Wall sconces serve two main purposes: to illuminate and to conserve space.

Bond 35.3"  Sconce - 926450
Fine Art Lamps

Bond 35.3" Sconce - 926450


LED sconce featuring illuminated cylinders formed by handcrafted glass set within a silhouette, beautifully lit from within, spanning space vertically or horizontally.  Shown in our standard Black and Silver Leaf finish with “Diamond Blanket” naturally...

MSRP: $5,134.50 $3,423.00
Terra 11.75" Sconce - 896550
Fine Art Lamps

Terra 11.75" Sconce - 896550


Indoor/outdoor aluminum sconce features a three-dimensional contrast of deep textured and polished cast glass. This stunning landscape of the glass, illuminated by waterproof LEDs, is available in clear (shown) or highlighted with antiqued gold leaf...

MSRP: $1,716.75 - $2,142.00 $1,144.50 - $1,428.00
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Designer Wall Sconces from Brand Lighting

Wall sconces are adaptable light fixtures allow you to control lighting in small areas like corridors or foyers while keeping the area clear of portable fixtures. They are often popular lighting choices among interior designers, homeowners, and contractors because they are suitable for interior and exterior spaces and look wonderful in both residential and commercial settings.

Not always the centerpiece of your home lighting infrastructure but by no means unimportant, a wall sconce can play an integral role in adding the right amount of supplementary light to any space. Brand Lighting has a vast selection of wall sconces to fit any style, space, or lighting need.

Looking for something to add just a splash of light? Browse our smaller wall sconce options. Looking to establish a more substantial motif or consistent illuminatory aesthetic throughout a given space? Brand Lighting has a selection of wall sconces to fit any style or taste, ensuring you’re getting something that makes your design-oriented dreams a reality.

Wall Sconces are more than just a beautiful type of lighting fixture. As a whole, any wall sconce serves two primary roles:

Effective Illumination— Whereas many lighting fixtures cast a downward glow of light, wall sconces tend to emanate illumination upward. This can make patios and outdoor spaces homey and comforting, and they can humanize even the most sterile corridors. A brand new batch of wall sconces can give your home’s exterior or business’ corridor just the right amount of lighting to strike the perfect balance between comforting glow and functional visibility.

Maximize Space— Wall sconces are one of the few examples of a truly economic lighting fixture as far as space is concerned. Whereas many lamps, torches, and other fixtures can result in crowded and cumbersome decor. A wall sconce can add just the right amount of light without taking up too much space, ensuring you can utilize the space as you so choose.

If you’re looking to bring the function of a wall light that’s more fitting for the inside of your home, explore our wide selection of sconces. Sconces serve as wall lights that simultaneously add a splash of light which enhance the overall look of your home’s interior. As with our expansive array of wall lights, our sconces are priced competitively for any look or style, ensuring you can find the right look and light for your home—regardless of budget or need.

At Brand Lighting, we have a vast array of wall sconces to choose from. Need help selecting the perfect wall sconce? Call (888) 991-3610 and get connected with one of our brilliant Brand Lighting team members right away.