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FOCUS Lighting is proud to be one of the few dedicated manufacturers of landscape lighting products in the industry. FOCUS offers the largest, most extensive product line in multiple outdoor finishes, materials, voltages, light sources and accessories. FOCUS BBQ Lighting is sleek and versatile outdoor lighting for your barbecue outdoor entertainment area. Brand Lighting carries the full line of FOCUS outdoor lighting, contact our lighting experts for complete product information. 

Landscape lighting helps to add outdoor ambiance as well as safety and security to your home or office. Well-placed outdoor spotlights and washes can create intriguing shadows and highlight the best plants, water features with underwater lights as well as other intriguing aspects of your outdoor decor. Landscape lighting also allows you to illuminate pathways, walkways and driveways with indicator and path lighting that safely guides visitors along your property. Whether you are lighting up your backyard or a commercial exterior, the landscape lighting experts at Brand Lighting are here to help you!

Most outdoor landscape lighting is meant to be concealed and discretely illuminate aspects of your yard. Fixtures such as accent lights and well lights are designed to be hidden within brushes or rock formations while path lights and bollards are designed to be both pretty and practical. For accent lighting and outdoor recessed lights you will find color options meant to blend in with your landscape. While with exposed fixtures such as path lights you will find fixtures come in a variety of styles from modern to traditional.

When considering landscape lighting options be sure to compare your requirements with specifications such as Voltage, CRI, Color Temperature, IP Rating and UL Rating. Outdoor lighting typically is available in traditional line voltage and modern low voltage landscape lighting systems. For new installations low voltage LED landscape lighting provides reduced cost of operation as well as dramatically increases the operating lifetime of the lamp. Outdoor lighting is UL and IP rated. Refer to the IP rating chart for the type of moisture and dust resistance the fixture is designed for. For UL and IP requirements you may have to refer to your local code for guidance in the type of fixtures you should install.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in a variety of different shapes and configurations. While some are meant to be seen, many are meant to be discreetly hidden in your landscape. Bollards and path lights offer walkway lighting in attractive designs that can both add ambiance and security to your walkways. Deck lighting and outdoor recessed lighting is great for illuminating stairs, and pillars along your outdoor patio or deck. Deck and outdoor recessed lighting is also a great choice for commercial properties looking to add subtle illumination while adding to your location's curb appeal. Accent lighting lets you highlight landscape features such as shrubs and rock formations with a low and concealed source of powerful illumination. Combine the different types of landscape lighting fixtures to create the outdoor aesthetic you are after.

Low voltage Landscape Lights

Low voltage landscape lighting is replacing the traditional line voltage systems due to the reduced cost of ownership and increased lifespan. Low voltage systems will convert your household 120VAC line to a low 12V for use with LED powered fixtures. Most new landscape lights are low voltage systems. The most common types of low voltage landscape fixtures you will find are path lights, well lights, recessed, bollards and step lights. While the line voltage versions are still available for replacement in existing systems, we highly recommend you go with modern low voltage landscape lighting for convenience and cost savings.

Kichler Landscape Lighting

Kichler landscape lighting is an affordable, diverse range of outdoor lighting for your home. Designers and architects love Kichler outdoor lighting for their balance of form, function and affordability. They offer an extensive collection of landscape lights including; accent lights, path lights, deck lights, water lights, Hardscape step lighting, line voltage and low voltage systems.

Kichler pathway lighting consists of a large selection of styles and finishes allowing you to complement everything from traditional cottage to cool contemporary exteriors. The LED powered path lights are easy to install, efficient, stylish and affordable. The pathway lights are available in a limited selection of all weather finishes which includes black, bronze, nickel, copper and stone. Bronze and Brass path lights are popular choices among our top design clients for their timeless appeal.

