Floor lamps can add an accent to any home office. Although floor lamps are a popular reading task lighting within the home office, it is often we see floor lighting used as an accent or evening light. If you are looking for a home office floor lamp then consider our collection of designer fixtures for your home and office.

Our selection of home office floor lighting includes a range of modern and traditional designs as well as a suitable selection of finishes. From select vendors such as Fine Art Lamps and Corbett, you can customize your floor lighting to meet the exact needs of your space. Find the right light at Brand Lighting where our family of lighting professionals is here to help you find the right light. Call or chat today with our lighting associates for more information on home office lighting options.


1 Light Floor Lamp - L435-PN
Hudson Valley Lighting

1 Light Floor Lamp - L435-PN


Whether a woodworker or a machinist, turn-of-the-century tradesmen required bright, focused lighting. Girard displays the innovative spirit that created task lighting solutions for America’s workshops. With its functional beauty, Girard makes a fine...

MSRP: $366.00 $244.00
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