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Beautiful and brilliant, an elegant crystal chandelier makes the perfect focal point for your room. Early crystal chandelier designs incorporated hundreds of small reflective crystals to magnify the effect of candlelight.


Hundreds of years later our premium crystal chandeliers use superior quality crystals such as Swarovski. These bright, faceted elements create a spectacle in any room, for a one-of-a-kind look to be treasured for years to come. The best part about our crystal chandeliers selection is we have an array of products that not only adapt to any room or style, but most importantly, these crystal chandeliers are accommodating for even the most budget-conscious clients. Finding crystal chandeliers at the right price point that works for you doesn’t have to come at the cost of style or class. A Brand Lighting expert can help find the ideal look that is budget-friendly and best fits your expectations for a lighting fixture investment. Your expectations will be met by ensuring that no matter the goal or desire, Brand Lighting has crystal chandeliers that will best benefit what you’re looking for.

Large chandeliers offer more than just illumination for your dining room, ballroom, or any other room that demands a chandelier to match, we have the selection here at Brand Lighting to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


If you are looking for something more on the understated side that still provides ample illumination take a look at our selection of modern chandeliers. Our large modern chandeliers evoke the same grand lighting experience you’d come to expect from a stately chandeliers, but at the same time, they are able to accomplish this without compromising dependability and class.

Oversized chandelier designs make a bold statement by captivating your guests while also providing an ample source of illumination. Whether to serve a functional lighting purpose or to act as a center piece of art in your home, our large chandeliers come in a plethora of styles and colors to complement nearly any decor. At Brand Lighting we have been helping designers and architects find the best large chandeliers for their projects. Our expert sales team can help you find the perfect chandelier in our catalogs or work with you to create a custom chandelier for your space. Contact the experts in large lighting at Brand Lighting!

With LED Chandeliers, modern lighting designers have moved beyond conventional and traditional silhouettes and instead are creating bold, creative designs that were not previously possible due to the limitation of the incandescent light bulb.


Modern LED Chandeliers offer homeowners and designers an unparalleled ability to provide unique lighting solutions. Chandeliers were originally designed with multiple arms to hold candles arranged in either a single tier or multiple tiers. However, with new LED lighting technology, LED chandeliers are now available in a range of styles from incredibly minimal, linear silhouettes to statement-making, sculptural designs. A LED chandelier also continues to be the most lavish of all light fixtures making it the perfect focal point of any room.

The look that made chandeliers lighting fixtures that transcend time, culture, and tastes, capture this ultra-classy silhouette and pair it with cutting-edge lighting technology and you have a match made in heaven. At Brand Lighting, our LED chandeliers offer efficiency, effective lighting performance, and are incomparable as far as offering the right look at the right price-point. Looking to find an LED chandelier that matches your set-up to the tee? Let Brand Lighting help you find the best match for your home or business. No matter the look, no matter the need—we can help you achieve the look you’re seeking.

Mini chandeliers are perfect options for smaller homes and spaces. They are also an excellent option in the entryway & foyer of your home or office where a small chandelier won't be overbearing. Mini chandeliers are perhaps most common in dining rooms and kitchens due to their compact space and ability to deliver sufficient illumination.


If you have a small space but need a light fixture either for lighting or decorating, mini chandeliers are a perfect option. You will find they fit nicely in the small space without overtaking the area. 

Want a fixture that brings the power and illumination of a large chandelier without the same size or presence? Capture the class, efficiency, and power of a big chandelier in one of our mini chandeliers. Whether you want something modern or are looking to add an traditional ornate-styled addition to your home or business, we have something to fit any style and any price-point. Ask a Brand Lighting expert about bringing your spaces to life with mini chandeliers today. Lighting is more than our art; it’s our passion.


LED Linear suspension chandeliers are generally rectangular shape and are a great way to make a room look wider or longer. Since the shape of the fixture lies along a single plane.


it's easy to keep a room from becoming over-stimulated with ceiling lights. Linear suspension chandeliers are especially perfect over the top of long dining room tables, billiard (pool) tables and over the kitchen islands, complementing the shape of each area while providing ample downlighting. In addition to the flexible design options. LED suspension chandeliers help to make your space both elegant and energy efficient.

Among the most uniquely-styled chandeliers available, linear suspension chandeliers are among the most attractive chandeliers that combine the classic look of chandeliers and adjust the style with an ultra-chic suspended style that few other chandeliers provide. Want something that makes an impression and offers tremendously beautiful illumination reliably and efficiently? Look no further than a linear suspension chandelier from Brand Lighting. 

Suspend a cluster of mini pendants from a multi-port canopy to create a modern multiport chandelier, hanging the pendants at staggered heights for maximum effect. This makes an impressive foyer or entryway light.


Install a rectangular canopy above a kitchen island, pairing freejack adjustable heads with low-voltage pendants for the right mix of functional task lighting and decorative accents. Use single port canopies to hang individual freejack pendants wherever you choose, or attach an adjustable head to that monopoint canopy for targeted accent or art lighting.

A unique take on a classic option, the multiport chandelier is a lighting fixture that could catch the eye of even the most cynical illuminatory apaths. Show them and your guests that making a bold statement with your lighting is still possible, and the right multiport chandeliers options enable you to do just that. Our multiport chandeliers can accommodate any style or taste, enabling you to deliver a look that captivates and impresses.

Designer Chandeliers from Brand Lighting

The grandest of all ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers instantly become the focal point of any room. They combine form with function in an elegant fashion to provide generous ambient light while doubling as elaborate pieces of decoration. They are the set-piece which can define not only a room but a home. Available in a range of styles from classic, timeless designs to unique, compelling shapes, modern chandeliers will make an attention-grabbing statement in any space - including foyers and dining rooms.

Chandeliers may be classical and elegant in design, or bold and modern. It all depends upon the taste of the individual. And at Brand Lighting, we have chandeliers to suit every taste. Looking to make a bold statement? The Van Teal Ursa Major Chandelier, is a stunning, modern fixture, which dangles stutteringly beautiful, brightly colored lighting from it’s central, boxy and industrial base. Or perhaps the Maze Chandelier Rectangular Pendant, an LED chandelier from Elan Lighting which offers a unique – yet sophisticated – modern take on classic chandelier design. Maybe you’re looking for something that combines classical good looks, with a colorful modern feel? The Van Teal Copa Cabana offers a black copper finish, with multi-colored acrylic lighting accents, which will add the “wow factor” to any room it’s placed in. The great part about Brand Lighting’s vast selection of chandeliers is that we have something that fits every style and budget!