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Black chandeliers are a great way to accent modern and traditional indoor decor. From elegant black crystal chandeliers to leisurely coastal style fixtures, our selection has a little for everyone. Each brand of lighting provides a slightly different twist on their dark and black chandelier options. Modern chandeliers feature sharp geometric lines that draw attention to the premium black finishes that highlight the fixture.

While traditional and coastal style chandeliers have softer lines with more natural curves and materials. Industrial style chandeliers are often found in dark or black finishes over top of steel and wrought iron. This creates a combination of old world feel while fitting nicely into modern transitional decors. Black and dark bronze highlights many of our coastal style chandeliers which often incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood. Using black as an accent on coastal style fixtures changes the ambiance of the fixture allowing for more design flexibility. Finding the right chandelier can be a challenge, but don’t worry! Our friendly and professional lighting experts are here to help you. Online and in store, you will find a large selection of world renowned brands providing your with thousands of dark tone chandelier options. While the chandeliers below are a great start to your search, you can work with us to custom finish most of our chandeliers in a dark or black finish. If you find a fixture you like we can help you find the perfect black finish to complement your decor.

The coastal style is a classic, timeless look that regardless of the time of year can bring a sense of fun and relaxation to any home. Get your home ready for entertaining friends and family by adding some stylish coastal lighting inspiration to your home.

Our selection of coastal lighting has been selected by our lighting experts to represent a small collection of coastal lighting fixtures that have been favorites among our design clientele. Here you will find coastal style pendant lights and chandeliers for inside your home as well as a selection of coastal path lighting and ceiling fans. From plantation to mixed industrial style fixtures, our selection of lighting for your seaside home includes all the elements you need to bring your decor together. Whether you are looking for an accent light or centerpiece, coastal lighting can bring a sense of a seaside inside and outside your home. Coastal lighting incorporates a wide variety of natural and artificial materials to create a coastal look. From Capiz oyster shell shades to modern path lighting, coastal lighting can take many forms. Find the style that is right for you with our large selection of indoor and outdoor chandeliers, pendants and path lights.

Explore the stars at home with the StarScape Galaxy Fiber Optic Kit by Fiberoptics Technology Inc. Available as pre-engineered systems or custom engineered, our Galaxy Fiber Optic Ceilings allow you to create experiences from the serene to the dramatic in your entertainment or living space.

These affordable fiber optic ceiling stars are a great way to add interest to your ceilings in areas such as movie theatres, bathrooms, changing rooms, nurseries, playrooms, aquariums, massage studios and lounges. Balancing flexibility and cost, the StarScape custom engineered fiber optic star ceiling panels are an expandable custom engineered solution for your space. The system is comprised of three principal components, light source, a pre-assembled and polished extension harness and various sized star bundles. It can be designed to fit your space up to 4500 sq ft. While the StarScape pre-populated acoustic systems are meant to cover for small areas for convenient mounting in areas inside ceiling domes, above bars, in children's more and much more. These prefabricated fiber optic star ceilings are available in 40 colors and up to 5' x 10' and easily mount to existing ceiling or drop into an existing grid. Let our lighting experts to help you find the fiber optic ceiling system for your project. Whether you are covering a small nursery or a large theater, our experts can help you or your design professional find the right light! Call us at (888) 991-3610 to learn more about our ceiling fiber optic options.

Designer chandeliers combine clean lines, premium materials, artful finishes and functional lighting to provide you with a design asset perfect for any room of the home or office. With modern style chandeliers and contemporary ceiling lighting fixtures you can mix and match design styles to create a unique space.

Designer chandeliers come in a variety of contemporary inspired designs. Whether adorned in crystal or chrome, these modern lighting fixtures can help define the design of your room. Often their design is defined by a specific attention to finish and materials during the design process. This can include stainless steel, carbon fiber, gold and silver leaf, high polished chrome and other single color reflective and matte finishes. At Brand Lighting we offer a selection of the world's finest designer crystal chandeliers. If you are looking to get creative with your interior design, ask our lighting experts how we can help you create the perfect custom lighting fixtures for your home. Shop our large selection of designer chandeliers online or in our South Florida Showrooms.

Statement lighting are fixtures that make an impact. Whether is is subtle refined elegance or bold and dramatic, statement lighting fixtures can be used to create a memorable moment in your space. Browse our selection of designer favorite statement lights from world renown lighting manufacturers such as Terzani, Allegri, Corbett, Fine Art Lamps and many more. Since the right light for your space may need something extra, our statement lighting collections are often highly customizable. Ask our lighting design professionals about custom lighting solutions for your statement lighting fixture.

Kitchen lighting can take many shapes and forms depending on your dining decor. For our 2019 kitchen lighting ideas we selected some of our most popular and favorite kitchen lighting fixture for you.

This year pendants and linear suspension chandeliers took the top spots with lighting fixtures from Crystorama and Fine Art Lamps among our designers favorites. With 1000s of choices for kitchen lighting, we have a curated selection for your to find just the right light for your dining area. If you need help finding the best kitchen lighting for your home, give the pros a call at (888) 991-3610

Join us as we browse the 2019 ALA Better Homes & Garden Lighting Guide. This year's lighting selections include some of our favorite lighting brands for indoors and outdoors. The 2019 Better Homes & Garden Lighting guide is brought to you by BH&G in conjunction with the American Lighting Association.

This yearly publication brings you a carefully curated selection of designer lighting options for your home. Browse the pages online and click the lighting fixture for more information or to purchase online. If you see something you like in the 2019 Better Homes & Gardens Lighting Guide our seasoned lighting experts can help you with pricing and product information over chat, by phone or in our Florida showrooms.