Drive down energy costs while keeping your house cool with indoor ceiling fans with lights. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans take up little energy, saving you on electricity costs, and cooling your room by as much as 10 degrees. In addition to saving on energy costs, ceiling fans circulate the air naturally, making rooms much easier to breathe, and providing a gentle breeze that air conditioners cannot. Our wide range of selection will fit any aesthetic, from traditional, mid-century to modern ceiling fans with lights, we feature the top brands such as Hinkley, Monte Carlo and more. Available in a large assortment of sizes and colors, indoor ceiling fans offer a practical complement to your room.

Maxim Weave-Fandelier - 60010BZGTGLD
Maxim Lighting

Maxim Weave-Fandelier - 60010BZGTGLD

60010BZGTGLD | Bronze Gilt / Gold

Bands of metal are woven on a frame and finished in Bronzed Gilt on the outside and a contrasting Gold Leaf finish on the inside. The result is a warm glow of LED light that is cast into the room with a unique design that enhances the beauty of the room.

MSRP: $2,847.00 $1,898.00
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