Kichler landscape accent lights incorporate cutting edge technology for the ultimate in landscape lighting control. The VLO series contains an integrated LED lamp with Variable Lumen Output (VLO) technology that allows you to easily switch between 3 brightness outputs without mechanical adjustment. The magnetic adjustment switch allows you to easily choose among three brightness levels (lumens), giving you the ability to create customized lighting effects. This is especially helpful as foliage grows or your lighting needs change with the seasons. The Kichler VLO accent lights utilize custom optics to deliver center-to-edge uniformity for clean and clear light definition at each brightness level. This means there will be no scalloping or halos which ensures you deliver precise and uniform light. 6,000-volt surge protection guards against power irregularities that can be a hazard to LED landscape lighting. 9-15 volt operating range to assure consistent light output throughout a run. The fixtures include integrated, fully sealed and encapsulated LED fixtures to keep all critical components protected against the elements. This protection extends to the all-important magnetic switch, which is kept safe from moisture.

LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting is replacing line voltage outdoor lighting which typically uses halogen or incandescent bulbs. Modern LED landscape lights are energy efficient and longer lasting, leading to lower total cost of ownership as well as reduced maintenance overhead. Landscape LED lighting also provides more precise color light and a more consistent output. LED landscape lighting is an ideal for commercial properties looking to reduce the cost of their outdoor lighting systems. At Brand Lighting we have been helping trade professionals, designers and architects specify the right LED landscape lighting. Call or chat with us today to learn more about how we can help you with specification to delivery on your next residential or commercial landscape lighting project.

Landscape Path Lighting

One of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting is landscape path lighting. Path lighting allows you to add functional and stylish lighting to your outdoor area through a series of connected lighting fixtures that illuminate your walkways. Path lights typically stand out among your landscape lighting so you will find a range of styles and materials for you to choose from.

At Brand Lighting you will find a large selection of path lighting for both commercial and residential applications. With so many styles and specifications to choose from, making the right choice can be challenging. Let the outdoor lighting experts at Brand Lighting help you find the right product and specifications for your landscape.

Wac Outdoor Lighting

Wac Lighting offers a popular selection of high end outdoor landscape lighting. They offer a selection of lighting from garage door security lights and motion sensors to path lights. Wac offers an outdoor lighting line that is popular among high end home builders and architects. The architectural design elements and superior electrical components are backed up by an industry leading manufacturer warranty.

Many Wac landscape lights are available with latest in color management by utilizing Wac color changing modules. These fixtures allow you to change the color temperature of your in ground, well, accent, recessed and step lighting to any color you desire. A great choice for outdoor entertainment areas as well as restaurants and nightclubs with outdoor seating areas. Generate the ambiance you are after with the ilumenlight color changing app that controls your accent lights, well and flood lights. Ask our lighting experts how you can create a smart outdoor lighting system with Wac landscape lighting.

Wac landscape lighting is ideal for retail, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, and commercial buildings. With Wac commercial lighting you can rest assured your project is using the best in lighting technology. Contact us to learn more about all the options available from Wac outdoor lighting for commercial projects.

Hadco Outdoor Lighting

Hadco offers a popular selection of durable outdoor landscape lighting. Popular for commercial applications due to their superior durability, the Hadco outdoor lights are available as accent, deck, bollard, path, inground, underwater, flood and recessed lights.

Hadco pathway lighting is a popular choice among homeowners and commercial property designers. The line includes durable LED powered path lights that are available in a selection of all weather finishes including the popular hammered copper which produces a beautiful natural patina over time. The simple timeless designs of path lights can be incorporated into many types of outdoor decor. Custom finishes are available by request on commercial projects. If you are looking for the best in reliable outdoor lighting, consider Hadco landscape lighting for your home, office or retail location.

Hadco landscape lighting is also available for urban lighting through their commercial lighting division. From community lighting posts to street and curb lighting, Hadco offers large builders the capacity and reliability that large civil projects require. Ask us about urban lighting from Hadco and how we can help specify and deliver the best landscape lighting for civil projects.

Outdoor living spaces are perfect for enriching your family's special times together, infusing fresh air with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Whether you are inviting friends over or spending quality time with the ones you love, outdoor recessed lighting extends the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor spaces, giving more extended hours for sitting back, relaxing, and entertaining. Featuring a low profile and a subtle design element, these small lights blend seamlessly into the background of your favorite exterior areas. You don't need to worry if the weather takes a turn for the worse as damp-rated recessed lighting is perfectly safe and certified for use in wet locations.

