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The Legrand Adorne Collection includes switches, dimmers, and wall plates that are anything but ordinary. Legrand, based in Limoges, France, first opened its doors in the United States in 1984. Today Legrand stands as one of the original pioneers in commercial sensors, cables, and digital systems, in addition to residential switches and dimmers. Design professionals love Legrand for their large selection, stable technology and distinctive affordable designs. 

Legrand Adorne elevates dimmers, switches, outlets, and wall plates to new heights of functionality, style, and elegance. The Adorne Collection was created with advanced control options in mind, including those that you can press, touch, wave at, push, or toggle. For the Adorne switches and wall plates, they've created more than 30 beautiful color/finish choices, ranging from bright colors to cast metals to wood tones. They are also expanding the boundaries of under cabinet lighting with high-tech features such as mobile device plug-ins, stands, and speakers. 

With options such as Genuine Black Leather, Natural Wood Wenge and French Oak models, Legrand goes above and beyond the competition. The Legrand Adorne range is often featured in design magazines and can often be found on programs such as HGTV. 

The Legrand Adorne Pop-Out Outlet looks like a standard wall plate, but when moved, it slides out to reveal three outlets to plug into. Look to the Adorne under cabinet lighting system for a full cabinet lighting system you'll love. 

Adorne makes hitting the lights a pleasure, whether you prefer a quick touch (like on your phone), a rewarding press, or even a simple wave of a hand. For the ultimate fashion statement, pair switches and dimmers with beautiful wall plates and outlets. 

The Adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System comes with a variety of interchangeable components that you'll want to change up whenever the mood hits. With these high-tech, extremely convenient building blocks, you have a world of options to choose from, from speakers and smart phone docks to lights and outlets. 

Allow your home to greet you with a lights-on preset when you arrive or see who is at your door via wireless video using the cutting edge WiFi connected Legrand Adorne components. Fill your home with music using your iPhone with Adorne wireless solutions which allow you to create the living space of the future without having to rewire your entire home. 

Designer switches and outlets from the Adorne Collection have a distinctive square form factor and are paired with sparkling wall plates in a variety of colors and materials, including matte metals and rich woods. Wave-controlled switches, app-based dimmers, Pop-Out outlets, built-in night lights and USB chargers, as well as powerful under-cabinet lighting, are all available as part of the Adorne Collection. 

From dimmers to pop out outlets, and app controlled lighting the Adorne Collection from Legrand is the world's most innovative home lighting & charging solutions available in an array of stylish and custom finishes. If you are looking to retrofit your home's outlets with contemporary and connected lighting systems then explore the Adorne Collection from Legrand. From ordinary to extraordinary, inside and out - welcome to a brighter home with the Adorne Collection from Legrand. Need help with the right components? Call our seasoned lighting experts at (888) 991-3610.

At Brand Lighting we help design professionals like you find the right light! For decades we have worked with Legrand on installations ranging from simple powder rooms to enormous high rise condominium buildings. The Legrand Adorne collection is an ideal choice for designers looking for attractive, proven solutions for power and lighting controls. Ask our family of lighting experts how we can help you find the perfect Legrand Adorne outlets, wall plate or switch online, in store, on the phone or over Zoom! 


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Light dimmers and light switches offer flexibility in that area in-between, giving you just the right level of brightness as dictated by a given situation or desired mood. Use the power of light to create an air of romance, relaxation or welcoming energy. With the same set of lights, lighting controls can give you full brightness for a cocktail party one night, and then turn them down for glare-free TV viewing the next. Accessorize and modernize your lighting with this selection of light switches, dimming controls, wall plates and outlets. Need help finding the right dimmer or switch? Call our lighting experts at (888) 991-3610