Home office linear suspension lighting is ideal over medium sized tables and desks. These rectangular lighting fixtures offer consistent illumination over your work surface making them ideal for the home office. At Brand Lighting we have a large selection of home office lighting including modern led linear suspension lights. When selecting a linear suspension chandelier or pendant light for your home office balance your requirements for aesthetics and function with modern led lighting.

Our large selection of modern linear suspension lighting offers you many options when selecting the right light for your home office. Choose from organic or geometric shapes to complement your decor in a variety of materials and finishes including; brushed steel, die cast aluminium, natural wood, and stainless steel. Modern linear lighting is minimal and attracts little attention from the space. You will find simple designs that capture a unique balance minimalist functionality.

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Designer Home Office Linear Suspension from Brand Lighting

Many modern lighting fixtures utilize dimmable LED lighting modules along the length of the fixture which allows for consistent illumination and reduced glare. Dimmable LED lighting is ideal for long work days where light varying the light intensity can help maintain focus and mood. But dimmable LED lighting is just one option within our home office smart lighting selection. Other lighting fixtures incorporate Alexa voice assistants, remote web and app control and wall mounted control interfaces for the best control over your office lighting environment. 

Linear suspension office lighting is best used above meeting and conference tables. However the sleek minimal design and uniform illumination make them a suitable choice above sitting areas and in common or waiting rooms. If you have a large home office this may be a fixture category to consider in your space. 

When designing your home office, maintaining your budget is an essential part of a successful renovation. At Brand Lighting we bring you a curated selection of modern office lighting at a range of price points from affordable to exorbitant. Whether you are looking for off the shelf overhead office lighting or a completely custom lighting creation, our family of lighting professionals is here to help you find the right light for your office.Call or chat today for help with our designer office lighting selection