Our collection of outdoor wall lighting includes an assortment of well-designed outdoor sconces, outdoor wall lights, spotlights, floodlights, wall lanterns, and accent lighting solutions that will beautifully complement the style of your home while addressing your lighting needs.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a style-focused outdoor wall light to illuminate architectural features or if you need high-tech LED security lights to deter burglars and provide extra safety at night, Brand Lighting Experts can help you find the perfect outdoor wall lighting.

Outdoor ceiling lights instantly change the everyday, boring patio setting into an elegant escape from the continuous call of modern technology.

Outdoor living areas are transformed from gauche to gracefully gorgeous with these damp-rated and wet-rated chandeliers. Ranging in styles from traditional craftsman to soft contemporary and modern, these outdoor ceiling lights for gazebos help recreate the warmth and comfort of an indoor dining room or living room for your outdoor evening enjoyment.

Light up your home's outdoor spaces with any of the outdoor hanging lights you'll find here at Brand Lighting.

Whether you want hanging lanterns, strings of lights, a chandelier, or a cluster of pendant lights, you'll find what you're looking for your project. All of the options we offer will brighten up your outdoor space and create the ambiance for nighttime entertaining or romance.

Surface-mounted LEDs on a flat, flexible circuit board make up outdoor tape lights. Tape and rope lights are a simple way to add accent lighting to outdoor spaces, such as around outdoor living areas like patios, decks, and entrances.


Most tape light strips are quickly attached to almost any dry surface by peeling off the adhesive backing. Outdoor tape light strips come in a wide range of colors, formats, and sizes, making them ideal for a variety of applications. No matter how big or small your project is, our commercial lighting experts will help you find the best tape lighting.

Don't limit yourself to only one color strip light. With a strip light that can change colors at your command, you can take your lighting project to the next stage. Every chip in RGB strip lights has three separate LEDs. One each of red, green, and blue. You can make any color of the rainbow, including white, by alternating these three colors in different brightness combinations. Using one of our RGB controls and 120 volt RGB strip lights, you can flash, fade, and dim your RGB strip lights in a variety of pre-programmed patterns. Ask our commercial tape lighting experts about the options available for your space today!

Outdoor tape lights are easy to install. Many brands of outdoor tape light come with a 3M adhesive backing that is "peel-and-stick." For more complicated installations, such as cove lighting, under stair lighting, and under cabinet lighting, and channel guides other mounting accessories are available. Accent and mood lighting are easy to accomplish with tape lights. Using a T-connector or plus-shape connector, you can adjust the direction of the tape light around a corner or make more complicated runs.

When left uncut and shielded from direct contact with water, LED tape light are safe for indoor and outdoor installations. Electrical shorts and safety risks are less likely with 12 Volt than with 24 Volt outdoor line voltage lighting Outdoor tape lights are idea for use under eaves, on gazebos and decks, and even as stair lighting for safe walkway visibility. Channel guides may be used to disperse the light for a more even glow and to hide the individual LEDs in under-railing applications. They can also be used to protect the tape light for a longer-lasting installation.

Many of our standard outdoor tape lights use less than 2 Watts per foot and are suitable for most accent lighting applications, whereas our high output outdoor tape lights use less than 5 Watts per foot and are 3 times brighter than the standard version, making them ideal for outdoor areas and indoor task lighting.

The only limit to LED tape light's capabilities is your imagination. Connectors, controllers, dimmers, motion switches, power supplies, end caps, and mounting clips are all available to customize your installation. Ask our family of lighting professionals about designing an outdoor lighting plan that works for your space or visit us online to find all the outdoor tape lighting you need for a comprehensive landscape design. 

Designer Outdoor & Landscape from Brand Lighting

Outdoor and landscape lighting is an excellent way to boost the lighting and beauty of your exterior spaces. With so many lighting configurations and options to choose from, make sure you call the lighting experts at Brand Lighting. For more than 35 years, our family-owned and operated company has helped contractors, homeowners, and designers select their perfect lighting for any space. That’s because we offer only the highest quality light fixtures and lighting systems at competitive prices. Call our lighting experts today at 888-991-3610 and get the ideal recessed lighting for your next project.