choice for decorative lighting applications both indoors and outdoors. Available in 6" (15.2cm) standard lamp spacing, LED Wedge Light can be cut to any length at any place on the wire. Custom spacing is also available. LED Wedge Light operates on safe class 2, 12V power supplies. Available in cool white 2700K and warm white 6000K with Red, Blue, Green and Amber available upon request. Ideal for commercial and residential applications including building outlines, under soffits, bridges, alcoves, window decorations or along your deck or patio. 

NSL LED Neon Flex is a functional, flexible option to highlight architectural and design elements while adding color and vibrancy to building exteriors. The look of neon in a LED highly flexible version. This non pixelated exterior rated product is suitable for many architectural applications, such as building outlines, signage, any type of structure. Available in a variety of colors and also color changing in a RGB version. Field cuttable with clear fittings to allow for continuous glow of light. Suitable for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential use. Available in 7 bright colors and rated for indoor and outdoor use. The neon flex tape light is dimmable with optional dimmer control unit. Rated for 30,000 hours and covered by NSL 3 year limited warranty.


Designer Outdoor LED Tape Light & Rope Light from Brand Lighting

Outdoor LED tape and rope light strips consist of surface-mounted LEDs on a flat, flexible circuit board. These lights offer an easy-to-install option for accent lighting in tight or angular spaces as well around your outdoor living areas such as patios, decks or entrances. Most tape light strips are easily fastened by peeling off the adhesive backing and attaching to almost any dry surface. Available in a wide variety of colors, configurations, and sizes, tape light strips offer customizable lighting for a wide range of applications. Our commercial lighting experts are here to help you find the right tape lighting for your project no matter what the size. Let us help you specify the best tape lighting for your project today by chatting with us via live chat, phone, email and contact forms.