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Choose from our large selection of premium indoor ceiling fans from world renown manufacturers like Hinkley, Monte Carlo and more. From cool casual to tropical and cutting-edge contemporary designs, at Brand Lighting you will find the perfect indoor ceiling fan no matter your personal style. Let the experts at Brand Lighting help you find the perfect fan today!

Outdoor ceiling fans, often referred to as overhead patio fans, are made with motor houses and blades that withstand humidity and moisture. A Wet listing by UL means the product has been designed with moisture-resistant bodies and all-weather blades that stand up to exterior conditions like rain, snow, ocean spray, and water. These outdoor ceiling fans are sealed and rigorously tested to protect key motor and electrical components and rated by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an independent, non-profit organization that conducts product safety testing, and are designated for damp or wet environments. A Damp listing by UL means the design allows for some moisture to be present but the motor is not waterproof. These indoor/outdoor fans can used in areas that are not exposed to direct moisture, such as garages, sunrooms, and screened-in porches.